The 25+ Best Crystals for Emotional Healing

Emotions can sometimes feel like a rollercoaster, whether we’re dealing with happiness, sadness, excitement, or pain. It’s not always easy to keep our emotions in check, and this can affect our decisions, stress levels, and how we interact with others. That’s where crystals come in to offer guidance and help us find balance.

Crystals are said to have some special qualities that make them great companions on our emotional journey. They can cleanse our auras, balance our chakras, and bring our energies to a healing state. Think of them as your trusty sidekicks in staying grounded when emotions run wild. These particular stones have been chosen for their ability to help manage stress, enhance intuition, and provide gentle, empowering energy. They are like superheroes that help us heal emotional wounds, boost our self-esteem, and find inner peace.

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In today’s guide, let’s talk about the many crystals that may be able to help with your emotional healing.

Best Crystals for Emotional Healing

NOTE:  To take full advantage of these crystals, it’s best to wear it as jewelry, whether it’s a bracelet, ring, necklace, etc.  Wearing them close to your skin allows their positive energy to align with yours, helping to clear any emotional obstacles in your path.


Agate wears many hats. Whether it’s bestowing calm, igniting passion, or helping you release past traumas, it never ceases to anchor us to the best parts of our human nature. Strength can manifest in various ways, and agate is a testament to that. Should you wish to understand the deeper symbolism of agate, there’s a treasure trove to uncover.  Imagine a gem with a broad spectrum of colors, ranging from calming blues to fiery and earthy tones.

Whenever you’re engaging in healing activities, consider teaming up agate with other beneficial stones. This combination amplifies grounding and offers added protection during your healing journey.


Seeking peace? Amazonite is your guide. It takes you away from stress, gently nudging you towards acceptance. More than that, it’s great for calming those jumbled thoughts that can sometimes overwhelm us, replacing the chaos with clear thinking. Want to delve deeper into what amazonite represents? There’s much more to discover.  Imagine calming shades of teal that instantly soothe your mind.

Going through some changes that are stressing you out? Turn to amazonite. It’ll help tap into your inner wisdom, allowing you to see things more clearly and accept what’s beyond your control.


Let’s talk about amethyst, the purple gem that’s like a soothing hug for your emotions. When you see amethyst, you’ll notice its soft violet color, and it’s more than just a pretty stone. It’s got a special connection to something called the “crown chakra,” which is like your wisdom center.

Amethyst helps you find your inner wisdom and trust your intuition. It’s like a guide for your “third eye,” which is all about seeing things clearly. And here’s the cool part: it helps you let go of those yucky negative emotion feelings that can make you feel down.

Whenever you’re going through tough times, like when you’re feeling sad or dealing with loss, Amethyst can be your friend. It has a calming energy that can help you relax, release tension, and even sleep better.


Living up to its aquatic name, aquamarine emanates a calming energy, almost as if you’re taking a refreshing dip in a clear sea. Notably, this stone can soothe heightened emotions, ensuring those intense moments of frustration are kept at bay. If you’re curious about delving deeper into the essence of aquamarine, there’s more to explore.  Picture a gem that evokes the ocean’s serenity, painted in hues of blue and green.

If you often find yourself overwhelmed, or perhaps too quick to react with sharp emotions, aquamarine encourages you to embrace a more balanced, go-with-the-flow attitude.


Picture a vibrant green stone named aventurine. This gem is often called the “stone of opportunity” because of its reputation for attracting good luck and prosperity. Think of it as a helper for breaking out of old habits or mindsets that aren’t serving you anymore.

Aventurine might be your ally in tackling challenges, clearing paths, and moving forward in life. If there’s something blocking your progress, having this stone might give you that little push you need.

Black Tourmaline

Imagine having a stone that acts like a protective shield, pushing away negative vibes and bringing in a sense of stability. That’s what black tourmaline does for many who believe in its properties.

