Sodalite for Sale

Sodalite Quick Notes

Sodalite was discovered late in the 19th century in Greenland, later on being found in Canada, Brazil, China, Portugal and Australia. It was named when a chemist, Tomas Thomson, noticed the high sodium content. After all, this is what the name relates to.

It’s a beautiful blue stone with a waxy luster that sometimes appear opaque due to the inclusions when the rock was being formed.  Mainly, you will find calcite inclusions, which gives it the white spots/streaks you see.  Aside from a light royal blue color, it can look as deep as a purple; however, the most common color is blue.  Depending on where the stone is mined, the colors can vary.  For instance, sodalite coming from Greenland can be more of a grey color, whereas sodalite found in Canada can be more a finer grade, which produces a deeper blue color.

Metaphysically, sodalite is said to be good for both your logic and rationality, which can help you think clearer.  It’s also a nice grounding stone to help balance your mood swings.  It’s soothing, calming and can bring you a sense of serenity, almost as if you’re in a deep meditative feeling.  As one of the more powerful healing stones, it’s used for protection, good luck as well as bring you a sense of positive energy.