Best Crystals for Positive Energy (my favorites)

The power of staying positive really makes a difference in life. And, staying upbeat is linked to so many benefits. It can help you live longer, reduce stress and depression, boost your immune system, and keep your emotional and spiritual wellbeing in great shape.

Now, it’s true that the world can throw some tough times your way, and keeping a positive outlook isn’t always easy. It’s not about ignoring your other feelings. It’s more about recognizing them without letting them keep you down.

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Being positive is really impactful.

It shapes the way we live. When we’re caught up in fear and negative vibes, that can become our reality. But with a positive mindset, we break free. It’s like creating a mood, a bit of magic, and a method to bring good things into our life.

Adopting a positive mindset means reducing negative thoughts about ourselves and taking charge of our choices. It’s about self-care, cheering ourselves on like we would a friend, and finding the good in tough situations.

Speaking of positivity, there are some healing crystals that are amazing for this. They are almost like mind clearers, heart healers, bringers of light, and mood stabilizers. These crystals are fantastic for inspiring positive thoughts and adding a bit of color to the darker days.

In today’s guide, let’s discover all of the best crystals for positive energies.

Best Crystals for Positive Energy and Protection at Home and Work


Amethyst is a beautiful stone with shades of mystical purple, splashed with violet or brighter lilac hues.

This could be a real game-changer when it comes to pushing away worries and bringing in tranquility. Positivity isn’t always loud and energetic. Sometimes, it’s about the quiet confidence of being calm and in control. Amethyst is said to help you keep negative vibes away and fosters a deep sense of peace within yourself.

Whenever you’re feeling swamped or just want to infuse more serenity into your life, sitting and meditating with an amethyst crystal can work wonders.


Now, think of a stone with shades of green, like cool waters and tranquil lakes. That’s what aventurine is like.

This stone, with its soothing green color, is wonderful for healing and calming. It’s especially said to be good at stabilizing moods and reducing stress and anger. Without these negative emotions overshadowing your life, you can enjoy a more peaceful and fulfilling existence.

Aventurine is a go-to stone if you’re dealing with frustration and find it hard to stay calm. It’s like a deep, calming breath in stone form, helping you stay composed and balanced.

Black Tourmaline

Now, imagine a stone embodying pitch black and volcanic energy. That’s black tourmaline, your protective shield.

This crystal isn’t just about warding off emotional negativity; it’s also about physical protection, either. It acts like a guardian, keeping your space sacred and safe.

It also helps in staying grounded, providing clarity, and empowering you to make decisions out of necessity rather than fear.

Consider carrying it around with you, especially if you’re easily affected by others’ moods or facing draining situations. It’s like having a personal energy guardian to keep you balanced and protected.

Blue Lace Agate

Imagine a stone as soft and dreamy as a dawn summer sky. That’s blue lace agate for you, with its gentle shades of blue. This stone is all about calmness, kindness, and speaking your truth. It’s said to be perfect for anyone who feels anxious or struggles to express themselves. It’s said to help clear away negative emotions and brings a sense of peace to your mind.

Use this stone when social anxiety weighs you down or when you find it hard to say what you feel. It’s like having a gentle friend who calms your mind and helps you steer your life in the direction you want.


Carnelian glows in shades of red and orange.

This vibrant stone is like a burst of creativity and passion.  And, it’s perfect for anyone feeling burnt out or who has lost their spark. Carnelian is all about boosting confidence and joy.

You should reach for it whenever you’re in a creative rut and need to awaken your artistic spirit. Creativity is such a great way to balance your emotions, find purpose, and bask in the light of pleasure.


Now, think about a stone with a name that means celestial. That’s celestite.

Its heavenly blue color brings the same sense of peace and happiness you feel when looking at a clear blue sky. Celestite is perfect for your bedroom, as it creates a tranquil and harmonious energy, promoting restful sleep.

Just imagine it as your little piece of the sky, right there in your room, helping you relax and find peace.


Chrysocolla mirrors that of the deep-sea, with shades of green and blue, and flecks of bright, beautiful copper.

Known as the teaching stone, it’s packed with life lessons to help you embrace your radiant self. This gem is said to soothe the soul.

For anyone feeling on edge, spiritualists say it promotes massive self-awareness, smooths out communication, and helps gain perspective from life’s challenges. This healing process paves the way for rediscovering joy and meaning.

You may want to use it whenever you feel the urge to change something but aren’t quite sure what it is. This stone subtly boosts your confidence and self-esteem, leading to a more positive outlook.


Citrine is a stone that’s like sunlight streaming through your window.  It’s as cheerful as it is bright.

It’s said to be great for lifting your spirits when you’re feeling down or just adding some extra zest to your day. Known as the merchant’s stone, citrine attracts luck and abundance. It may even boost your energy and makes sure you keep in touch with your playful side.

