Lapis Lazuli for Sale

Lapis Lazuli Quick Notes

Lapis Lazuli has been being mined for thousands of years and is mostly found in Afghanistan, making it one of the oldest gemstones to date. Other countries mine it as well, such as Chile, India, Pakistan and the United States. No matter where this stone is mined, it looks like no other stone on the market because of its very vibrant combination of blue, black and gold color with a mix of several other minerals. While the minerals can vary, it must always include lazurite for the blue color. This intense blue color is very unique and is very easy to spot as no stone comes close to rivaling this color.

Historically, lapis lazuli was used to make dyes, which was then used to create clothing for priests and ruling members in ancient Egypt. This dye was then traded for very valuable objects at the time. Aside from this, it’s also used to create beautiful jewelry, beads, vases and even as mosaic tiles. With a variety of color combinations, the most sought after colors include blue with slight specks of golden pyrite as well as stones with white calcite veins with pyrite inclusions.

Metaphysically, lapis lazuli is said to enhance your creativity as well as bring you the truth in a situation where you need answers. Like many crystals, lapis lazuli can help bring a sense of calmness as well as help you release any stress you may be feeling at the moment.