Third Eye Chakra Stones: What Spiritualists Recommend

Located right in the middle of your forehead is the third eye chakra, or Ajna as some might call it. Think of it like a special inner eye that helps you tap into your own deep knowledge and understanding. It’s like having an extra sense that helps you see things your regular eyes might miss. This inner vision is often linked to the idea of a “sixth sense” and is symbolized by the deep color of indigo. Picture it having a calm, gentle energy, like the lightness of a lotus flower.

But sometimes, just like any other part of our body or mind, the third eye can have issues. If your third eye isn’t working right, you might feel it in various ways. Physically, spiritualists say you could have headaches, problems with your eyes or ears, messed up sleep patterns, or even feel like your body’s inner clock is all wrong. On the emotional side, it might make you feel nervous, unsure, stuck in your thoughts, or just plain overwhelmed by everything.  Of course, there is no scientific evidence to this.  Please keep that in mind.

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On the brighter side, when your third eye is working just as it should, it’s like having a clear view of the world. You won’t just see things in black and white but in all shades of truth. This helps you feel more connected, confident in your choices, and gives you a clearer view of the big picture of your life. So, nurturing this special inner eye can lead to a more balanced and insightful you.

Signs your third eye chakra is blocked

If you’re trying to figure out if your third eye chakra is blocked, there are some signs to consider. It’s essential to recognize the signs first, so let’s dive into those key indicators.

You might be dealing with a blocked third eye chakra if:

  • You sense a growing distance between yourself and those around you.
  • You feel out of tune with the natural world.
  • Sleep is elusive or frequently disturbed.
  • Your imagination seems to have taken a backseat.

1. Sense of distance from others

A blocked third eye chakra can often make you feel out of step with the world as if you’re struggling to truly connect and understand what’s going on around you. Instead of feeling a bond with others, everything might feel disjointed. Since the third eye chakra governs our connection to collective consciousness and intuition, when you feel this isolation, it’s a red flag that your chakra needs some attention.

2. Losing touch with nature

Nature is brimming with vitality, just like our chakras. If you find yourself feeling unbalanced and unable to find comfort in nature, your third eye chakra might be crying out for help. This disconnection isn’t just about not enjoying a forest walk. It might be as subtle as not being in sync with your indoor plants, like overwatering or neglecting them, even if you used to know just what they needed. Or maybe spending time in your usual leafy sanctuary doesn’t bring that sense of calm and grounding it once did.

3. Struggling with sleep

It’s not unusual for problems sleeping to arise when you’re out of sync with nature. That internal rhythm of yours, which lines up with the patterns of the natural world, can get all jumbled up. And guess what? This might be causing those restless nights or even complete sleepless stretches. If you’re searching for a solution, certain chakra stones could be of assistance.

4. Stalled imagination

Believe it or not, our ability to dream vividly and recall those dreams, as well as the free play of our imagination, is linked to the third eye chakra. So, if you find yourself drawing a blank, especially in roles where creativity is crucial, it might be because of a blockage. Maybe your ideas feel stale or like they’ve been thought of before. That’s a sign right there.

Best Third Eye Chakra Crystals


You’ve probably heard about amethyst, that gorgeous purple stone.

It’s pretty well-known for its strong connection to the third eye and crown chakras. Basically, this means it’s like a best friend for those looking for spiritual growth. Amethyst is all about helping you discover the deeper parts of yourself. If you’re ever feeling too stressed, can’t get a good night’s sleep, or have an annoying headache, this stone’s got your back. Not only does it help with these physical issues, but it also encourages you to tap into your inner wisdom and psychic abilities. It’s like a personal cheerleader, always urging you to be the best version of yourself.


Dive deep into understanding yourself with ammonite by your side. This stone isn’t just about understanding your roots but also about recognizing what truly matters to you. Life’s journey is full of twists and turns, and as we navigate it, ammonite helps wipe away old baggage and harmful patterns passed down from past generations. But there’s more – it’s a beacon, giving you the strength and determination to face any hurdles that come your way.


Have you ever felt the urge to truly voice out what you feel? Angelite is here to guide you.

Not only does it help balance that delicate area responsible for communication – the throat chakra – but its calming blue hue also helps you find common ground with others. Through kind and understanding words, angelite bridges gaps and even makes you more attuned to subtle, celestial messages that might be coming your way.


