Agate Crystal Benefits (All Included)

Agate is a variety of chalcedony with many types available, all of which offer varying benefits and colors.  This stone can be almost any color, however, the most frequent colors you will see include grey, white, brown, pink, red, orange and black.  Various mixed shades can occur, too.  What colors you see will greatly depend on the various embedded minerals while the stone formed over the many millions of years.

Overall, agate is known to be a very calming and soothing stone, which can help ground you as well as help balance your energies, specifically removing any negative energy that comes your way.  It’s also said to be a wonderful stone that can help bring out the creative side in you, highlighting your talents and skills within.  These are the most common properties, however, some agates have additional benefits.

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In this post, let’s talk about the many types of agates as well as the benefits each one brings.  With some of these agates, I have written an in-depth guide that should be able to help you understand the agate even more.  Each agate brings about its benefits, so not all are created equally.

Types of agates and the benefits

Black agate stone benefits

Said to offer prosperity and courage.  It’s also a powerful stone that’s said to help stabilize you to earth, clearing your emotional state.  Many consider it as a stone to help you focus.

Blue agate benefits

This is a good stone to consider if you want to focus on a project, as many believe it can help keep your attention going.  It’s also said to keep your emotions in check, giving you that feeling that everything is going to be okay.  Blue agates are said to be a good stone of purpose, in which can help your dreams come true.

Blue lace agate benefits

Said to activate all chakras, allowing you to develop a sense of higher consciousness.  It’s a great healing stone, which is said to bring a softer energy that’s cooling and calming.

Botswana agate benefits

This type of agate helps you focus on finding a solution to your problems rather than letting you dwell on it.  It’s also known as a creative stone that can flare up your creative senses.  Botswana can even bring out the emotions you’re hiding deep inside.

Brazilian agate benefits

Brazilian agate can help balance your heart energy, helping you enhance/restore relationships.

Brown agate benefits

Balances your charkas, all while connecting you to nature.  It’s a stone that helps you connect to nature, helping you feel closer to the trees, plants, etc.  It’s a carefree stone that’s able to sort out your emotions, maybe helping you feel emotionally stable.  With a brown color, it’s closely associated with dirt, which means it’s wonderful for grounding.

Crazy lace agate benefits

Crazy lace agate is said to be closely associated with joy, particularly fun and laughter.  If you’re looking to bring fun to your life, it may be able to assist.  It’s said to boost your self esteem and allow you to focus on the projects at hand.

Dendritic agate benefits

This agate is a gentler stone that can help strengthen your connection to the earth.  It’s even a manifesting-like stone that can be used to help brings your dreams to fruition.  Picture it as adding fuel to your “fire” to succeed.  Some even believe it can bring peace if you’re in a troubling situation.

Fire agate benefits

A grounding and calming stone, which is said to help provide you with protection from fearful energy.  As it’s known to soothe, it can help enhance your meditation and relaxation sessions.  Also said to help encourage you to grow with your goals.

Green agate stone benefits

Green is closely associated with a few things.  One is being associated with “recycling,” which simply means bringing awareness to help the Earth and the materials you use affect the future generations.  It’s also a stone to connect you to nature, which allows you to feel close to plants and trees.  Some feel the green color can bring about good luck as well.

Hematoid agate benefits

Hematoid agate is said to help boost your self esteem, all while removing the bad energies and habits you may have.

Holley blue agate benefits

The Holley blue agate may be able to remove the stress associated with your life, all while relaxing your mind.  If you’re a worrier and you feel it can’t be fixed, it may provide you with the positive focus to make a stressful time easier.

Indian agate benefits

This is an agate stone that’s said to help keep your life in control.  It’s best if you feel you’re living a hectic lifestyle.  It provides a sense of calmness, all while bringing about harmony peacefully.

Laguna agate benefits

Stimulates your imagination and inspiration, which enables you to work toward your dreams.  It’s an excellent stone that’s said to boost your self confidence and give you the desire to follow through.

Moss agate crystal benefits

Moss agate is closely related to nature.  Because of this, it can help you see the beauty life brings you, which is said to balance your emotions and strengths.  It’s even said to intellectually stimulate you and bring out your inner intuition.  Simply put, it helps you get in tune with nature, having that sense of a close connection.

Pink agate crystal benefits

Pink agate is said to help open your heart charka, which allows you to better your relationships.  It’s said to balance your emotions, provide security, heal your heart and increase your overall self image.

Purple agate crystal benefits

An agate stone that’s able to help benefit you remove people or things that upset you in life.  This stone is said to help ease away any insecure or depressed feelings.  It’s even said to help with your communication skills, which can help you get your point across.

Red agate benefits

Also referred to as a blood agate, this crystal is said to give you more energy all while providing you with a positive outlook on life.  It’s said to restore your love for life and give you a sense of purpose again.  It’s even said to give you that determination and stamina to make your dreams come true.

Snakeskin agate benefits

Another cheerful stone that is said to bring joy to your life.  It eases everyday stresses and connects you with more joyful thoughts.  It reminds you as to how to deal with difficult situations.  This agate is also said to help be emotionally stable in the relationships you want to work in life.

Tree agate crystal benefits

Brings a sense of safety as well as increases your connection to nature, specifically trees and plants.  It’s also said to help ward off any negative energies.  Many believe it’s able to bring safety to even the most challenging situations.  If you were to face difficult situations, it will give you the encouragement to succeed.

White agate benefits

A crystal that’s said to bring you a sense of serenity.  It allows you to take a deep breath, which will help you overcome any challenges you may be encountering.

Yellow agate benefits

Resembles the sun, which is said to change your thinking into a more positive mindset.

Healing properties for all agate

All agate, in a way, share a lot of traits.  While the many agates above have differing benefits, you will find that some similarities do exist.

Below, let’s explore the healing powers agate may be able to provide you emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.


If you’re struggling emotionally, agate in general may be able to balance you emotionally.  It’s said to release a substantial amount of positive energy, which is able to convert into a calm, peaceful feeling.  It’s also said to help ground you, being the perfect stone to keep you thinking realistically.


Agate is said to help keep you committed to the goals you may be thinking about, even if obstacles are in the way.  Change is always existing in life, as you may know, and agate may be able to help with this.  Aside from this powerful trait, all agates are said to let you go of the past, allowing you to turn those negative experiences into a more positive one.  Yesterday’s negative news is no more.


All agates may be able to signify the power to be a gem for your soul.  If you have the feeling of being lost in life, agate can encourage you to make life not so difficult.


As it emits positive energy, all agates can connect you to everyone in your life in a positive way.  It’s said to encourage sociability as well as light up a flare in your romantic relationships.  Nonetheless the relationship, it adds a fire to make a relationship even better.

Wearing Agate

Agate is transformed into so much, including jewelry.  Since ancient times, agate has been used as a token to fight off negative energies.  Wearing it as a necklace is said to bring a sense of calmness, allowing you to think more positively, even while you’re dreaming at night.  Aside from combating negative thoughts, ancient people also wore agate as a way to bring luck, as many thought it would bring them an abundance of wealth.  Overall, wearing agate is a protective stone if anything.

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Agate Properties

Birthstone:  not listed as a birthstone but it’s closely associated with the Gemini sign

Colors:  almost any color you can think of (black, blue, red, purple, pink, grey, brown and blue, etc)

Chakra:  depends on the type; however, most are closely associated with Third Eye and Crown

Element:  Earth

Hardness: 7

Transparency:  Translucent

Number: said to vibrate to 7 but can vary, depending on agate type

Planet:  Mercury

Zodiac: mainly Gemini but can be others (depends on agate)

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