The Best 30 Crystals for Balance

Balance in our lives is crucial. It affects our mental, emotional, and physical health. When things aren’t balanced, it feels like we’re stumbling or being pulled in many directions. This can make it tough to make decisions, express our feelings properly, and connect with both ourselves and the world around us.

Our bodies are filled with energy points. Crystals can interact with these points to help clear any barriers or stagnant energy. These crystals, paired with concepts like the seven chakras, have the power to lift our spirits. By using these special rocks and stones, we can discover a deep sense of inner peace and believe more in ourselves.

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In today’s guide, let’s take a look at the best crystals for balance.

Best Crystals for Balance


Have you ever wished to navigate through life’s challenges with more clarity and protection from negative vibes? That’s where amazonite steps in. This stone isn’t just about shielding you from harmful emotions; it’s your guide to understanding others better. With amazonite by your side, you’ll gain a keen intuition, enabling you to distinguish between what propels you forward and what holds you back. As a peace-bringer, this crystal eases your mind, letting you focus on what truly matters.


Amber isn’t just a stone; it’s fossilized tree sap. One of its standout uses is its ability to let you tap into the earth’s energy. When life gets hectic and stress starts piling up, amber acts as an anchor, grounding and stabilizing your emotions. It radiates a serene white light energy that’s a powerful ally for staying energized and supported. Sometimes, we might get tangled up in thoughts of days gone by and lose sight of the here and now. Amber serves as a reminder to stay connected with the present world, fostering balance and tranquility. By placing amber in a spot within your living space, you can foster a connection that resonates in harmony with the cosmos.


With its calm, purple sparkle, amethyst exudes tranquility. This stone is all about bringing peace, prosperity, and purpose into our lives. It’s closely linked with the crown chakra, ensuring a solid connection with the spiritual realm. If life’s stresses are getting too much, or you want to reconnect with your spiritual essence, meditating with amethyst will surely uplift both your spirit and mindset.


Imagine a stone with soft green hues that’s soothing to the touch – that’s aventurine for you. Known for its calming properties, aventurine offers solace, especially during tough times. It’s closely linked with the heart chakra and promotes healing, equilibrium, and a sense of peace. More than just a comforter, it acts as a guardian, shielding you from external energies that might be draining. So, if you ever find yourself overwhelmed with strong emotions or anxiety, clutch your aventurine stone. It’ll guide you back to a calm and accepting state.

Blue Aventurine

Imagine a stone that harmonizes you, both inside and out. That’s blue aventurine for you. From balancing hormones to nurturing your spirit, this stone is a friend you didn’t know you needed. Especially in your interactions, blue aventurine reminds you to be kind and understanding. Communication is vital, and thanks to this crystal’s connection to the throat chakra, you’ll find yourself expressing more thoughtfully.


Bloodstone, with its deep green base and red specks, looks fierce and rightly so. Often called the warrior stone, it empowers you, instilling strength and zest for life. With roots in historical battlefields, this gem is no stranger to resilience. It targets your lower chakras, aligning them while also soothing any associated anxieties. So, if you’re looking to harness that inner fighter spirit or need to realign your energies, lean on bloodstone. Whether you’re placing it on your chakras or simply carrying it around, it’s bound to invigorate you.


Calcite is vibrant and comes in various shades, including orange, pink, red, blue, and black, to name a few. Each color of calcite has a unique purpose:

  • Orange Calcite: Inspires bravery.
  • Pink Calcite: Promotes forgiveness.
  • Red Calcite: Enhances understanding.
  • Blue Calcite: Calms anxious feelings.
  • Black Calcite: Assists in overcoming gloomy feelings.

If you’re aiming for balanced energy, consider setting up a crystal grid using all the calcite shades. Alternatively, select the one you feel most drawn to and use it in meditation, placing it on the related chakra.


Carnelian shines in rich reds and oranges, symbolizing its fiery energy. This stone is all about igniting your inner passion and empowerment. Instead of being too floaty or too grounded, carnelian introduces that fiery spark, helping you feel alive and assertive. If you’ve been feeling a bit off, constantly seeking approval from others, or just generally low on energy, it might be time to embrace carnelian. Whether you wear it, meditate with it, or place it on your sacral chakra, this stone is sure to reignite your inner flame.


Imagine a miniaturized version of our Earth, showcasing its oceans and lands. That’s chrysocolla for you. This stone is not just about looks; it’s about finding strength in balance. Its turquoise hints boost your confidence, while its shades of blue work to sweep away negative energy. And those earthy marks? They keep you rooted, reminding you of who you are. So, if you’re on a quest for balance, whether in communication or simply finding joy, keep chrysocolla close. With it, you have the chance to shape and master your own journey.



