22+ Crystals for Intuition (what experts recommend)

Let’s talk about a tool that might help you reconnect with your inner sense of wisdom and enhance your natural psychic abilities: crystals.

Think of your intuition as an internal compass, giving you subtle hints and feelings about what’s right for you, even before your conscious mind has a chance to process the information. It’s kind of like having a conversation with yourself without using words. Unfortunately, as we grow older, we often start to ignore these inner nudges, which can leave us feeling uncertain and out of touch with our true selves.

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This is where the unique properties of crystals come into play.

These stones have been said to serve as conduits between the tangible and the intangible, promoting a balance that can help reignite the connection with our inner wisdom—our intuition.

The term “intuition” has its roots in the Latin word ‘intueri,’ which means to look inside.  By doing so, we can find the answers we’ve been searching for. Strengthening our intuition allows us to trust ourselves more deeply, enabling us to make choices that truly resonate with our innermost desires and values.  It’s your “gut feeling” in a sense.

If you want to nurture this connection and open up your so-called third eye chakra, certain crystals are believed to be particularly powerful for boosting and enhancing your psychic abilities as well as guiding you back to your own truth.

In today’s guide, let’s take a gander as to which are my favorite crystals for intuition.

Best Crystals for Intuition


Think of the serene colors you’d find in a forest clearing or a hidden lagoon, the calming shades of pale and vibrant blue-green—that’s the essence of amazonite.

This gemstone stands as a bastion for intellectual and intuitive strength. It’s geared toward enhancing emotional savvy, promoting a forward-thinking mindset, and ensuring your personal boundaries mirror your deep-seated values.

Amazonite is particularly supportive when you’re feeling out of touch with your inner self or struggling to live authentically. It’s known to nurture the connection between the heart’s wisdom and speaking your truth, guiding you away from fear and towards a clearer understanding of your path.


Let’s talk about amethyst – it’s not just any stone. It’s like a breath of calm in the chaos, your own slice of peace that doubles as a bridge to the spiritual side. Picture it as a beacon of chill vibes, drawing in all the good energy and connecting you with the kind of guides you’d want on your team, the ones that nudge you towards love and joy.

Imagine amethyst as your personal coach for the soul, opening doors within yourself that you didn’t even know existed. It’s the kind of stone that amplifies your inner voice and clears the static, making the messages from up above a whole lot clearer.


Picture a stone that sparkles with the rich green of a lush forest, embodying the spirit of luck and adventure—that’s Aventurine. It’s packed with restorative energy, ready to support you in overcoming hurdles that may appear in your journey. If you’re at a point where you’re gearing up to take back control and step into your strength, Aventurine stands by to help you avoid the pitfalls that can sometimes slow you down.

In times of transition or when faced with a hurdle, take a moment to sit with Aventurine. Allow its soothing presence to infuse you with tranquility and bravery, lighting your way forward.

Black Obsidian

Imagine having a personal guard for your spirit – that’s black obsidian.

This stone is like a wise old friend who’s always got your back, especially when you’re diving deep into your own thoughts. It’s like having an invisible shield while you’re on a quest to discover the mysteries within yourself.

Black obsidian isn’t just about guarding you; it’s about unlocking doors to places in your soul you’ve never been, revealing talents you didn’t even realize you had. And as you grow and strengthen that connection to your higher self, who knows what cool abilities might show up.

Blue Apatite

Blue apatite is like a breath of fresh air for your mind, especially if you’re intrigued by the stories of your past lives. It’s like a magnifying glass for your soul, helping you to see beyond the everyday world and into the energetic realm.

It’s pretty awesome for anyone eager to boost their intuition because it sort of acts like a coach, making the path to your goals a lot clearer.

Blue Calcite

Imagine having a personal mentor for your inner psychic talents—that’s blue calcite for you.

This crystal is like a highlighter for your spiritual skills, bringing them into the spotlight. It’s best buddies with those who already have a hunch about their intuitive gifts and are ready to take them to the next level.

