Clear Quartz for Sale

Clear Quartz Quick Notes

Clear quartz is one of the most abundant minerals found on Earth. It can be found almost anywhere as it can form in almost any temperature and its durability allows it to form in virtually any environment, from mountains to sand. Quartz is most known for it trigonal crystal shape with highly coveted pieces having a six-sided pyramid on each end. Coming from the German language, the word “clear quartz” means ice cold. Historically, people thought the mineral was created from ice due to the clarity is shows.

Quartz is able to form in two forms: macrocrystaliine and cryptocrystalline. Macrocrystaliine, the more common of the two, will have larger, visible crystals, whereas cryptocrystalline is more compact with tinier, microscopic crystals. There are so many ways quartz can form, from double terminated, which means the crystals can from without an attachment to a twinned clear quartz, which is when the quartz grows into one another.

This crystal is mined throughout the world, but most of what you find on the market comes from Brazil, India, Columbia and even Arkansas if you’re looking for a larger, more complex piece.

Metaphysically, clear quartz crystals are known as the “master healer,” which can help amplify your energy as well as thoughts. It’s able to help with almost any emotional or spiritual issue you may have. These stones are said to ward off any negative energy, all while neutralizing background radiation, such as smog and electromagnetic waves. It’s the perfect balancing stone as it can help with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. It connects with all chakras, which is perfect if you’re looking to align your body into balance.