Crystals for Pisces: What I Recommend

Pisces, a water sign, is known for its intense emotions, romantic flair, and dream-like aura. People born under this sign are known to be deeply intuitive and compassionate.

Just like every zodiac sign, Pisces folks might find solace in the magic of crystals. Specifically, they might benefit from crystals that give them emotional balance, clearer thinking, and a sense of personal strength.

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Understanding Pisces

Diving deeper into Pisces, imagine two fish swimming in opposite directions. This captures the essence of a typical Pisces struggle: their imaginative, kind, and caring side often clashes with their more driven and lively nature. This internal tug-of-war can leave them feeling a bit unbalanced at times. Seeking equilibrium is quite important for these deeply emotional thinkers. Pisces have numerous strengths. They’re imaginative, often daydreaming, creating, or exploring their more mystical sides.

Being emotional, they’re very in tune with how others feel. They’re romantics at heart, prone to falling deeply in love and holding tight to dreams and fantasies. However, with all these traits, Pisces individuals carry a captivating energy and have a mesmerizing way of navigating life. If you come across a Pisces, expect to be charmed by their deep, soulful, and enticing nature.

How crystals help zodiac signs

When you find crystals aligned with your zodiac sign, it’s like tapping into a hidden reservoir of energy and support.

For Pisces folks, for example, selecting the right crystals can really amplify their innate gifts and help curb some of their challenges. Since Pisces individuals tend to have emotions as vast as the ocean and can be quite sensitive, it’s crucial for them to have support, especially in those shaky moments. It’s a good idea for Pisces to hunt for crystals that vibe well with their unique energies – both the good and the challenging. Think of these crystals as powerful allies for this deeply intuitive zodiac sign.

If you’re a Pisces, you probably know that intuition is one of your superpowers. So, why not strengthen it further?

For Pisces, balance is the key. It’s easy for them to dive too deep into their emotional depths and lose their way. Hence, it’s beneficial to have crystals that promote a sense of balance, harmony, and grounding.

If you’re a Pisces, look for gems that comfort you, help you let go of emotional baggage, and fill you with a serene sense of peace. Some good picks might be blue stones reminiscent of water, heart-centered stones like rose quartz, or even grounding black ones like black tourmaline or obsidian. These can be your anchor in turbulent waters.

To give you a better idea as to what you should consider, here are some of the best crystals for Pisces men and women.

Best Crystals for Pisces


If you’re a Pisces or born in February, you’re in for a treat with amethyst, one of your birthstones. It’s no secret that Pisces can be swept away by their strong feelings, but amethyst is here to help. Think of it as a gentle hand guiding you back to a calm state. Because it’s connected to the Third Eye Chakra, this gem can boost your natural intuition and sharp thinking.

But that’s not all. With its ties to the Crown Chakra, amethyst also nudges you closer to your innermost self and the bigger mysteries of the universe. If you’ve ever felt adrift or questioned your place in the world, turning to this stone during meditation can be a game-changer.

Now, here’s an interesting tidbit: amethyst has an age-old reputation as the “sobriety stone”. Legend has it that it can keep drunkenness at bay. While it might not be a magical potion, it’s known to help people manage and overcome addictions, particularly substance abuse.

Considering adding a new piece to your jewelry collection? An amethyst necklace, earrings, or bracelet might just be the perfect pick, especially when those intense emotions come knocking.


Dive into the soothing world of aquamarine, a gem deeply connected to Pisces and those born in March. Ever wonder why it’s called aquamarine? It’s all in the name. With “aqua marina” translating to “sea water” in Latin, this stone feels like a dip in a serene ocean. Perfect for Pisces, aquamarine helps you sail through strong waves of emotion, revealing uncharted territories of your inner world. It’s like having a compass for understanding the two-fold nature of a Pisces personality.

But there’s more to this gem than introspection.

If you’re hitting the beach or setting sail, aquamarine’s got your back. It’s like a protective shield, especially over water. And for all the Pisces who sometimes find it hard to wear their heart on their sleeve, this stone’s connection to the Heart and Throat chakras is a game-changer. It nudges you to speak your truth, straight from the heart. Considering a new accessory? Go for an aquamarine necklace. It won’t just enhance your style but also ward off negativity and keep you safe.

Black Onyx

Imagine black onyx as an anchor for your emotions, especially for dreamy Pisces who sometimes drift away from the present moment. This dark, elegant stone is like a gentle reminder to stay grounded and not lose touch with reality. Plus, it’s got some fantastic benefits! It boosts your mental strength, keeps you steady, and provides that extra endurance to help you tackle tough times. And if you’re worried about any negative vibes coming your way, black onyx has got you covered there too.

Thinking of when to turn to black onyx? Well, if you ever find yourself wrestling with feelings of sadness, fear, or anxiety, this stone can be your go-to. It helps zap those unwanted emotions and fills you with courage, strength, and a burst of positive energy to help you face any challenge head-on. For the best results, try wearing a black onyx pendant around your neck. That way, its comforting energy is always close by, right next to your heart.


