11 Meditation Crystals You Need

Crystals are said to be special gifts from the earth that help us find peace inside. They have older energy that helps our minds become clear and calm, making it easier to meditate. Meditation, as you may already know, is great for our health and happiness. It helps us calm down and focus our thoughts.

Using crystals when we meditate can make it even better.

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These crystals have been around for quite some time and know how to make us feel relaxed and less distracted. And, they are perfect for anyone who wants to feel more connected and calm during meditation.

But, before you we get into which crystals are great for meditation, know that each crystal is different. Some give us energy while others make us feel calm. Knowing which crystal to use can help us feel better when we meditate.

In today’s guide, let’s discuss the best meditation crystals if you’re looking to meditate.  With each crystal, we will explore the benefits it can bring to your meditation sessions.

Best Crystals for Meditation


Amethyst is almost like having a friend who always knows how to calm you down. This crystal is perfect for anyone looking to find peace and connect with their higher self.

It’s said to work wonders in relieving stress and anxiety, allowing your true self to shine through. It’s particularly powerful for healing the crown chakra and raising your spiritual vibrations.

If your mind ever feels like a busy highway of thoughts, bringing this crystal into your meditation may help you find peace. You may even place it on your forehead to enhance your spiritual connection during your practice.


Aquamarine is said to be known for its ability to help in clear communication, washing away frustration and stress. It’s said to encourage you to flow with life’s path, releasing any negativity that holds you back.

For a great meditation experience, aquamarine’s soothing energy may help clear your mind of clutter.

When using, try placing this stone on your throat chakra to help overcome any obstacles to speaking your truth.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is like a protective shield, keeping away all the bad energy that can distract us. This crystal, dark and full of a kind of raw, earthy power, helps keep us grounded. It’s as if it ties us down, ensuring we don’t lose ourselves in our thoughts too much during meditation.

You will almost want to think of this crystal as your personal guardian, ready to help you turn negative feelings into positive ones. Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed by negativity, sitting with this crystal can help clear away those unwanted energies, making you feel protected from head to toe.


Carnelian  is like a cheerleader for your soul, boosting your confidence and creative spirit. It’s perfect for those times when you’re feeling down and need a burst of energy to rekindle your passion in life.

It’s said to work wonders by energizing your lower chakras, which are the centers of our physical and creative energies. Whenever you need a motivational push, place it on your sacral chakra during meditation. It’s like igniting a spark within, helping you to bounce back with joy.


Citrine is like a ray of sunshine and doesn’t just sit quietly.  It brings a burst of joy and positivity to your meditation.

Citrine is known for its ability to bring good fortune and a positive outlook on life. It’s the go-to crystal when you’re feeling down and need to lighten your spirits.

If you have been carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, spending time with this particular crystal may uplift you. It’s said to encourage you to let go of burdens and rediscover the joys of life, making your meditation sessions a space for happiness and light.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is like the light at the end of a tunnel, shining bright and clear. This crystal is all about healing and clarity. It’s like a blank slate, waiting for you to set your intentions.

Whatever you wish for, clear quartz is said to amplify that energy, making it stronger. It’s fantastic for when you’re looking to clear your mind of confusion and really focus on what matters most to you.

If you need a mental reset to sweep away the mental clutter, holding this stone during your meditation can be incredibly powerful. Set your intentions with this crystal, and it will help make your meditation sessions more focused and meaningful.


Labradorite is pure magic, holding energy that’s ready to shield you from negative thoughts. It’s said to be a powerful tool for meditation, connecting with the soul star chakra to help you uncover your true path in life.

It’s perfect for those moments when you’re looking to deepen your insight and discover your destiny. Placing it on your third eye during meditation, for instance, can open the door to profound wisdom and understanding.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is like a beacon of hope, courage, and ancient wisdom. It has been cherished for centuries for its ability to connect us with higher knowledge and the spiritual world.

But you don’t have to be looking for mystical experiences to benefit from this stone. It’s said to be incredibly effective at illuminating our inner truths and dispelling doubts. By placing this stone on your third eye, you can dive deeper into meditation, exploring the vast landscapes within you with clarity and confidence.


Lepidolite is known as the stone of transition and peace and is often the go-to companion for navigating through changes. It’s said to act as a stabilizer for your soul, smoothing out the emotional and mental bumps that can throw us off balance in life.

By clearing these blockages in the heart, third eye, and crown chakras, lepidolite may create a deeper meditation experience. It’s incredibly helpful for those moments when you’re stuck in hesitation, guiding you towards a path of inner peace.


Obsidian looks like a piece of the night sky that has been polished into a smooth, dark stone. It’s like having a protective shield around you during meditation, especially for those who find it challenging to relax.

It’s said to act as a guardian, helping you ease into a peaceful state of mind by getting rid of any negative energies.

It’s perfect for anyone seeking to deepen their meditation without the worry of external disturbances. Try to keep obsidian close by or hold it in your hand to feel its protective energy envelop you.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is all about bringing the energy of love into your life, soothing your heart, and encouraging you to embrace self-care. It is said to be a master at healing the heart and helps in fostering trust and love in ourselves and others.

It’s perfect for anyone looking to heal emotionally or to deepen their practice of self-love. Placing this gem on your heart chakra during meditation, for example, may help dissolve any barriers you’ve built against love.

How to meditate with these crystals

Meditating with crystals can be a deeply personal and enriching practice. Here are simple ways to help you get started, broken down into easy-to-follow steps.

Set your intentions

Begin by identifying what you hope to achieve through your meditation. Are you seeking peace, clarity, or emotional healing? Choose a crystal that resonates with these desires. Remember, there’s no wrong choice when it comes to selecting your crystal.

Choose your ambiance

Decide if you want background music or prefer silence during your meditation. Music can be soothing and help you focus, but silence might allow you to connect more deeply with your crystals. Chanting or singing can also energize the crystals.

Hold your crystals closely

Traditionally, holding your crystals in your right hand is preferred, as this hand is often considered more significant. However, if it feels more natural, holding a crystal in each hand is also effective.

Incorporate your body

Placing crystals on your body can intensify your meditation experience. Lie down in a comfortable spot and place crystals on areas related to different chakras. A good starting point is the third-eye chakra, located on your forehead between your eyes, which helps ground you in your meditation space.

Find comfort

Ensure you’re in a relaxing environment where you can sit or lie down without distractions. This setting should allow you to focus on the messages your crystals are conveying.


After your meditation, take your time returning to your regular state of awareness. This slow transition can help you retain the insights and feelings you encountered during your meditation.


Consider journaling about your experience and any thoughts or revelations that came up. Writing can offer clarity and further insight into the messages received from your crystals during meditation.

By following these steps, you can create a meaningful meditation practice that harnesses the unique energies of crystals to support your spiritual journey.

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