There’s something mesmerizing about the way apophyllite shines, reflecting not just its outer beauty but its inner power too.

This crystal is all about growth, specifically your spiritual evolution. By tapping into the crown chakra, it helps elevate your thoughts and insights, connecting you to realms beyond our everyday world. Plus, if you’re looking for a serene space, Apophyllite is your go-to, radiating pure, cleansing energy wherever it’s placed.


Aragonite has this unique way of syncing with Earth’s natural rhythm, making you appreciate our surroundings even more. Have you ever felt rushed or impatient? Aragonite teaches you the value of staying present, being patient, and really tuning into the here and now. Beyond that, it acts as a compass, guiding you to truly know yourself and find a tranquil balance within.


Ever seen a stone that just sparkles in the most mesmerizing shades of blue? That’s azurite for you.

Known for its connection to the psychic realm and broadening one’s horizons, this stone is like a ticket to the universe. It’s especially tied to the third eye chakra, but what makes it extra special is how it links the heart chakra to the third eye. When these two chakras vibe together, it’s a reminder that we often have the answers we’re looking for within us. The key is to tune in, listen to our bodies, and let our inner wisdom shine through. The more we do this, the more confident and truthful we become.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline, known for its grounding properties, is primarily tied to the root chakra. Think of it as a healing force, radiating its protective energy and ensuring you’re always shielded.

When our root chakra is well-tuned, it paves the way for mental sharpness and equilibrium. When we’re secure and confident in our place in the world, we’re less focused on merely getting by and more on unlocking deeper knowledge and understanding.

Blue Apatite

Blue apatite works like a mental scrub, getting rid of all the unwanted, negative thoughts clouding your aura. Think of it like having a clearer, more open mind that helps you grasp ideas and situations at their core. Plus, it’s kind of a muse – it nurtures your creativity and helps you see endless possibilities.

If you’re aiming to turn your dreams into reality, this stone has got your back. It aids in making what you desire come to life.

Blue Calcite

There’s a force inside of you, waiting to be unleashed. Blue calcite aligns with that force, stoking the fires of your imagination and encouraging you to share your unique perspective with the world.

Beyond just aiding in self-expression, this stone helps sharpen your intuition. Ever had that gut feeling about something? Blue Calcite makes those feelings even clearer, allowing you to tap into psychic and telepathic talents you might not even know you had.

Blue Chalcedony

In the rush of life, blue chalcedony is like a calming breath, helping you harmonize your thoughts, feelings, and actions. If ever you’re overwhelmed or anxious, this stone is a source of solace, bringing emotional balance and a peaceful mindset.

But it’s not just about feeling calm; it’s also about understanding yourself better. Blue chalcedony encourages some quality introspection, helping you see things in a new, insightful light.

Blue Sapphire

When you hold a blue sapphire, you’re tapping into something special: a boost to your intuition. This stone helps sharpen your awareness, almost as if it’s encouraging you to ask more questions and seek deeper answers.

Beyond that, it’s like a deep breath during a hectic day. Blue Sapphire washes away stress, restoring a sense of calm and balance in your life. And when it comes to staying on task? This gem amplifies your focus, helping you stay on track and crush your goals.

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is like a gentle mentor, showing you how to truly understand yourself and the world around you. It encourages you to take a step back, offering a clearer view of fleeting thoughts and feelings. The serenity this stone brings helps you find a quiet space within, allowing for deep introspection.

With blue topaz by your side, you’ll find the courage to speak from the heart, ensuring your words resonate with your genuine self.

Caribbean Calcite

Caribbean Calcite whispers a simple message: slow down. It nudges you to take a break from the daily grind, urging you to find moments of rest and rejuvenation. With this stone, you’ll be reminded of the beauty of being present and truly living in the moment.

And just like a refreshing ocean breeze, it sweeps away the mental clutter, allowing your energy to flow freely and harmoniously.


Ever gazed at a cloudless blue sky and felt an overwhelming sense of peace? That’s the vibe celestite brings into your life. This stone acts like a walkie-talkie, helping you tune into messages from your guardian angels and spiritual guides.

But it’s not all about listening; it’s also about feeling. Holding celestite can feel like taking a deep, calming breath. It pushes out the busy noise and invites you to relax, letting go of any worries that weigh you down.