For a long time, folks have relied on bloodstone to ground themselves, give their immune systems a boost, help with meditation, make remembering dreams easier, and deepen their connection to their spiritual journey. That’s pretty impressive for just one little stone. And guess what? If you’re a Pisces and you’re feeling a bit run down, either emotionally or spiritually, this stone might just be your best friend.

You see, Pisces people have this tendency to pour a lot of their heart and soul into others. And sometimes, that can leave them feeling worn out or like they’ve taken on too much. That’s where compassion fatigue sets in.

But here’s the good news…

Bloodstone can be like a mini recharge station for them. It can help renew their energy, make them feel more resilient, and fight off those feelings of tiredness. If a Pisces feels stuck in a rut, bloodstone can help clear away any emotional hurdles and give them the courage to bounce back. By keeping emotions in check, bloodstone ensures a balanced connection between the mind, body, and soul.

Blue Lace Agate

Meet blue lace agate, a beautiful pale blue gem adorned with white streaks, reminding you of the sky painted with clouds. This stone is like a whisper to your soul, urging you to align with your higher self.

Here’s a scoop for Pisces: blue lace agate is your buddy when it comes to understanding others and letting them in on your world. It’s like a heartfelt chat over a cup of tea. With its gentle vibes, it encourages you to share your deepest feelings, letting go of pent-up emotions. And for those unpredictable moments in life, or when you’re feeling on edge, this stone is your go-to calming buddy.

Thinking about how to wear it? Well, as a necklace, it’s perfect. Not only does it look stunning, but it also keeps your Throat Chakra in check, helping you converse with clarity, intuition, and genuine care. Whether you’re dealing with a stressful day or looking for the right words, blue lace agate is by your side.


Speaking of chakras, citrine vibes with the Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root. It’s linked with Jupiter, which is all about broadening horizons and plentiful vibes. Citrine not only sets firm boundaries but balances the vast openness some of us might feel. Looking to attract good things into your life? Citrine is your go-to for manifesting your dreams. Setting intentions while feeling this stone’s energy can do wonders.  For Pisces who occasionally feel a bit down or lack the pep to get moving, citrine can be like a sunny day after a storm. Whether you’re carrying a piece of citrine in your pocket or wearing it around your neck, it’s a great way to keep its uplifting energy close


If you’re looking for a crystal that’s as diverse in its appearance as its benefits, then fluorite is your gem. It flaunts a variety of shades, from calming blue and green to vibrant yellow, pink, and even a stunning clear or rainbow hue. One of the standout qualities of fluorite is its knack for enhancing mental clarity. And let’s be real, Pisces folks, with their deep emotional waters, could use a touch of this clarity from time to time.

Depending on its color, fluorite focuses on different chakras, helping clear any roadblocks and making way for life’s energy to flow without a hitch. Feel a bit off-kilter? Try wearing fluorite jewelry close to its associated chakra. It’s fantastic at bringing equilibrium to your energy. Plus, it’s a trusty aide for sharpening your intuition and making your communications more crisp and clear.

And for those Pisces out there, this stone might be your secret weapon in the creative realm. After all, Pisces individuals often shine brightest in artsy endeavors. So, whether you’re crafting, writing, or dreaming up big ideas, fluorite’s there to fuel your imaginative fire.


Next up, let’s talk about labradorite. On the outside, it might look pretty ordinary, but give it a polish, and you’re met with this mesmerizing glow. For Pisces, this stone is a spiritual powerhouse. It takes your intuition up a notch and really encourages some deep self-thought.

Being a dreamer is awesome, but sometimes Pisces can get lost in their feelings and might find it hard to see things as they are. That’s where labradorite steps in. It’s like having a magical magnifying glass that shows you people’s true colors and helps you understand why you or others might act in a certain way. With its guidance, you can dodge bad vibes, steer clear of unhealthy friendships, and learn lessons that help you grow.

Feeling a bit uncertain or trying to figure someone out? Spend some time with labradorite. Whether you’re meditating, reflecting, or performing a ritual, this stone can shed light on the situation and guide you to the best path forward.

Lapis Lazuli

Ever come across a deep blue stone with a touch of gold called lapis lazuli? It’s not just beautiful but also packed with some incredible properties. Much like sodalite, it’s connected to both the throat and third eye chakra, which means it’s all about boosting self-expression, improving communication, and fine-tuning your intuition. Plus, it’s got this cool nickname: the “Performer’s Stone.” Given how many Pisces dive into the world of arts, lapis lazuli is a gem for all the creative souls out there – writers, singers, actors, musicians, you name it.

If you ever hit a creative wall or find yourself lacking inspiration, you’ll want lapis lazuli by your side. It’s like having a muse that clears up your mind and helps you dig deep into your creativity. And hey, if you spend a lot of time at a desk crafting your art, why not keep a Lapis Lazuli sphere nearby? It might just keep those creative juices flowing.


