Moonstone for Sale

Moonstone Quick Notes

If you look closely at a moonstone, it resembles that of the moon lit up in the sky.  With a name like “moonstone,” it’s said to harvest the energy from the moon, creating a relaxing like energy.  It comes in a variety of colors, however, a blue or white can yield a much higher price tag.  Most of what you see will be a blue, gray, pink, green or black, on average.  Moonstone originates from Sri Lanka and is manufactured in to a variety of pieces to purchase, such as spheres, freeforms, towers, necklaces, rings and much more.

Metaphysically, moonstone can help cultivate empathy toward yourself as well as allow you to tap into your intuition to help you understand situations.  It’s also said to be a good stone that can bring out your creative side, which helps you clear your mind.  Moonstone is often seen as a more feminine stone, which means it can help you understand your emotions better or give you a motherly protection feeling.  As most moonstone glows, it should be looked as a way to reflect back on your past to help you understand the most important parts of your life to help better understand yourself.