Pyrite for Sale

Pyrite, most commonly referred to as fool’s gold, is known for its metallic luster that resembles that of gold. Of course, while it’s not gold, it was often mistaken for it back in the day because it could be found in the same places as gold. To tell the difference, it’s hard to tell by the naked eye, but chemically, they are vastly different. For instance, pyrite will crumble under pressure whereas gold will not. Also, the streak of a pyrite stone is a brownish-grey color whereas gold will be more of a yellow streak. Lastly, gold will rarely form with crystals, but with pyrite, it’s a common occurrence.

The unique thing about pyrite is that it forms in all shapes in sizes, from cubes to various clusters, and no matter how it forms, it will always display a beautiful glistering effect. It forms around the entire world, but some areas stand out more than others, such as Spain, Peru and even the United States. Depending on the area it’s mined, the luster, cubic formation and colors can greatly vary. For example, in Spain, you can find almost perfect cubic formations, whereas in Peru, you can find almost perfect crystal structures. Where it is mined does matter and most can tell a difference depending on the locality.

Metaphysically, pyrite is said to have some effects, such as enhancing your willpower as well as increasing your strength of mind. It’s also said to be bring an abundance of luck because, of course, gold is seen as a sign of wealth.