Imagine holding a sliver of sunshine, and that’s citrine for you, with its pleasant yellow tones. Citrine is like a shot of positivity for the solar plexus chakra. It stands for abundance, helping you turn dreams into reality, and giving a great boost to self-confidence. If you ever feel like your creative energy or personal strength is being hindered, spend some time with citrine over your solar plexus. It’s a game changer.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz looks as pristine as ice. Often called the master healer, it’s known to enhance clarity and focus while balancing all the chakras. If you’re ever unsure about a decision, reach for clear quartz. It’ll help tune your thoughts and guide you to the right choice.


Fluorite is believed to possess impressive metaphysical characteristics, helping to purify and sharpen the mind. This amplifies intuition and enhances psychic talents. One of its standout abilities is converting negative vibes into positive ones, making it a superb tool for mental equilibrium. If you’ve got some thinking or problem-solving on your agenda, having fluorite by your side, especially on your desk, might just offer the clarity you seek. Truly, it’s a standout when we’re talking balance.


Envision a stone that glows with intense dark red shades, like a deep ember in the night. That’s garnet. But beyond its captivating color, it’s a gem that nudges you to let go. Tied closely to the root chakras, garnet is your ally in releasing heavy emotions and embracing healing. So, if you ever feel trapped by old memories or weighed down by past experiences, let garnet guide you. It’ll help you unburden and move forward, lighter and in balance.


Hematite stands out with its sleek, dark silver appearance. Beyond its physical beauty, it’s a gem with a mission: to safeguard and strengthen the mind. By deflecting negative energy and purging unhelpful thoughts, hematite ensures that your mental prowess remains unmatched. It’s like a personal cheerleader, boosting your courage and willpower as you navigate life’s ups and downs. Whenever you’re feeling low or just need a little push, hematite is there. Holding it close, especially during moments of doubt, can embolden you, ensuring you stay grounded and resilient.


Jade is a deep green gem that embodies calm and collected energy. While it’s widely recognized as a talisman for prosperity and good fortune, its benefits go beyond that. Jade works wonders in stabilizing the nervous system and grounding you. With jade by your side, you can navigate challenges with grace and clarity. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, physically unwell, or like luck isn’t on your side, turn to jade. Meditating with it or just keeping it close can help restore your equilibrium.

Yellow Jasper

When it comes to beckoning good fortune, yellow jasper stands out. Introducing this stone to your living space or work area could be your ticket to attracting abundance and those lovely moments you’ve been hoping for. But it’s not all about luck with yellow jasper; this stone is also your ally for creating equilibrium across your physical, mental, and emotional states. With ties to the solar plexus chakra, it has the knack for sparking its energy centers, leading to a harmonious alignment of your thoughts, feelings, and overall well-being.


Labradorite shines as a gem that brings your dreams within reach, fueling creativity and ushering in an upbeat energy. It not only bolsters your inner strength to chase what you yearn for but is also a catalyst for effective communication and reaching an elevated state of awareness. Since a clear mind is paramount for self-expression and innovative thoughts, labradorite plays a pivotal role. Positioning this stone close to your workspace might be the nudge you need for those creative sparks to ignite.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is more than just a pretty stone; it’s a bridge to your inner wisdom, guiding you to see truths and activate the third eye chakra. This cherished gem offers protection from unwanted psychic intrusions, deepens your understanding of yourself, and ushers serenity and cohesion into your daily life. What’s particularly captivating about lapis lazuli is its range of colors, making each stone a one-of-a-kind piece of nature’s artistry. When you’re seeking a profound meditation experience, try placing lapis lazuli on your forehead. And if you’re in the mood to stoke your creative flames, perhaps a bracelet featuring this stone would be a good fit.


Dive deep into your intuition with Lolite. This crystal is like a gateway to your inner truth and plays a special role in awakening your third eye chakra. Aiming for profound meditation? Rest the lolite gently on your forehead. Or, if you’re looking to let your creative juices flow, wearing it as a bracelet might just do the trick. Bringing such stones into your daily routine can be transformative, fostering inner balance and enhancing life’s harmony.


Ever felt tongue-tied or struggled to say what’s truly on your mind? Enter blue kyanite. This gem works wonders by opening up your throat chakra, paving the way for genuine, effortless communication. What’s more, blue kyanite is like a wise mentor, ensuring you strike a balance between the energies of both yin and yang. It gifts you with keen insights and heartfelt compassion in everything you undertake.

Moss Agate

Moss agate is like a breath of fresh air, helping you tap into nature’s vibe. If you ever feel burdened by negative emotions or entangled in challenging relationships, this stone offers a comforting embrace, guiding you towards balance and tranquility. Thinking of bonding with the spirits of nature? Try putting moss agate on your altar. Or, if you’re aiming for harmonious vibes in your living space, let this stone be a resident in your home.