Charoite, with its mesmerizing violet patterns, is more than just a pretty face—it nudges you towards a journey of self-love and broader affection. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by swirling thoughts? Charoite steps in to help, sorting through the mental clutter and giving you a clearer vision. And when life feels unpredictable, this stone gently whispers, “You’re right where you should be,” reminding you to trust in the grand plan of things.


Let’s talk about citrine, which radiates with a warm, sunny glow. Often, we associate citrine’s vibrant energy with our body’s lower energy points. But here’s the twist – it influences the third eye chakra as well.


Well, as citrine boosts qualities like passion, creativity, and confidence, which are typically linked to our solar plexus and sacral chakras, these qualities also deepen our understanding of ourselves. By truly embracing the happiness citrine brings, we uncover more about our inner spirit.

Clear Quartz

Moving on to clear quartz, often dubbed the “master healer.” Its specialty? Helping clear out any energy obstacles in your path.

As the name hints, clear quartz symbolizes purity and profound knowledge. It harmonizes all your chakras, ensuring energy moves seamlessly. With its enlightening, knowledgeable, and intuitive properties, it’s a perfect match for the third eye chakra. When you’re synced up from head to toe, you’re more in tune with your higher self.


Imagine you’re sending out a positive wish into the universe. Epidote acts like a magnifying glass, making that wish even stronger, attracting all the good stuff like love and prosperity your way. But life isn’t always smooth sailing, right? That’s where Epidote steps up again, helping to melt away any negativity or barriers in your path. And as you spend more time with it, you’ll notice a cool thing happening: you’ll start seeing the silver lining in situations, shifting towards a brighter way of thinking.


Capturing the hues of the rainbow with its rich purple glow, purple fluorite stands out. It holds promise for both your crown and third eye chakras.

Recognized as a stone that promotes mental clarity, imagine it as a gem that fine-tunes your thoughts, ensuring you approach life with clear intent and purpose. Whether you need to overcome a creativity slump or wish to transform your dreams into reality, this vibrant stone is there to boost your self-belief. If you’re looking for a partner to help you embark on a grand journey, Purple fluorite could be just the ally you need.


Ever felt like you needed a change in perspective? That’s where kyanite comes into play. This gem is like a refreshing breeze on a humid day, offering emotional relief and promoting heart, throat, and third eye chakra health.

Kyanite encourages self-reflection, but it’s always kind and gentle. Picture it as an invitation to meditate and create a personal sanctuary whenever life feels chaotic. Also, if you’ve been feeling overly emotional and need some logical grounding, it’s one to consider.


Imagine floating on gentle waves, letting the ocean’s rhythm lull you into a deep, peaceful trance. That’s the comforting embrace of Larimar. This stone’s calming energy is like a gentle splash of clear, turquoise water on a hot day, refreshing your spirit. It pushes out beliefs that hold you back, like getting rid of old, worn-out shoes.

With larimar by your side, you’ll find it easier to open up, speak from the heart, and share your feelings with those around you.

Lemurian Quartz

These shiny crystals are pretty special. They have unique lines on them, almost like secret codes. When you connect with them, it’s like unlocking a door to greater understanding. They’re like antennas, helping you catch signals from angels and distant stars. They also remind you of an important message: even if we sometimes feel alone, everything in the universe is connected. With these crystals, you’ll feel more in tune with everything around you, like playing a note that fits perfectly in a song.

Lithium Quartz

If life ever feels like a teeter-totter, constantly going up and down, lithium quartz is here to help even things out. Imagine it as a soft pillow, giving you a comfy place to relax and clear your mind. When things get tense, and emotions run hot, this stone offers a soothing touch, helping you stay calm and collected.


Let’s shine a spotlight on Iolite, the so-called “stone of muses.”

With its beautiful blue-violet hue, it’s as enchanting in appearance as it is in its effects. While iolite often vibes with the crown chakra, it plays a significant role in awakening the third eye. This gem emphasizes balance, especially when it comes to emotions.

So instead of being swayed by fleeting feelings, you’ll find clarity and insights from within. Iolite also balances both masculine and feminine energies and might even give you glimpses into visions or astral journeys. It’s more than just a muse’s stone; it’s an adventurer’s dream.


