Angelite Crystal Meaning and Properties (Full Guide)

Angelite, sometimes referred to as anhydrite or angel stone, is a blue-gray stone that is believed to have a myriad of metaphysical properties, including creating a soothing and calming energy as well as being used in spiritual practices to connect with angels and the divine realm.  Many people also use it for its ability to communicate as well as to bring harmony to their lives.

It was founded in 1987 as a relatively new discovery in Peru and is noted for its glacier-blue-like colors with white snow-like flecks spread throughout.

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The name comes from anhydras, which means “without water.”  This refers to angelite being a gypsum that has lost all of its hydration, becoming a stone without any water.

In today’s guide, let’s talk about the meaning behind angelite, its uses as well as the benefits it may bring to your life.

Angelite crystal meaning

Overall, angelite is a very versatile stone that’s believed to offer a range of metaphysical properties, many of which are covered below:

Calming and soothing energies:  Angelite is said to have a gentle energy that may be able to calm and soothe the mind as well as your emotions.  It’s said to help anyone who may suffer from anxiety or stress.

Communication and self-expression:  It’s also associated with communication and self expression, as it’s said to help people speak the truth and communicate, which may be able to help you speak your thoughts effectively.

Spiritual connection:  Angelite is also said to help connect with the angelic realm as well as higher spiritual energies, as it’s said to help enhance your intuition and psychic abilities.

Harmony and balance:  It’s a crystal also associated with harmony and balance, both for yourself as well as other relationships.  It may help with cooperation, compromising and understanding.

Protection:  Like many crystals, angelite is believed to offer protection from negative energies, which is essentially a positive shield around the body.

Forgiveness:  It’s said to help release negative emotions, such as anger, to help you feel more compassionate for your stressful situations.

Creativity:  Some believe that it can inspire you, as it’s said to maybe stimulate your imagination as well as encourage your creative expression.

Clarity:  It’s also said to help bring focus to your mind, making it easier to concentrate in certain situations.  If you struggle with mental fog or scattered thoughts, it’s something to consider.

Angelite benefits

  • calming and soothing energies
  • clear communication and self expression
  • clear communication and self-expression
  • spiritual connection and awareness
  • healing and self-care
  • harmony and balance
  • protection from negative energies and psychic attack
  • chakra alignment, particularly with the throat, third eye, and crown chakras
  • forgiveness and compassion
  • creativity and inspiration
  • clarity and focus
  • support during difficult times

Angelite spiritual meaning

Angelite has several spiritual meanings and associations that make it a popular stone for spiritual work.  Here are some spiritual meanings:

Connection to the angelic realm:  Angelite is believed to have a stronger connection than average to the angelic realm as well as other higher spiritual energies.  Spiritualists often use it as a way to communicate with angels and spirit guides.

Spiritual awareness:  It’s also said to help promote spiritual awareness and enlightenment by stimulating both the third eye and crown chakras.  It’s said to help connect people with their higher selves.

Calming energies:  The calming energies associated with this stone helps make it an excellent tool for spiritual work, as it may help with stress relief and anxiety.

Angelite chakra

Angelite is associated with several chakras, however, it’s primarily known to be associated with the throat chakra, which is closely associated with communication and self expression.  This is located in the throat area, and when blocked, it can feel as if it’s difficult to express yourself and/or communicate effectively.  As angelite is believed to help activate the throat chakra, it may help promote clear communication.

Aside from the throat chakra, it may also help stimulate the third eye and crown chakra.  This is because of its close connection to spirits, particularly spiritual awareness.  As it’s said to be associated with promoting spiritual awareness and connections, it’s said to stimulate these two areas.

Angelite uses

Angelite is a versatile stone that can be used in a variety of ways. Here are some common uses for Angelite:

Meditation:  Known for its calming and soothing energy, many turn to this stone for meditation sessions.  It’s an excellent stone to hold to help promote relaxation as well as to reduce stress.

Communication:  As it’s associated with the throat chakra, which is responsible for communication, some say they carry it around to speak their thoughts clearly.

Spiritual connection:  If you’re looking to make a connection with the angelic realm or other higher spiritual energies, some say it could be a great way to help facilitate communication with spirit guides as well as promote spiritual awareness and connection.

Jewelry:  Mainly, angelite is a popular choice for jewelry due to its beautiful blue-gray color.  Popular choices include bracelets, necklaces, pendulums and rings.

Decorative purposes:  It’s also used for decorative purposes, often being sold as raw pieces, towers, spheres, hearts or even as a palm stone.

Angelite colors

Angelite is usually a pale blue to blue-gray color, with white streaks and patterns running throughout.  The blue color is said to be associated with the throat chakra whereas the white streaks are correlated with purity.

Aside from the blue-gray, some stones can have brown and/or yellow streaks.  If found, these are said to add grounding energies to the stone.

The exact colors will vary, however, it will depend on where it was sourced from as well as how it’s processed.  Some may have a darker or lighter blue color, while others won’t be as blue with more pronounced brown/white streaks.

In general, however, angelite is defined by its pale blue to blue-gray colors and unique patterns.

Angelite astrological sign

Angelite is not assigned to an astrological sign, per se, however, most astrologers believe it belongs to the Aquarius sign, as it’s believed to bring a sense of calmness.  Calming gemstones are often the most beneficial for Aquarius signs.

Where is angelite found?

You will find angelite in found all of the world as it’s a common mineral; however, the blue version you often see is not so common.

It was originally mined in Peru, but you can find it in other countries such as Mexico, Libya, Germany, Poland and New Mexico.

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