Turn to it whenever you need a boost in mood and energy, and when you’re looking for a gentle nudge to maintain a happier mindset.

Clear Quartz

Now picture a crystal that’s clear, bright, and as white as icy starlight. That’s a clear quartz crystal, often called the master healer.

This crystal is like a refreshing spring rain for your body, mind, and soul. It’s said to be amazing at balancing your energy centers, driving away negative vibes, and keeping you in a state of light and mental clarity.

Reach for this crystal whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or when your thoughts are all over the place. It’s almost like hitting the reset button for your mind, helping you clear out the clutter and start fresh.


Fluorite is a crystal shimmering with colors of purple and green.

Often referred to as rainbow fluorite, this gem is a beacon of positivity and a rainbow after the storm. It’s known for bringing joy, clarity, focus, and clean thinking. Fluorite is also grounding, but in a way that doesn’t hold you back. It’s perfect for reconnecting with reality after exploring visions and dreams. When you have a clear sense of who you are and are grounded in joy, it’s harder for life’s troubles to sweep you away.

Turn to it after a deep dive into your inner world. This stone mayhelp guide you back, ensuring you don’t get lost in your own stories. It assists in staying positively tuned and grounded.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli mixes the beauty of silver starlight with the depth of dark blue midnight skies.

It’s said to be a stone that bridges the gap between communication and intuition, opening up your throat and third eye chakras.  It also encourages living in truth and making heart-connected decisions. With this chakra stone, you should be better equipped to live a life filled with sincerity, grace, and wisdom.

Reach for it if you often doubt yourself or feel held back by social anxiety. It could boost your confidence and help you feel more assured.


Now, picture a stone that shines like the harvest moon in the night sky.  This is what moonstone reminds people of.

This stone is filled with power and positivity. It’s truly magical. Moonstone, with its pale and milky brightness, acts like a guiding light in dark times and helps balance emotions. It reconnects you with your inner self and deepens your intuition. Importantly, it teaches us to embrace change.

You will want to consider using this when change feels overwhelming or scary. Remember, change is a part of life. This stone reminds us that we have the power to control our reactions and handle anything that comes our way.

With it, you learn to stop resisting and embrace life’s twists and turns, knowing you can handle them.


Obsidian is so dark and black that it sparkles with silver when you take a second look.

This stone is like a protective shield, soaking up any negative energy around you. Whether it’s bad vibes from people, places, or things, it’s said to keep you safe. It’s also known as the truth seeker stone, taking you on a journey of self-discovery to help you live authentically.

Empaths will find this stone particularly helpful, as it’s great for absorbing energies, both good and bad, and helps build resilience and boundaries. This way, you can maintain your own light and not be overshadowed by others.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a stone that glows with a heart-shaped pink color.  And, it’s perfect for times when you’re dealing with love issues or just aiming to heal your heart. This stone is all about understanding, trust, and keeping an open heart – qualities that may really brighten up your life.

Also, consider using it after a tough breakup or during rocky times in love.

It’s like a soothing balm that heals and ensures all your relationships, including the one with yourself, are filled with positive vibes.


Selenite is more of a stone that’s pale and white, sometimes with touches of peach in its raw form.

It’s known for its incredible ability to absorb negative energy. This bright, gleaming gem is all about cleaning up the bad vibes and maintaining a stable sense of serenity.

Selenite is also believed to be most powerful during significant moon phases. While it’s great to use it any time to ward off negativity, remember to place your selenite stone in the full moon’s glow. This keeps it charged, full of energy, and ready for action.


Sunstone is a stone that glows like terracotta tiles under the Spanish sun, in shades of baked gold and brown.

It’s known as the stone of good fortune, as it always brings warmth and positivity. Sunstone is like a dose of vitamin C for your soul, clearing out your solar plexus chakra and keeping you in a balanced mindset. Its optimism is contagious and can lift even the lowest spirits.

You will want to consider sunstone when you’re feeling disconnected, sluggish, or just need a boost. It’s like basking in warm sunlight, lifting your spirits and helping you feel more connected. It’s also incredibly beneficial for those who experience seasonal affective disorder.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye glows like the eye of a majestic big cat, with bands of gold, black, and orange.

This stone is all about strength and confidence. And, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to walk through life with assurance. Having confidence, of course, boosts self-esteem, making you more willing to make brave decisions and handle negative energy effectively.

Consider this stone if you find it hard to stand up for yourself or express your needs. This bold and vibrant gem helps you let go of the need to please everyone else.


Turquoise is a stone that’s almost like an energetic bridge between heaven and earth.

Also known as the master healer, this stunning blue stone has been cherished for ages for its protective and lucky qualities. It’s also great for communication, helping you find the right words for your feelings and thoughts.

When Turquoise is given as a gift, its healing powers are believed to become even stronger. So, if you know someone who could use a bit of luck, consider giving them turquoise as a thoughtful present.

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