Think of obsidian as a protective shield, especially the snowflake variant, which resembles a night sky dotted with snowflakes. This gem’s primary role is to offer protection, allowing you to explore the world fearlessly. With its potent energy, obsidian wards off negative vibes and even keeps unwanted electromagnetic pollution at bay. Its contrasting colors serve as a reminder to maintain a balance between the yin and yang energies within us. If you ever feel swayed by external moods or pressures, turn to obsidian. It ensures you remain true to yourself, unswayed by the turbulence of the world.


The crystal known as peridot shines when it comes to cleansing and rejuvenating your chakras. If you find yourself grappling with feelings like jealousy or self-doubt, peridot might be just the friend you need. This stone can introduce calmness and unity into your existing or emerging relationships. To boost confidence and feel its uplifting energy, position peridot on your solar plexus chakra. And if you fancy its vibe around the clock, consider wearing it as a necklace.

Red Jasper

Red jasper is a beacon for those who sometimes feel they’re being pulled in a hundred different directions. Acting as a balancer and grounder, it can reintroduce a sense of stability when things seem chaotic. If you’re navigating life’s twists and turns, red jasper offers a reassuring presence. It’s tied to the root chakra, ensuring you feel anchored and safe in the world around you. To maximize its effects, keep this stone close—maybe next to your favorite chair or by your bed, so its grounding aura stays near.


Rhodonite is your go-to stone when you’re aiming for a dose of self-love and the ability to forgive yourself. If you’ve been weighed down by worry or stress, this crystal offers solace. It also aids in shedding a fresh perspective on challenging situations, guiding your mind towards clarity. So, let rhodonite be a reminder for you to immerse in the present and cherish what truly brings joy to your heart. Whether you wear it or let it adorn your living space, its calming vibes will infuse more serenity into your days.

Rose Quartz

This stone is delicately pink and radiates a warm, loving aura. Rose quartz is deeply connected to the heart chakra and encourages us to approach life with genuine kindness and understanding. It’s fantastic for boosting self-love and fostering trust in relationships. If ever you’re feeling trapped by negative emotions or challenges, keep rose quartz nearby. It’ll guide you from those frustrations to a place of forgiveness and love.


Have you ever gazed at a pale starlit sky? That’s the kind of gentle energy selenite radiates. This gem is all about high-frequency vibes, working like an efficient cleaner for your spirit. Whenever your soul feels cluttered, selenite is there to cleanse, bringing freshness and clarity. It makes sure you have room to focus on what’s truly important. So, the next time you feel overwhelmed and choked up with unwanted feelings, let selenite sweep through and help you breathe easier.

Smoky Quartz

Picture a stone with the softness of clouds and a touch of golden brown hue. That’s smoky quartz for you. Rooted in its powers, this stone is all about grounding and bringing balance. It plays a vital role in settling the root chakra, the foundation of our energy system. Beyond this, smoky quartz is a beacon of clarity. It banishes stress and confusion, ensuring that your thoughts remain bright and focused. So, if you ever find yourself lost in a haze of indecision or doubt, let smoky quartz guide you back to clear-headedness.


Ever felt bogged down by self-questioning or hesitation? Sodalite might just be your gem. Widely recognized for dispelling self-doubt and propelling you towards your objectives, it also harmonizes well with various chakra stones, ensuring you remain anchored and balanced. Placing sodalite near your workspace or wherever you dive into tasks will lend a helping hand in addressing critical concerns or focusing on what’s truly significant to you

Tigers Eye

Imagine a stone swirled with black and gold, radiating strong vibes – that’s the tiger’s eye for you. It’s fantastic for ensuring a harmonious blend between our physical well-being and our spiritual aspirations. By focusing on our core and integrating all our diverse energies, it brings unity to our body and mind. If ever you’re feeling scattered or out of sorts, let the tiger’s eye be your anchor, guiding you back to a centered, balanced state.

How to use these crystals

Wearing gemstone jewelry daily can be a subtle yet effective way to achieve balance in your life. There’s something uniquely beneficial about having these gemstones touching your skin; it allows you to directly tap into their energy and benefit from their healing vibrations. It’s like having a personal energy source, sending you chakra-balancing vibes precisely where you need them.

Beyond jewelry, there are several other methods to embrace the therapeutic potential of gemstones. You can delve into practices like reiki healing, meditation, or even set up crystal grids. Holding onto these stones during visualization exercises or while working on manifestation can amplify your intentions. And, if you have a special spot or altar at home, placing these healing stones there can serve as a constant source of positive energy.

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