Apatite for Sale

Apatite Quick Notes

Apatite is a group of phosphate material that’s typically green in color; however, you may see crystals that are more of a greenish-blue or golden yellow. This phosphate material is the same mineral that makes up fertilizer as well as the components of our bones and teeth. Likst almost all gemstones, the color you see will determine the costs. As for apatite, the most valuable colors tends to be a neon swimming pool-like color.

There are three types of apatite, which includes hydroxyapatite, fluorapatite and chlorapatite. As a “group,” apatite will have tiny crystal inclusions spread on the host rock, all of which can vary in size.

While it’s found in some collections, it’s usually for a decorative purposes. Very rarely do you see it used as a gemstone because it has a very low durability rating in comparison to other gemstones. Aside from decorative purposes, it’s also used as a phosphate fertilizer and even in some industrial products such as phosporic acid.

Most of the apatite you see on the market are not treated; however, it has been said that some neon blue colors have been heat treated. This may be the case, but since apatite is sensitive, most avoid doing so since it’s deemed a risky practice.

Most of your apatite is found in Brazil, Canada, Madagascar and even Maine in the United States, where you can find lilac apatites.