Blue Calcite for Sale

Blue Calcite Quick Notes

Calcite is a very common stone, found on every continent; however, this isn’t the case with blue calcite, as it’s only found in a few areas. Even though blue calcite is very common, most of what you see on the market comes from Mexico and sometimes South Africa. It’s known as a powerful stone that’s said to help sooth and relax your soul. It’s why it’s known as the stone of the mind. Metaphysically, it acts a sponge that’s able to suck in all of the negative energies around as well as provide you with a myriad of other spiritual benefits.

Blue calcite is mainly made of limestone, which is formed from the shells of marine organisms. It’s transparent to opaque and can be found as a lighter blue/white hue with its symmetry splitting in multiple directions. In other cases, it can be white or colorless with a shade of various colors such as orange, blue, pink, etc. Each color is said to bring additional benefits to its energy.

Blue calcite is a very popular crystal, coming in a variety of pieces, from rings to towers, spheres and freeforms.