Have you ever seen a stone that seems to have a whole universe hidden inside? That’s labradorite for you. With its vibrant array of colors shining beneath its surface, you can’t help but feel a touch of magic.

While labradorite has a close bond with the throat chakra, helping you speak with clarity and from the heart, it’s also tied to the crown chakra. This means it acts like a bridge, connecting you to the vastness of the universe. Apart from this, labradorite is linked to the third eye chakra, guiding you through life changes with insight, strength, and a broader perspective. Plus, a cool thing about this stone is how it acts like a protective shield, especially when you’re exploring your psychic abilities.

Lapis Lazuli

Next up, we have the dazzling lapis lazuli. Just one look at its deep blue and gold shades and you can tell there’s something special about it. This stone embodies truth and awareness.

Not only does it encourage genuine conversations, but it also helps you connect with your third eye and crown chakras. Even though it’s closely related to the throat chakra (because it loves authentic communication), lapis doesn’t stop there. It draws you in with its ability to enlighten your mind, helping you uncover wisdom and insights.

With it by your side, you’ll find yourself seeing things clearer and coming up with solutions like never before.


Lepidolite showcases beautiful shades of pink and purple, and there’s something incredibly calming about it. Perhaps its tranquility comes from its natural lithium content.

If you ever feel trapped by overwhelming anxiety or the weight of sadness, lepidolite may be the beacon you’ve been searching for. Associated with both the crown and third eye chakras, it brings a wave of positivity. Imagine a stone that can stabilize both your physical and emotional states, help you trust your gut feeling, and guide you to discover your unique space in the vast universe.


Magnesite has a unique look, kind of like a brain, which is fitting since it’s great for boosting your thinking power. This stone is like a comforting friend that helps calm any jitters or worries. But it doesn’t stop there. Magnesite also helps you tap into a deeper awareness, letting you pick up on messages from beyond in the form of vivid images and daydreams. So, with this stone, you can both think big and dream even bigger.


Imagine being on a fast track to discovering the mysteries of your spirit. Moldavite does just that, encouraging you to see who you truly are, without any barriers. Think of it like tuning a radio to catch the clearest station; moldavite aligns you to the universe’s frequency. It not only wants you to grow spiritually but to also think about the bigger picture and how you can make a positive difference. And if you ever wondered about connecting with others without words, this stone can help amplify those telepathic vibes and give you some extraordinary visions.

Mookaite Jasper

With colors resembling Earth’s palette, Mookaite Jasper is like a jolt of nature’s energy, revitalizing every part of you. Sometimes we’re held back by emotions or old beliefs passed down to us, but this stone pushes you to dig deep, find the root cause, and move beyond it. It’s like a friend cheering you on, saying, “Hey, let’s overcome these fears together and jump into new adventures!”


Moonstone radiates a unique energy that feels both ancient and knowledgeable. Let’s think of it as the wisdom of ages, presented in a luminous gem.

Moonstone embarks on a deep journey with you, emphasizing that embracing both light and shadow moments in life is essential for genuine growth. Besides working wonders on your heart chakra, it forges a connection between your crown chakra and the universe, while also resonating with your third eye chakra. Think of moonstone as your guide to new beginnings, inviting you to embrace your true self and achieve inner peace.


Muscovite offers a unique way of seeing things. Imagine looking at your past, not with regret, but understanding and optimism for what lies ahead. It gives you this bird’s-eye view of life, helping you make sense of your experiences. And while you’re gaining all this insight, it’s like a guardian watching over you, making sure no negative vibes get close.


Now, let’s talk about a stone that resonates deeply from the ground up – black obsidian. This gem is like the multitasker of the crystal world.

From grounding and stabilizing the root chakra to energizing the solar plexus and enriching the third eye chakra, it’s all about creating a harmonious flow. The dark color might seem intimidating, but it’s excellent at warding off negative energies, keeping your aura radiant and clear.

With black obsidian, it’s about shedding unwanted connections and embracing the truth, no matter how profound. Its reflective nature pushes you to see things more transparently and to dive deep into understanding.