Blue calcite doesn’t just give you a nudge; it sets up the perfect moments for you to shine using those unique abilities.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is that gentle push you need to turn thoughts into actions. It’s like having a motivational speaker in your pocket, reminding you to trust your gut and make moves.

This stone is also the friend you want by your side when you’re trying to get your point across. It doesn’t just help you pick up on subtle vibes with your inner senses; it gives you the words to share those vibes with others. It’s a favorite among those who guide and heal, a stone that not only lights up your intuition but also helps illuminate it for others.


Now, onto celestite. If your dreams had a VIP pass, celestite would be it. It’s like a dreamcatcher in gem form, sharpening your inner eye so you can navigate the dream world with a clear head. When you’re zoning out, celestite is there to guide you through the mind’s hallways, reminding you that you’re part of something much, much bigger.

For those moments when you’re seeking out some deep, cosmic connections, or you want to kick your clairvoyance up a notch, this crystal is your go-to.


Now, let’s talk about citrine – it’s like a burst of sunshine for your soul. This crystal is all about high energy and happiness, and it’s like a cheerleader for your psychic skills, encouraging you to rise to a state of happiness and love.

Imagine it’s like a little energetic motor that helps you connect with the wisdom that’s bigger than all of us. It helps you spot the little things, the tiny details in life you’d usually overlook.

The solar plexus chakra, where your sense of personal power simmers, isn’t typically where intuition stirs, but citrine isn’t your typical crystal. It’s the spark that can light the fire of your awareness and help you see the world through a lens sharpened by your own inner power.

Clear Quartz

And then there’s clear quartz, the crystal clear mirror to your soul.

This stone is like the ultimate life coach for your intuition, handing you the keys to unlock your hidden clairvoyant skills and helping you set life goals that really mean something. Since way back when, clear quartz has been the go-to for tapping into those secret intuitive powers – just think about crystal ball gazers and their amazing foresight.

Donning a clear quartz bracelet isn’t just a style move; it’s like turning on the high beams of your soul, lighting the way to your psychic talents. Use it in your quiet time, and it’s like clearing the fog from your mind, offering you a view through your third eye that’s unobstructed and true.


Let’s shine a light on fluorite. Ever felt like your brain’s got too many tabs open?

Fluorite is the gem that will help you hit refresh. It’s like the ultimate concentration coach, keeping you zoned in when your thoughts are doing acrobatics. For those keen on intuition, fluorite’s your trusty sidekick, because let’s face it, tapping into your intuition means learning to listen, and listening means being able to tune out the noise.

So, whether you’re sporting some fluorite jewelry or keeping a crystal point close by, this stone has got your back, keeping you locked in on those quiet whispers of your intuition.


Visualize a crystal with the tranquil blues of the sky on a clear day—that’s kyanite for you.

It’s not just another pretty stone; it’s renowned for aligning and clearing the pathways to your inner self. Kyanite is fantastic at clearing away any fuzziness, helping you to sync up with its high vibrational energy, and it’s even thought to sharpen psychic talents.

If you’re diving into the realm of spiritual practices, particularly visualization, it is a gem to keep by your side. It’s brilliant at slicing through confusion, allowing you to see matters clearly and directly.

Lapis Lazuli

Imagine having a stone that can not just catch your eye with its deep celestial blue, but also open up a world of inner wisdom. That’s lapis lazuli for you.

It’s not just a pretty gem; it’s like a key to the hidden chambers of your mind, stirring up those psychic senses you might be keen on exploring. Think of it as your personal guide, working its way through your consciousness, helping you understand life’s mysteries a bit more each day.

If you’re all about getting to know your inner self, slipping on a lapis lazuli bracelet, for example, could be your next move. It’s like having a whispering mentor on your wrist, nudging you to look beyond the surface and enhancing the way you interact with the world.


