Dendritic Agate Meanings and Properties

Dendritic agate has fern/branch-like inclusions, referred to as dendrites, which were formed by manganese and iron oxide trapped inside the gemstone while the agate was formed. It’s a very common gemstone found around the globe.

If you look closely at this stone, it almost looks as if branches are extending their way out of the stone. Picture a trapped tree/bush inside of the stone; it’s one of the most unique agate stones. This crystal comes in a few colors, but mainly, you will find it in white, gray, or a lighter yellow-ish brown which closely resembles that of a milky color. In rarer circumstances, you can find it in a lighter purple, blue or even green color inclusions.

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Dendritic agate is part of the agate stone family and is a type of chalcedony, which is a type of quartz that also comes in many varieties just like agate.

Dendritic agate properties

Connected to earth: Dendritic agate shares a lot of properties with its sister stones, the moss agate and tree agate. All these stones keep us closely connected to Earth, helping us stay grounded and pursue our creative ideas.

Protection:  It also forms a positive protection shield of sorts, protecting us from negative energies, allowing us to be our positive selves.

Self expression:  The dendritic agate is also known as a self-expression stone, as it’s able to bring pure joy and happiness to your life through the Earth’s natural treasures. It’s a gentler stone that’s able to help us use the energy in the best way imaginable, helping us weave our way through stressful situations. Whenever you feel any negative emotions, it can turn these beliefs into a positive one that improves your self worth.

Meditation:  As it’s closely connected to your root chakra, located at the base of our spine, this particular agate encourages you to go back to your “roots,” which means you should meditate with it, all while going back to your childhood memories. In doing so, this can help release the adult stress you’re feeling today, allowing you to feel like a child again.

Dendritic agate benefits

  • known to offer tranquility and peace of mind to the mind, body and soul
  • a “root” stone, closely connecting you to mother earth
  • referred to as the “stone of plenitude,” which can help manifest abundance
  • believed to help longevity and prosperity
  • lowers the energy of the body, offering grounding/stabilizing energies
  • enhances your mental and emotional wellness
  • strengthens loyalty and trust
  • helps us stay grounded, balanced and connected to the Earth
  • separates fact from fiction
  • a feeling of protection during challenges
  • raises your awareness and connects your consciousness to life

Dendritic agate chakra healing

Dendritic agate closely resembles the root chakra, however, it’s closely associated with the crown chakra as well. All agates have long been known to help you become more connected to those around you, dendritic agate helps connect to those who are around you. As for your root chakra, dendritic agate stabilizes your auras, all while helping open up your root chakra.

Where is dendritic agate found?

Agates are found all over the world in abundance, but it’s mainly mined in Brazil, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Russia and the United States. The patterns vary, depending on the mining location. For example, a green dendritic agate is referred to as moss agate, only if it’s translucent, while an opaque green dendritic agate is known as a tree agate.

When mined, it’s not done so as a larger operation since agates are so abundant and don’t hold that much value. Usually, this type of agate is mined in company with other minerals on a much smaller scale. Usually, you can find agates, sometimes loose in a river or ocean, or you can find them in alluvial deposits, which is the soil found in a riverbed.

Dendritic agate price

The prices of dendritic agates for sale, like all crystals, depend on many factors, such as the piece you’re looking for, where you’re buying it, the size as well as the weight. What affects the price the most, however, are the tree inclusions within the rock. The more sought-after dendritic agates will have a complete nature scene of sorts. Picture it almost like a portrait at an art gallery. If it’s something so unique and well put together, resembling something that out of a landscape portrait, it can command much more.

Mostly, however, the average specimen and jewelry piece will range from $5 to $60, however, higher-end jewelry, such as rings, hearts, pendants and bracelets, can cost more in the $30 to $100+ range, sometimes much more, depending on the jeweler. Again, don’t be surprised, like most specimens, if you see a piece retailing for more than $200 if the piece has a unique landscape look to it.

In general, dendritic agate isn’t all that expensive and isn’t rare, so what you find online or in store shouldn’t be that expensive.

Dendritic agate spiritual meaning

Dendritic agate is a great gem to bring about spiritual awareness to your everyday life as it can help us see into our spiritual future and figure out a plan. As it’s a grounding stone, it will keep you balanced all while connecting you to the natural world. It’s a stone full of abundance and gratitude.

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