Petrified Wood

Have you ever marveled at how trees change through seasons, year after year? Petrified Wood, which once was a tree itself, helps you connect deeply with the Earth and reminds you that change is a beautiful, natural process. Life’s journey might be long, but this stone encourages patience and embracing each step. Just like old stories passed down in families, we sometimes carry beliefs that don’t serve us well. Petrified Wood helps in letting go of these tales, clearing the way for a brighter narrative.


Ever felt like you’re on the edge of something big? Pietersite is here to nudge you forward. It fills you with hope and helps you believe in your own strength. It’s like having a personal guide for your mind’s journeys, showing you different dimensions and the vast library of the Akashic Records. It’s all about growth with this stone; think of it as a tool to help you level up spiritually and gain a clearer sense of who you are in the universe.

Polychrome Jasper

With its whirlwind of colors, polychrome jasper acts like a comforting hug, helping to reenergize you when you’re feeling low. Life can sometimes throw curveballs, and during those challenging times, this stone is like a trusty friend saying, “It’s okay; I’m here with you.” Need to see things from a different angle? Polychrome Jasper is also great for that, helping you find smoother paths to resolve things.


Imagine a stone that acts like a direct line to all the love the universe has to offer. That’s Prasiolite for you. It opens up your heart, making you more understanding and compassionate. The best part? It helps you value yourself and everything happening in your life. It’s as if this pale green gem whispers to you, “There’s a bigger plan, and you’re an important part of it.” By connecting you to your higher self, Prasiolite makes your spiritual journey feel a little less confusing and a lot more meaningful.


Ever heard of the Kundalini energy? It’s like an inner powerhouse waiting to be unleashed, and serpentine is the key to that door. This stone taps into Earth’s own vibrant energy, giving you a boost of vitality and a feeling of deep connection to every living thing around you. And if you’ve ever been curious about communicating with nature spirits, serpentine could be your go-to. It helps build a bridge between us and the mystical Devic realm.


Now, imagine a stone that feels like it’s soaked in the power of the ocean. That’s sodalite.

Rather than pulling you under or overwhelming you, this stone rejuvenates your spirit and boosts your confidence. It’s a fabulous fit for both the throat and third eye chakras, ensuring you stay true to yourself while keeping a positive outlook. One of the best things about sodalite is its knack for promoting logical thinking. It encourages you to use both your creative and analytical sides to view situations more clearly, without getting lost in the emotions.


Think of stilbite as a personal life coach. It realigns your energy so you can hone in on what’s truly important to you. It’s like putting on glasses for the first time – everything becomes clearer, especially your goals and where you want to go. What’s more, it fosters a serene and peaceful mindset, setting the stage for vivid dreams and fantastic mental journeys.


This radiant purple stone, sugilite, is all about embracing love in its most genuine form. It’s like a reminder that you’re here for a reason and that you play a unique and essential role in this world. If you’ve ever felt stuck or downhearted, sugilite offers a hand to pull you out of the depths, reassuring you that challenges are just life lessons meant to guide your spiritual growth.


Imagine a gem that not only accompanies travelers on their journeys but also ushers in good fortune. That’s turquoise for you.

With its refreshing blue-green hues, it’s a gift for both the third eye and throat chakras. It’s like a gentle wave, washing away your anxieties and inspiring you to confidently express yourself. Turquoise champions wisdom, sincerity, and divine communication. Moreover, this stone reminds you to be kind to yourself, because that self-compassion is what lets us navigate our complex world with grace and understanding.

How to use your third eye chakra crystals

Meditation:  Start by positioning a crystal on your forehead, right where your third eye chakra resides, during your meditation sessions. Imagine it acting as a conduit, enhancing your connection to deeper insights. When you’re aiming for that perfect resonance with your third eye, consider surrounding yourself with these crystals and incorporate a singing bowl. The vibrations can amplify the stone’s energy.

Wearing it as jewelry:  If wearing jewelry is your thing, opt for pieces that incorporate stones linked to the third eye chakra. Not only will they make a statement, but they’ll also keep the chakra’s energy close. When you’re affirming positive beliefs about insight and wisdom, holding one of these stones can make the process feel even more grounded.

Place it under a pillow: Ever thought about inviting dreams filled with clarity? Try placing a crystal under your pillow before drifting off.

Tarot card readings:  And if you’re into tarot readings or other psychic practices, having these crystals nearby can help channel and focus that intuitive energy.

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