Labradorite isn’t just another stone; it’s a flash of lightning in the realm of intuition. Those who’ve experienced its energy know it’s a transformative companion, taking you on a journey to higher planes of thought. It’s like having a conversation with the wiser, quieter part of yourself, giving you a fresh lens to see through life’s fog.

Aiming to embrace your psychic side?

Put labradorite on your radar. This stone is said to awaken hidden powers and sharpen senses that you didn’t even know were dulled. It’s about change – the kind that reshapes how you view your path and your potential.


Now picture the richest greens of the forest floor, intertwined with veins of deep black—this is the striking look of malachite.

It’s on a mission to revitalize you from the inside out, focusing on purifying your heart, your drive, and your vision. This dynamic stone is said to be a powerhouse when it comes to fostering energy, confidence, and insight, helping you to stay rooted yet ready to welcome transformative shifts in your life.

Incorporate malachite into your routine to maintain a clear flow of energy through your chakras, keeping you prepared and resilient for growth. If you ever feel like you’re holding yourself back, let it be the support that ensures you’re always moving forward.


Think of a stone that seems to glow with an inner light, much like the moon on a quiet night—that’s moonstone.

It’s tied to the energy of the moon, known for its connection to intuition and emotional balance. Moonstone can be like a soothing presence, offering stability when emotions threaten to take control and lead you down the wrong path.

In moments when emotions cloud your judgment or when you’re too close to a problem, moonstone can be your source of balance. It helps shift your energy towards calmness, providing a gentle light that helps you see situations with greater clarity.

Moss Agate

Moss agate is quite different—it keeps your feet firmly on the ground. It’s like a best friend that holds your hand, keeping you focused and alert to the energy in life’s little details.

With its vibrant green hues, this stone helps you sync up with Mother Nature, giving you the superpower to feel the pulse of the plants and animals around you. It’s all about building that deep, instinctive connection with the living world.


Now, imagine a stone as dark as the midnight sky, offering a shield against the unseen—this is obsidian.

It’s known for being a guardian against negativity, helping you to stand firm against unpleasant thoughts and energy. With obsidian, you’re invited to explore your inner depths without the weight of anxiety or fear, giving you the courage to face the truth within.

Whenever you catch yourself hesitating or avoiding your innermost truths, it might be time to turn to obsidian. It’s there to offer protection, making it a little easier to confront and embrace those truths head-on.

Rose Quartz

Think of the soft hues that light up the sky at the break of day—that’s the color of rose quartz.

This stone embodies the essence of love and romance. It’s all about trust—trusting yourself as well as others—and truly listening. This trusting relationship with your intuition is vital. When we let go of negative habits like self-doubt, we can more fully embrace the inner guidance that speaks to us. Rose quartz invites you to form a strong bond with yourself, ensuring that your intentions align with your actions.

When you’re caught in a whirl of indecision and fear of making a mistake, consider turning to rose quartz. It’s like a friend that encourages you to open your heart to trust, love, and kindness, which in turn, can clear up confusion and reveal the answers you’ve been looking for.


Imagine the warm glow of a sunset on the desert sands or the soft whites of sugar—this is the beauty of selenite. It’s a stone with a gentle appearance and a powerful ability to bring light into darker places, particularly within ourselves. Selenite is all about clarity and purification, helping to clear out lingering worries or burdens that might be muddying your ability to think clearly.

When you feel the need to cleanse your aura or balance your chakras, Selenite is the ideal companion. It’s often used in practices like reiki for its perceived ability to smooth out energy blockages and encourage a sense of calm and centeredness.


Imagine sodalite as a compass that’s meant for navigating the ocean of your thoughts. It’s a crystal that kindles the desire to understand yourself better.

While it’s commonly associated with giving you the power to communicate, it also touches on your inner vision, nudging it awake. Think of sodalite as your personal mentor in the realm of spiritual growth, pointing you toward the right paths and giving you the nudge to share the unique psychic talents you hold inside.

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