Tree Agate Meaning and Properties

Tree agate, often referred to as dendritic agate, are small crystal-like inclusions that develop random branch-like patterns, resembling that of a tree. The multi-branching creates an alluring green with a white base, which creates a very unique pattern, meaning every tree agate you see will be 100% unique. If you’re familiar with moss agate, it closely resembles it, however, tree agate is unique in its own right. Even though this agate isn’t banded, it’s still technically part of the agate family.

The name came from a Greek term, which means tree like. These stones go back as many as a few thousand years, when the ancient Greeks used this stone as a way to bolster their harvest because they thought this stone brought luck as well as form a connection with nature. It was also used as a spiritual stone, commonly used for meditation purposes. Today, tree agate can be found mainly in Brazil, Mexico, India, Uruguay, and sometimes even in the United States.

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As of today, this stone is still being used and is quite popular, commonly found in rings, necklaces, bracelets, as a tower, and even used in its raw/tumbled form for its spiritual properties.

Tree agate meaning and properties

Peace:  Since a tree agate stone resembles that of a forest, it is known to bring tranquility and peace, similar to that feeling when you’re in nature. If you need a feeling of serenity as if you’re connected to the earth and you want to shut out all of the noises in your world, then tree agate is known to be a helpful stone.

Stability:  In general, this tree agate promotes stability and it’s known to amplify this feeling. Whenever you’re in possession, you should be able to feel your nerves calming down, creating that sense of relaxation and blocking out any bad vibes you may be feeling.

Mental clarity:  It’s often a go-to if you want to deeply meditate and give yourself a sense of mental clarity. Spiritually, you will find that it’s often used with both prayer and meditation.

Close connection to nature:  As you can see, tree agate offers a close connection to nature, and it shares a lot of similarities with its sister crystal, the moss agate. Because of this, it can help calm the nerves, as mentioned, which, in turn, can help improve your mental functions. This connection can also help you overcome any negative emotions you may be feeling, which inspires positive energy.

Love:  Tree agate can bring about more love and kindness without any negative energy interfering, as this stone can assist with clearing any negative energy blockages. Simply put, tree agate will make you feel grounded and connected with nature.

Luck:  The color green can often reflect that of prosperity, money, and also luck. This is believed universally, and many believe that the color green, often found in tree agate, can help you become financially strong.

Tree agate benefits

  • promoting inner peace and tranquility
  • enhancing mental clarity and focus
  • stimulating spiritual growth and awareness
  • promoting feelings of stability and security
  • encouraging emotional balance and harmony
  • supporting physical healing and vitality
  • helping to release negative energy and emotions
  • enhancing connection with nature and the environment
  • strengthening the immune system
  • promoting a sense of grounding and stability in times of stress or uncertainty

Tree agate chakra

Tree agate correlates with both the heart and crown charka, as it helps enhance mental clarity, allowing you to think clearly and have a clean state of mind.

How to cleanse tree agate

Almost all agates are tough, including tree agates. To cleanse your tree agate, simply use warm natural soapy water and a softer brush. Castille soap or even a chemical-free gemstone cleaner is highly recommended. Try to avoid using any harsh chemicals as this can ruin the waxed surface. Upon cleaning your tree agate, just make sure you let it thoroughly dry, especially if it’s set in jewelry, to avoid any rust formation. Whenever it’s not being used, make sure you set it aside from other gems as the roughness can scratch other stones.

How to charge tree agate

Like all crystals, the sun is a tree agate’s best friend. Leave your tree agate out in the sun for the day and bring it back in before the sun sets. In doing so, this can help change the crystal’s energy.

Aside from the sun, you can choose the moonlight as well, but you will want to ensure it’s a full moon. Try to charge your tree agate crystals beneath a full moon for at least seven hours to reap the benefits. Just like the sunlight, this can help transform the crystal’s energy.

Only expose your crystal to one or the other as the energy will change between the two.

Tree agate zodiac sign

Tree agate doesn’t belong to a specific zodiac sign, however, it’s believed to have a strong connection to that of a Taurus sign, which is naturally connected to the Earth.

Some healers, however, state that tree agate is known as a stone that belongs to the Virgo sign since this sign is often seen as an uptight person. The sense of peace can help provide peace for any sign known for this characteristic.

Tree agate affirmation

“I embrace the sunshine as well as the rain, and in this way, I am in balance with all life” – Margaret Ann Lembo

“I am rooted into the earth and draw upon its nourishing energy.”

“I am connected with the earth.”

Tree agate vs moss agate

Visually, when you look at the two, it’s hard to distinguish a difference in some cases. Both have green inclusions, and of course, are part of the agate family. However, if we want to discuss the key differences here, a tree agate will have green inclusions in white quartz, whereas a moss agate will have green inclusions in a clearer quartz. To put it simply, tree agate is cloudy whereas moss agate is translucent. Side by side, you will notice the base color will be different, which will allow you to characterize the difference between the two.

Also, what you’re going to find is that a tree agate will have more of a tree branch formation, hence the name, while a moss agate will have “mossy-like” inclusions, similar to that of moss on a tree.

Moss and tree agate, however, are said to be very similar in metaphysical properties. In general, any agate will have a slower pace of energy and often promotes stability, grounding as well as mental clarity. This can be said about the two. As mentioned above, moss agate, just like a tree agate, can also bring about good luck due to its green color and is also said to be a great connection to nature. There are a lot of similarities here if you want to look at it from a metaphysical angle.

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