Moonstone is magic in crystal form, especially for Pisces. Packed with a soft, glowing energy, this stone can help bring balance to those overwhelming Piscean emotions. And if you sometimes feel like you’re barely staying afloat in a sea of feelings, Moonstone has got your back. Plus, another perk of rocking a Moonstone accessory? It can amplify your intuition. Given its bond with the moon’s phases, this gem can teach Pisces the art of embracing change and learning to let go.

Red Jasper

Have you ever felt like you’re surrounded by too much negativity? Red Jasper is like a superhero stone for Pisces, always ready to jump in and fend off those unwanted energies. Whether the negativity is coming from inside you or outside forces, this powerful stone doesn’t just push away the bad stuff – it also invites the good vibes in. Think of red jasper as a steady friend who’s there for you during tough times, making sure you stay grounded and in control, even when emotions are running high.

So, when’s the best time to team up with it? Whenever life throws you a curveball, especially after difficult experiences that leave you feeling low. Or if you’re just feeling super stressed out or unsupported, let Red Jasper be your rock (literally!).

Rose Quartz

When you think of a rock that’s all about love, harmony, and compassion, rose quartz might come to mind. This pretty pink stone is part of the quartz family, and its lovely hue can range from a deep to a soft pink, thanks to the presence of minerals like manganese or titanium.

Dive into history, and you’ll find rose quartz popping up in some interesting stories. From Greek legends to tales of Egyptian kings and queens, many believed this stone held special powers. The ancient Egyptians even thought it could keep them looking young! And get this: archaeologists have discovered rose quartz beads that are over 9,000 years old from a place we now call Mesopotamia.

Wondering how to make the most of rose quartz? Well, this stone is like a warm hug for your heart. It’s believed to open up the Heart Chakra, that special energy center that deals with love. This helps create a balance, allowing you to both give and receive affection. Plus, it’s like a magnet for good vibes, pushing away any negativity.

For all the Pisces out there, this stone might be a game-changer. You guys are champs at showering others with love and kindness, but sometimes you forget about yourself. Rose quartz reminds you to embrace self-love. It has this calming aura that chases away fears, worries, and anxiety. With this stone by your side, you’ll feel more open to both giving and soaking in all forms of love. And hey, don’t forget to show some love to yourself too.


Tied to the throat and that mystical third eye chakra, sodalite is like a secret tool for the Pisces folks to really trust that inner voice of theirs. Now, Pisces are usually spot-on with their intuition, but when emotions are all over the place, it can be a bit tricky to trust their gut feeling. That’s where sodalite comes in, helping you grasp a better understanding and be kinder to yourself.

What’s more, if you sometimes find it hard to speak up or share your thoughts, this stone’s got your back. It helps clear any blocks in the throat chakra, giving your self-expression a nice boost. Feeling a bit jittery? Sodalite calms those nerves, sharpens your thinking, and connects you to your inner strength. So, if you’re having a day where things seem a bit hazy or you’re torn about a decision, take a moment with sodalite. Meditating with it or even placing a little sodalite stone under your pillow can clear up the confusion and remind you of the awesome person you are.

How to use these crystals as a Pisces

Keep them clean and fresh

To get the best out of your crystals, especially if you’re a Pisces, you need to keep them clean and vibrant. Think of crystals like little batteries; they soak up energies, including negative ones. Over time, if they get too bogged down, they won’t function at their best. Given that Pisces folks often experience a whirlwind of emotions, their crystals might get a bit more “drained” than others.

To keep them feeling fresh and ready to help you:

  • Let them bask in moonlight for a night.
  • Give them a rinse under a natural spring or stream.
  • Bury them in the ground for a day or two.
  • Let your crystals hang out with some clear quartz or selenite.


Meditation is your friend, especially if you’re a Pisces. With all those emotions and contrasting energies going on, taking moments to breathe and connect is essential. And your crystals? They’re ready to help.

Meditating can be as chill as sitting quietly with your gem in hand or setting up a special corner in your room dedicated to these crystals.  And, if you want to set some goals or wishes, your crystals are all ears. You could jot down your thoughts on paper and slip it under your pillow with the stone. Or, simply hold your gem, share your hopes, and trust it’s got your back.

Amplify your space

Designing a special spot for your crystals isn’t just about decoration. It’s about making a space where you can connect, recharge, and be the genuine you. You can lay your stones on a cloth, tray, or wooden plank. For added ambiance, light a candle, but remember to blow it out when you’re done. Sprinkle in some natural elements like flowers or leaves, or even some incense to elevate the mood. Pictures of loved ones? Sure thing. Just make it your unique retreat, and let your crystals amplify that special Pisces magic in you.

Wear it as jewelry

One fun and straightforward way to embrace the power of your Pisces crystals is to wear them as jewelry. Whether it’s a bracelet, necklace, or pair of earrings, when these gems touch your skin, they really shine. Why? Well, crystals vibe at high frequencies, and when they mingle with our own energy, they boost our mood and share their calming presence. Even just having a crystal accessory on can send out your wishes to the universe. But if jewelry isn’t your thing, no worries! Keep your stones in your pocket. That way, whenever you’re in need of a little pick-me-up, some guidance, or just some extra courage, you’ve got them right there with you.

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