This particular stone is all about grounding. It can help you feel more rooted, almost as if you’re connecting with the earth beneath your feet. There’s also a belief that black tourmaline can take in negative energy and change it into something positive.

Many who practice energy healing value black tourmaline for its ability to balance and set the chakras in order. It has a special relationship with the root chakra, which deals with our basic feelings of safety and being grounded.


Aptly named the warrior stone, bloodstone imparts a sense of strength and determination. It’s as if it has a magic power to keep you steady, even when emotional tides are trying their best to sway you. This stone ensures that, rather than getting scattered in trying times, you remain focused, grounded, and resilient.  Imagine a deep, mesmerizing green-black hue sprinkled with specks of rich red.

If you often find yourself reacting out of fear, getting easily agitated, or feeling utterly defeated when faced with challenges, let bloodstone be your shield, strengthening your spirit and will.

Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite acts like a gentle guide, helping you dive deep into your subconscious. But here’s the beauty of it: while it helps you uncover hidden emotional roadblocks, it ensures the journey isn’t overwhelming. Instead, it fosters an environment where you can address self-imposed barriers in the soothing realm of dreams. Dive deeper if you’re curious about the rich tapestry of calcite’s meanings.  Picture a subtle touch of cornflower blue, both serene and captivating.

Should you ever feel a whirlwind of emotions, anxiety, or a sense of being stuck without a clear reason, let Blue Calcite be your comforting companion.


Carnelian is bursting with rejuvenating energy. It’s perfect for anyone trying to heal from past wounds and wanting to regain their strength. Picture vibrant reds and oranges that seem to glow.

Feeling powerless or like you’ve lost your way? Keep carnelian nearby. It can help release those strong feelings of anger and instead fill you with acceptance, boost your self-confidence, and remind you of brighter days ahead.


Often referred to as the “teaching stone”, chrysocolla nudges you to uncover valuable insights even in the midst of difficult times. It possesses the remarkable ability to transform painful memories and heartaches into gentler experiences, empowering you to move forward with those lessons in tow. If chrysocolla piques your interest, there’s more to learn about its intricate essence.    Envision a gem where the tranquil hues of greens and blues gracefully intermingle with the warm tones of golds and browns.

Whenever you feel enshrouded by intense emotions, turn to chrysocolla. It doesn’t just help clear the fog, but also plays a supportive role in balancing hormones and enhancing communication in relationships.


Chrysoprase acts as a reminder of our deep-rooted bond with the Earth. As you connect with its soothing energy, you’ll feel like the world is gently cradling you, ensuring you’re firmly anchored. This gem embodies the very essence of divine truth, keeping you present and breathing deeply in every moment.  Imagine a serene blend of gentle greens and blues, punctuated with soft white streaks.

When life’s journey feels a bit shaky, turn to chrysoprase. Its serene energy ensures you maintain a steady pace, regardless of what lies ahead.

Clear Quartz

Earning the title of “master healer”, Clear Quartz isn’t just about fixing things; it amplifies your inner energies and aligns your chakras, creating an inner harmony. True to its name, this gem ensures you stay lucid and don’t lose yourself amidst life’s complexities. The story of clear quartz is quite profound; feel free to delve deeper into its essence.  Imagine holding a fragment of the purest starlight in your hand.

Whenever life feels a tad disjointed and you need some recentering, let Clear Quartz illuminate your path, harmonizing your energies and ushering in healing.


Citrine is like a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day. It assists in letting go of fears and worries, preparing us to welcome more joy, positivity, and hope into our lives.   Think of it as a burst of sunshine, similar to getting a boost from Vitamin D.

If you find yourself often leaning into negative vibes, citrine can help change that by adding a splash of positivity. It also enhances creativity, focus, and clear thinking, making it ideal for anyone who wants to stay light-hearted and not feel burdened.


Howlite is like that wise friend who always brings a balanced perspective to any situation. It encourages you to think before reacting, making sure you’re grounded in truth rather than jumping to assumptions. In essence, it’s a beacon of patience and clarity.  Visualize a stone as serene as a blanket of fresh snow, gleaming softly.

