Purple Moss Agate Meanings and Benefits

In general, moss agate is a very popular stone, mainly because of the metaphysical properties it carries. It’s known to help balance you emotionally as well as give you a sense of peace. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your emotions, people often turn to this very stone to help ground you in life.

Purple moss is a form of chalcedony with slight green inclusions that resemble moss. This is a rare stone since most moss agate doesn’t have a combination of purple chalcedony. If it does, consider it a rarity. If you do find purple moss agate, each design will be very unique since the design will greatly vary on the natural occurring combination of minerals. You will find that some may have more purple, whereas others will have more green. No two are the same.

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Purple moss agate meaning

Refresh your soul:  Just like its sister stone, green moss agate, purple moss agate can help refresh your soul, giving you a sense of serenity. It’s able to boost your imagination, increase your creativity and even allow you to feel confident in whatever you’re trying to accomplish in life.

Wellness:  Purple moss agate focuses greatly on your wellness for your mind and soul, powerfully balancing the negative and positive energies within. In turn, this can bring about a great feeling of peace in your light. This crystal can radiate its energy from all directions, sending out a vibrational pulses to help bring inner stability to your life.

New beginnings: It’s also a stone of new beginnings, which simply means it can help you get you on the right path to achieve your goals. It can create a new “you.”

Spiritual Insight:  Some say it can enhance your spiritual insight and intuition, which is said to connect your higher self and inner wisdom.

Emotional healing:  This stone is closely associated with emotional balance as well as stability.  Many believe that it can help with dealing with stress and/or anxiety, as it may help release any emotional blockage.

Heart chakra healing:  Purple moss agate is closely related to the heart chakra, which is the center of love.  It’s believed to help open and balance the help chakra, which promotes love, forgiveness and emotional healing.

Purple moss agate benefits

  • refreshes your soul, allowing you feel at peace
  • increases your creativity, helping you explore your mind
  • gives you a great boost in confidence
  • brings healing, peace, power and wisdom
  • helps you find your inner equilibrium
  • a powerful crystal for healing
  • helps you get on the right path to achieve your goals
  • can help calm your mind and give you a sense of relaxation
  • improves your sense of critical thinking

Is purple moss agate natural?

Yes! Unless it was dyed, purple moss agate is 100% natural. It’s naturally formed from silicon dioxide. As mentioned, it’s a form of chalcedony which includes minerals, including moss agate, which is green, embedded into the stone. During the formation process of the years, it can form purple filaments, creating the purple you see in the stone.

Is purple moss agate rare?

Depending on the piece, it can be rare out of all types of moss agate. However, just because it’s rare, it doesn’t mean it’s going to cost you a fortune. For example, a purple moss tower can retail for about $50, whereas a sphere can retail for $30 to $60, depending on the size. If it’s a natural cabochon you’re looking for, then this can be the priciest of them all, often retailing for $30 to $190 for a piece weighing about 10 to 50 grams.

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