Carnelian for Sale

Carnelian Quick Notes

Carnelian is a translucent, glossy crystal that’s usually brownish-red to red-orange in color, and this color is due to the iron in its composition. It belongs to the quartz family and has been referred to both as a red agate stone as well as a red chalcedony. As a crystal that has been around for ages, it was known to be used during the Roman era when people would wear it for luck. In fact, it even has traces back to the Bible as it was one of the 12 gemstones mentioned in the Breastplate of Aaron. It has a lot of history to it.

Natural carnelian is a rarity as most of what you see on the market today has been either heat treated or dyed. To determine if carnelian is natural, hold it to the light and look for a cloudy distribution of color. If you see striping of sorts, it’s more than likely dyed; however, if you see that cloudy-like look, it’s probably natural.

Throughout the world, Carnelian is mined mainly in Brazil, India and Madagascar. It’s used as rings, bracelet, flames, freeforms and spheres.

Metaphysically, carnelian is said to ignite your life with passion and creativity. Whether you’re looking to pursue a goal at work or in life, wearing or having a carnelian crystal nearby should be able to keep your positivity high.