Whenever your mind feels cluttered, or you’re struggling to see the situation for what it truly is, reach out for Howlite. It will guide you to a clearer, more honest understanding of the present moment.


Labradorite isn’t just any stone; it’s imbued with a touch of mysticism and powerful healing energy. It’s fantastic at sweeping away the clutter from our minds, letting go of emotional burdens, and inspiring you to tread through life with a sense of wonder and creativity.  Picture a stone that flashes shades of green and blue, intertwined with streaks of silver.

Feeling drained or emotionally spent? Labradorite is the gem you’ll want by your side. It has a knack for refilling your energy levels, especially when you’re running on empty.


Lepidolite stands as a beacon of stability. Its core message? Process your emotions; don’t let them control you. There’s a deeper story to lepidolite, waiting to be unraveled for those keen on understanding its meaning.  Picture a captivating swirl of purples and pinks, reminiscent of a mesmerizing storm.

In moments when you feel life’s chaos threatens to upturn your equilibrium, embrace lepidolite. Allow it to guide you back to a serene center, helping you find that much-needed balance.


Malachite is a stunning green-black stone that has a strong connection to the heart chakra. This means it can help soothe and heal your heart’s energy center. Additionally, the dark bands within malachite help ground your energy, making you feel more stable and anchored.

If you’ve experienced emotional pain, malachite can be especially beneficial. Think of it as a Heart-Healing Ring that aids in clearing away emotional hurdles. It can encourage major positive shifts in how you feel.

Furthermore, malachite acts as a guide in reaching your aspirations. This stone is believed to have strong manifesting abilities, helping to amplify your efforts to heal and improve yourself. With malachite by your side, you can look forward to welcoming a more healed, joyful version of yourself.


Just as the moon goes through its phases each month, moonstone teaches us to embrace change and understand that everything moves on. It aids in helping us find a sense of balance and acceptance, making things feel a bit easier. Curious about the deeper meaning of moonstone? Feel free to explore.

It’s especially helpful during changing times. Plus, if you’re dealing with hormonal changes, moonstone might be beneficial because it can help balance those out.


Morganite’s central theme is unconditional love. In a world filled with countless emotions and experiences, it’s a heartening presence. If you ever find yourself feeling defensive or boxed in by old habits, especially when overwhelmed, morganite offers a gentle nudge to reset your emotional compass. Dive into the deeper facets of morganite’s story if you’re keen to know more.  Picture a stone capturing the essence of delicate beryl pink.

If your heart feels heavy, or if past habits threaten to overshadow present relationships, let Morganite guide you back to a place of genuine love and understanding.


Obsidian acts much like an anchor, ensuring you remain steady even when emotions feel like turbulent waves trying to carry you off course. This gem not only keeps you grounded but also plays a pivotal role in clearing away emotional hurdles. If you’re keen on diving deeper into what obsidian represents, there’s more to uncover.  Think of a stone that’s jet black and pulsates with a stabilizing energy.

If you’re navigating through intense feelings of sorrow or grief, obsidian might be your best companion. Moreover, for those battling addictions, this stone offers a comforting presence.


Opal is more than just a pretty stone; it radiates a powerful goddess energy. This means it has the allure and charm to help channel one’s desires in a healthy manner. Specifically, for those who sometimes feel overwhelmed or uncertain about intimate feelings, Opal can help you navigate these emotions with grace.  Envision a gem capturing the essence of soft luminescence intertwined with flickers of pale fire.

Whenever you’re feeling hesitant or stuck in emotional paralysis, especially in intimate moments, let Opal’s warmth guide you towards embracing your genuine desires.


Think of rhodochrosite as a rose. Even among thorns, a rose finds a way to bloom beautifully. Similarly, this stone nudges us to spot the beauty, even in challenging circumstances. It encourages us to face the truth, and see the bright side even when things get tough.  Envision a shade that captures the essence of love – a perfect rose pink.

