Celestite for Sale

Celestite Quick Notes

Celestite is known for its sky blue color with beautifully shaped crystals found inside of the geode. While it’s known for its blue color, pure celestite is actually colorless; it’s the other mineral impurities which give it color. Aside from blue, you can also find in rarer colors such as yellow, green, brown and even a light red.

Celestite is mainly mined off the coast in Madagascar, but it’s also found in places such as Spain, Italy and Poland, to name a few. Even in the United States, it can be found, specially Ohio, where you can find one of the largest deposits in the world. Known as the Crystal Cave, this mine is located near Put-in-Bay, Ohio and was discovered in the late 1800s.

Celestite gets it name from the Latin word, caelestis, which means sky or heaven. This makes sense, seeing the crystals resemble that of the sky.

Metaphysically, celestite is said to bring you positive energy all while relieving stress. It’s a peaceful stone that can help inspire happiness and bring tranquility to your life. Referred to as an air element stone, you can feel a close connection to the skies and heavens above, which is said to stimulate your crown chakra. In times of stress, it may be able to bring positivity to your life to allow for a calm experience.