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Fluorite Quick Notes

Fluorite, sometimes referred to as Fluorspar, comes in a variety of colors, ranging from colorless to a transparent purple, green, yellow, blue pink and/or black. While purple and green tend to be the most common color available, fluorite can be found naturally in almost every color. Some can even be banded, displaying a variety of colors, often resembling that of a rainbow pattern. If the fluorite is colorless, this simply means it’s pure fluorite; however, if it contains any impurities or has undergone any type of irradiation, the colors can widely vary.

This crystal specimen forms in either cubic or octahedral shapes and is very easy to distinguish as it’s the only miner that has four directions of perfect cleavage that can break into octahedron-shaped pieces.

Fluorite will form in the veins and cavities of rocks and is considered to be a very commonly found mineral. With fluorite found all over the world, many countries are known for mining it, such as Mexico, China, South America, Morocco and France, to name a few. Like many crystals, some mining deposits can stand out more than others for many reasons, such as the clarity and colors. Every mine will offer unique fluorite characteristics.

Common varieties of fluorite include antozonite, blue john, yttrofluorite, yttrocerite and chlorophane. Each variety contains different traces of elements and can vary in color.

Metaphysically, fluorite is said to help clear the mind of any negative thoughts or confusion. It’s a stone that acts as a balance for your brain which brings you positive mental energy. If you want to have a clear mind, this is a crystal to consider. While different colors have varying properties, all fluorite is said to benefit your mental health.