Labradorite for Sale

Labradorite Quick Notes

The cool thing about labradorite is that it’s one of the few natural rocks that can come from space, as it has been found within some meteorites. However, most of what you see on the market today comes from Madagascar, Canada, New York and even Finland, when it was first discovered in the 1700s. It’s a unique stone in that it displays a sparkling rainbow-like color when you let the light refract of it perfectly. As a naturally dark-colored, semi-precious gemstone, it comes from the Feldspar mineral family and is known for its flashes, referred to as labradorescence. Flashes can be a variety of colors, mostly blue, red, green and/or gold.

Most flashy labradorite you can purchase can come in a variety of types, from rough pieces to polished free forms, spheres, hearts, palm stones, and cabochons, to name a few. As for varieties, there are two types on the market: spectrolite and rainbow moonstone. Your spectrolite labradorite will have a richer, vibrant range of colors than that of a basic stone. Rainbow moonstone are both members of the feldspar group and display a colorful flash; however, some debate whether or not rainbow moonstone is actually considered the same.

Metaphysically, labradorite is said to be a crystal that brings good luck as well as enhance your imagination. It’s even said to bring a sense of calmness to your life if you need to reduce stress. More than that, it can help you stay positive, healthy and even productive in life.