Best Creativity Stones (simple list)

Tapping into your creativity can be tough. You might expect creative energy to come easy, however, it often takes work and effort, as you probably already know.

Creativity is important in life. It can come from painting, writing, making music, or thinking differently. There are many ways to be creative.

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Facing a blank page can be scary to some, but luckily, some crystals are said to help unlock your creative potential. These crystals are said to help you focus and bring out your artistic side.

There is no magic recipe for creativity, of course, but it’s said that everyone has a hidden stash of it. Creativity is personal, but it helps to have vision, focus, energy, self-belief, and confidence. Some crystals can help with this.

For centuries, people have used crystals to inspire creativity.

Let’s take a look as to which ones can help you.

Crystals for Creativity


Apatite, with its ocean-like colors, is great for creative problem-solving. And, this stone is perfect if you are dealing with writer’s block or struggling to dive deep into your dreams. Apatite brings intuitive wisdom and clears the third eye, helping you see clearly again. It also helps with time management, stimulates your intellect, and enhances your creative abilities.


Bloodstone is said to be a powerful gem that fills you with a sense of purpose and bravery. It has been worn by warriors on battlefields and can help you when you feel unsure of yourself. Bloodstone also encourages you to dream, as dreams can be a source of hidden inspiration and meaningful ideas waiting to become art.


As we know, creativity is a form of passion and it’s seen as a need to express ourselves and think deeply. Carnelian, with its red and orange color, captures this perfectly. This stone connects to the sacral chakra, which is the source of creativity. When you clear your sacral chakra, you make room for your inner light to shine, giving you the courage to be bold and true to yourself. Carnelian is also said to boost stamina, helping you finish projects you have started.


Celestite helps you connect your creativity with the universe, opening up new ways to express yourself artistically. This beautiful, pale gem is perfect for clearing your mind and allowing inspiration to flow in. It’s said to calm inner storms, helping you listen to your inner wisdom and energy. And, this angelic stone is ideal for creating art that connects with your deepest self.


Sometimes referred to as the Merchant’s Stone, citrine is not just about money. Creative people understand that true wealth is not about cash. Citrine, with its bright and sunny-colored like energy, is said to attract creative abundance. It helps you overcome self-doubt by boosting optimism and confidence. Citrine also provides a burst of inspiration to get you moving again when you feel lost or tired.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz, known as the Master Healer, can turn a small spark of creativity into a bright star. This powerful stone cleanses your chakras, removes negative energy, and brings in strong positivity. Clear Quartz also amplifies the energy of other stones, making it perfect to use with other creative gems to boost their power.


People believe that labradorite sparks the imagination with its mystical, iridescent colors. This stone changes color with each glance, which is said to remind you of your endless possibilities. And, just like the Northern Lights, labradorite encourages you to explore different dimensions of your mind. Known as the stone of transformation and courage, it gives you the bravery to create and the power to transform your creative process.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, with its blue, gold, and silver colors, is known as the wisdom stone. This beautiful gem was once used in paintings and as eyeshadow for queens and pharaohs. It has a rich artistic history and helps with self-expression and higher thinking. Lapis connects with the throat and third eye chakras, helping you tap into your wisdom and improve your communication.


Malachite is said to be great for finding new inspiration, communities, or creative mediums. This stone is linked to coincidence and synchronicity, helping you discover new paths and important changes. It boosts your confidence and clarity in your work, connecting you to people and places that support your creative growth.


Pyrite, known as the fire of the gods, brings protection, good luck, and abundance. It attracts positive things, including creative success and nurturing ideas. Pyrite encourages you to be productive and gives you the energy to focus on your big projects. When creating art, you are sharing your inner soul, and pyrite offers an extra layer of protection, keeping you safe and grounded in your workspace.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a base chakra stone that is said to be full of energy and passion. It can help stir your kundalini energy, boosting your creativity. This vibrant stone keeps you grounded while giving you persistence and the ability to think big. Red Jasper helps you be daring and energized in your artistic pursuits. It is a powerful aid for anyone wanting to live a more creative life.

Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz, with its bright orange color, sparks a sense of wonder and helps you learn and grow. This stone stimulates creative energy, making you feel playful and curious. If you need inspiration or strength to face your challenges, use this crystal for a boost.

Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye is known as a stone of prosperity and power, with bands of gold, black, and orange. This stone helps you tap into your inner strength and energy, motivating you to achieve your goals. It’s also said to stimulate you, lifting away any feelings of laziness and filling you with a renewed sense of purpose. With it, you could feel powerful enough to take on anything.

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