Polychrome Jasper for Sale

Polychrome Jasper Quick Notes

Polychrome jasper, sometimes referred to as desert jasper, is a type of chalcedony which is able to develop in massive formations. A lot of what’s mined is found in boulders, all of which is dug by hand off the northern coast of Madagascar. At the moment, this is the only place it’s being sourced. It’s a somewhat newer gemstone, as it was first mined in Madagascar in 2008 when miners were looking for the very popular ocean jasper stone.

The word “polychrome” refers to the “the act of decorating things in a variety of colors” and this seems fitting, seeing all polychrome jasper stones are so unique, filled with pastel colors. All of these pieces are rich with various colors, from browns to orange, pink, green and/or a mix of blue. Depending on the stone, it can be banded, have swirls and/or even have circular patterns, making for a unique appearance.

Metaphysically, polychrome jasper is said to bring good luck, specifically with your fortune and even happiness. It’s thought to help with stress, as it’s believed to bring a sense of calmness. If you want to be truer to yourself, then it may help as it’s said to help provide that passion you require to achieve your goals and grow in life.

Polychrome jasper is available in a variety of formations when purchasing, typically polished, including raw stones, flames, spheres, eggs, hearts, palm stones and free forms.