Rose Quartz for Sale

Rose Quartz Quick Notes

Rose quartz is commonly referred to as the “love stone” because it’s said to open the heart chakra as well as spread love energy to everyone in your life that you care about. As part of the quartz family, rose quartz can vary in color from a very light pink hue to a deeper rose red, almost as a purple. Unlike most quartz, rose quartz can’t form individual crystals or crystal faces, and it’s always found in masses, which simply means it isn’t rare like most crystals on the market. While there is a pink quartz that form crystals, this is not to be confused with rose quartz. This is a “pink quartz” and is considered to be a different variety.

Primarily mined in Madagascar and Brazil, it’s mostly polished into spheres, palm stones, hearts and flames, to name a few. Since raw rose quartz in bulk isn’t all that valuable, most will polish the stones into pieces, which can greatly increase the value. Aside from polished decorative pieces, it’s also known as a very good lapidary stone, often polished into beads or cabochons to be used in jewelry. Deemed a very hard material, it’s suitable for all jewelry types.

Metaphysically, it’s a relaxing stone that provides happiness for all. As mentioned, it’s also the stone for love. Whether you want to share your love energy or attract it to your life, rose quartz is said to bring such luck. It’s one of the main reasons people purchase this gem for anniversaries and valentine’s day, for instance. It’s a very popular stone for meditation, healing and emotional healing.