If ever life feels a bit too harsh or stings a little too hard, rhodochrosite is your go-to. Embracing it brings feelings of unconditional love, empathy, and a soothing energy. So, when life seems overwhelming, just hold onto this stone and let its warmth comfort you.

Rose Quartz

Now, let’s talk about rose quartz, the pink beauty. Imagine a gem that’s as lovely as a pink rose – that’s Rose Quartz for you. But it’s not just about looks; it’s all about love and care.

This gem is like a pro at kicking out those heavy, negative feelings and replacing them with good stuff like trust, love, and self-care.

Rose Quartz is your go-to if you’re trying to heal your heart. It’s perfect for dealing with feelings like abandonment, trust issues, or loneliness. This gem reminds us that loving ourselves is super important. So, whenever you need some self-love, rose quartz has got your back.

Smoky Quartz

Don’t let the name deceive you; smoky quartz acts as your guide, steering you clear of deceptions and revealing your authentic self. Emotions can sometimes cloud judgment and blur our core beliefs, but this gem ensures you remain aligned with your true sentiments, granting you balance and conviction in your values.  Visualize a stone reminiscent of a delicate strand of golden silver smoke.

When it feels like your thoughts and feelings are muddled with negativity or old patterns, smoky quartz is ready to provide the refreshment and clarity you seek.


Imagine holding a dark blue stone called sodalite in your hand. This blue-hued stone is known for its power to calm and comfort. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, sodalite might just be what you need to find a bit of peace and quiet.

Beyond its calming nature, sodalite can help you balance your emotions, leading you to feel more peaceful inside. Some even believe it taps into the third eye chakra, which could sharpen your intuition and spiritual senses.

If you’re someone who deals with challenges like anxiety, sadness, or everyday stress, you might find comfort in sodalite. Some also trust it to soothe physical pains like headaches or menstrual discomfort. If peace and tranquility are what you’re after, keep sodalite close to your heart.


Ever felt the weight of the past or unresolved feelings? Unakite is all about aiding you in the process of letting go. It gently guides you to face and understand the truths that you’ve kept hidden or close to your heart, ensuring you’re not constantly living in yesterday.  Picture a harmonious dance of green and pink coming together.

Whenever you’re feeling stuck or trapped by old emotions or memories, Unakite offers a rejuvenating energy to help free yourself. Remember, you’re not meant to be a captive of the past.

How to use these crystals

If you’re looking for a natural way to boost your emotional health, crystals might be your answer.

Let’s explore some of the ways you can incorporate these stones into your daily life:

Carrying crystals with you:  One of the simplest ways to experience the benefits of crystals is to keep them close by. Tuck your favorite crystal into your bag, purse, or pocket, and notice any shifts in your mood as you move through your day.

Meditating alongside these crystals: Meditation already has great potential for healing, and when paired with crystals, it could be even more impactful. When meditating, you can either hold a crystal in your hand or place it somewhere on your body. This allows you to tap into the crystal’s energy, helping it sync with your emotions.

Designing a crystal grid: Think of a crystal grid as a unique arrangement of stones designed to boost their collective energy. To focus on emotional healing, you might arrange the stones in a pattern that speaks to your feelings. For instance, you could have rose quartz at the grid’s center, with stones like amethyst and citrine encircling it.

Making crystal elixirs: Crystal elixirs are essentially water infused with the energy of a crystal. By soaking crystals in water, you allow their energy to mingle with the liquid. Drinking this or using it as a spray can introduce you to the crystal’s energy in a gentle way.

Crystal jewelry: What better way to keep crystals close than by wearing them? Crystal jewelry isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s also a way to support your emotional health. When you select a piece that resonates with you, it can help maintain balanced energy. Before wearing, set a personal intention with your jewelry piece, believing in its power to amplify the stone’s benefits.

Remember, the journey with crystals is personal, so trust your instincts and find the methods that resonate most with you.

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