Amethyst for Sale

Amethyst Quick Notes

Amethyst is a variety of quartz, known for its beautiful purple color, which is due to the natural irradiation and iron impurities. The trace amount of iron found within the quartz is exposed to the low levels of radiation within the earth. This purple can range from a pale purple to something much deeper and darker. The darker the color is, the more radiation the crystals were exposed to within the earth. Generally, the darker the purple it is, the rarer the crystal is considered to be. Even though amethyst is exposed to radiation, it isn’t radioactive. This is a myth. The irradiation process doesn’t make amethyst radioactive; rather, the rocks surrounding the amethyst may be slightly radioactive, but it won’t be much more than what you can find in a typical city. There are no health concerns to worry about.

Where is amethyst found?

Mainly, you will find amethyst anywhere iron was present in the past during the quartz formation. Due to quartz being so abundant, it’s safe to say it’s very widespread, the reason it isn’t considered to be a rare crystal. Most of your amethyst, however, will be found in Brazil as well as Uruguay as these are where most volcanic deposits are found. It’s also where you will find most amethyst mines. In general, Uruguay tends to have your deeper, darker purple colors, which, as mentioned, are said to be higher in value.

Aside from Brazil and Uruguay, you can also find amethyst in the Mexico region, specially Veracruz, where you can find what’s known as a Las Vegas amethyst. This specific Mexico region has multiple mines, all of which mine varying quantities by locals. This is what drives the local economy there as it’s the main source of income for most. These elongated crystals tend to be deeper in purple as well and are considered to be very high in quality. Almost all measure less than four inches long.

Other sources include Canada, Russia, United States and Europe.

Metaphysical properties

As the official birthstone of February, amethyst can offer so much more. It’s also known for its protection, love and as a stone that can help bring inner peace. Metaphysically, having an amethyst can help calm the mind and power your Third Eye and Crown chakra. By opening these chakras, it can help increase your focus as well as increase your self awareness.

Historically, the Ancient Greeks thought that if you were to wear it, you could stay sober while drinking alcohol. It’s sometimes the reason you see a wine glass made of amethyst.