Green Aventurine for Sale

Green Aventurine Quick Notes

Green aventurine is a translucent quartz which has fuchsite inclusions. These inclusions, like many specimens, are what give the aventurine its beautiful green, glittery color. Other colors of aventurine exist, such as blue and red, however, these colors will be dependent on the inclusions within.

Metaphysically, green aventurine is known to be great for grounding and stability. If you’re the type that tends to overthink or gets negative thoughts stuck in your mind, it may be a crystal to consider. It’s also known to be a great healer, as it’s connected to the heart chakra. If you’re experiencing emotional heart matters, such as a romantic relationship, it could be very helpful. Also, because of it’s green color, the crystal is commonly associated with prosperity, luck and good fortune, making it one of the luckiest crystals to carry around.

Green aventurine is mined mostly in India but you can also find it in the United States, Brazil as well as Canada.