The Best 22 Crystals for Peace

Navigating today’s world, with its constant buzz and a myriad of gadgets vying for attention, staying anchored in the present can feel like an uphill battle. The societal push to dwell on what’s been or what’s to come often steals us away from the now, leaving us tangled in stress or worry.

It’s crucial to hit pause, breathe deeply, and dedicate moments to nurture your sense of calm. In this quest, crystals dedicated to peace can be your allies. As you continue to engage with these stones, they gradually foster a connection that are said to withstand the whirlwind of daily routines.

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Wondering which crystal might align with your personal journey? You’re closer than you think to discovering a gem that resonates with your unique path.

In today’s guide, let’s explore the many crystals that are best for peace and tranquility.

Best Crystals for Peace and Tranquility


Picture amazonite, with its refreshing blue-green tones interspersed with icy white—a true embodiment of hope. It’s your cheerleader, encouraging your belief that you can weather any storm. Just like its namesake, the mighty Amazon River, this stone promotes a sense of flow in your life, helping you to navigate changes with grace and ensuring that stress just rolls off your back. For those who tend to hold the reins too tightly, amazonite teaches the art of release, so life can move smoothly around and through you.


Amethyst, with its sparkling purple hues, is like the very essence of tranquility. This stone is all about soothing your thoughts, tapping into your deep well of wisdom, and ensuring that your spiritual journey is steady and grounded. Whenever you’re seeking a sense of calm or aiming to connect more deeply with your higher self, amethyst is your steadfast ally. It’s perfect for anyone looking to find a inner peaceful rhythm in life and for those wishing to explore profound thoughts and ideas.


Ammonite crystals may not be the first you think of when you’re looking to boost your energy, but these ancient gems, deeply connected to the Earth’s own energy, are something special. At nearly 400 million years old, they’re like time capsules, holding eons of the Earth’s history and wisdom. To unlock this wisdom, try cradling an ammonite in your hand as the day breaks, allowing the first light to energize it and share its secrets with you.


Then there’s angelite, with its heavenly pale blue and white, reminiscent of the gentle touch of an angel’s feather. It’s a conduit for connecting with celestial beings and embracing the power of letting go. Surrender doesn’t mean giving up; it’s an act of freeing yourself. When the weight of the world starts to press upon you, hold it close to your heart. It’s like dialing into a divine frequency, allowing your spirit guides to shine their comforting light and lift the burden of stress from your shoulders.


Aquamarine is the embodiment of clear waters and the calm they represent. Dive into its stress-dissolving essence for a refreshing escape from the chaos. It cools on contact, granting emotional clarity and reminding you to maintain a healthy balance in all aspects of life. When days feel overwhelming and you need to clear the fog from your mind, it is your oasis. It is said to help you face challenges with a calm demeanor, ensuring you’re prepared for any obstacles on your journey.

Black Tourmaline

Imagine black tourmaline like a shadowy shield, full of protective energy that’s ready to keep you safe. This dark guardian works wonders in securing your sense of stability, especially when life’s uncertainties try to shake you. It’s there to anchor you down, making you as unshakable as stone. When the world seems to spin too fast and you need to find your footing again, this crystal is said to be your go-to companion.

Blue Lace Agate

Envision blue lace agate as a whisper of sky and water, carrying the calming colors of the sea and sky. This stone is like a balm for the soul, offering peace and promoting clear, kind communication. It’s connected to expressing oneself, making sure your words flow as smoothly as the gentlest stream. If you ever find it challenging to keep a tranquil heart and mind while sharing your thoughts, it is your guide to preserving your calm and speaking with ease.


Now imagine calcite, as vibrant as a fizzy orange drink, bursting with zesty life. This stone is like a breath of fresh air for your spirit, encouraging you to break free from repetitive patterns that dull your sparkle. Calcite is the cheerleader for your peace of mind, always ready to inject a dose of optimism and encourage you to take mental breaks when you need them most. When your thoughts feel cloudy and you yearn for a shift toward the sunlight, calcite is there to turn the light on.


Now, imagine citrine with its warm, golden glow, reminiscent of sunlight streaming through an open window. It’s the essence of those lazy summer days, offering a sense of calm and joy. When times are tough and you’re feeling low, think of it as your personal ray of sunshine. This stone is known to brighten your outlook and attract good fortune, serving as a reminder that brighter days are always ahead.

Clear Quartz

On the other hand, envision clear quartz as a crystal clear stream of healing, said to be known for its ability to amplify the best of what’s around and within you. Think of it as a loudspeaker for positive vibes, turning up the volume on good intentions and broadcasting them far and wide. Whenever life’s hustle gets overwhelming, let clear quartz be your personal mind declutterer, inviting clarity and a breath of fresh air into your busy world.  Many healers say this is one of the best crystals to consider when looking for a sense of peace.


Picture fluorite as if it captured the twilight sky, its purples and greens dancing like the aurora. This stone is a master at dispelling negativity, brightening your thoughts with its rainbow glow. It’s the key to decluttering your mind, shining a light on what’s important, and inviting in a cascade of positivity. Fluorite is like a paintbrush in your hand, ready to color your world with inspiration and chase away the shadows of concern. Carry it with you to always step in the radiance of mental clarity.


Consider hematite, with its gleaming silver surface, rich in the strength of iron. This stone is like a knight in shining armor for your peace of mind. It’s famous for offering protection and with it comes a profound sense of calm. Knowing that you’re safeguarded allows your nerves to settle, freeing you from absorbing the energies around you. When the emotions of others threaten to throw you off balance, it stands as a steadfast guardian, helping you to establish and maintain personal boundaries that are as solid as steel.


Jade, a beloved gem, is actually a blend of three unique minerals: serpentine, stichtite, and white quartz. This combination is not just beautiful but is also thought to be a powerhouse for nurturing health, wealth, and overall well-being. For those who wish to invite peace and prosperity into their lives, consider giving your jade crystal a night’s rest under the earth, letting it absorb the grounding energies from the soil.


Blue Kyanite is more than just a shimmering stone; it’s a symbol of boldness, affection, understanding, and kindness. When you’re with your pals, wearing this gem or giving it as a gift can enhance your bond. It’s believed to bring heartwarming clarity to your chats and strengthen the support within your circle. To magnify its harmonizing energies, consider setting up Blue Kyanite in a square grid, which is said to be a layout that can promote peaceful relationships.


Larimar, with its serene shades of ocean blue streaked with white, brings the tranquility of a seaside retreat to your heart. It’s known as the whisper of the sea, a stone that sings a soothing tune against the noise of your busy thoughts. Larimar is your personal peacekeeper, ensuring that you remain untouched by the bustle and that your spiritual centers stay in harmonious alignment. In moments when life’s demands mount up, let it be your meditative companion, gently guiding you back to a place of calm.


Let’s take a moment for lepidolite, which seems to capture the essence of twilight skies with its mix of violet, pink, and purple. This stone is like an anchor in choppy seas, steadying you by sweeping away stress and emotional turbulence. It’s adept at restoring balance and gifting you a firm standing in both the physical and spiritual realms, always aligning you with your life’s purpose. Reach for lepidolite when you feel tension building or when life’s natural rhythms, like hormonal shifts, start to feel overwhelming.


Moonstone shines with the glow of a full moon, offering a beacon of tranquility in your life. It brims with nurturing energy, the wisdom of ages, and the strength to calm emotional storms, empowering you to walk with confidence. This stone is a luminary in dark times, ensuring that even on the dimmest trails, you’ll find your way. When life’s currents start to swirl too rapidly, keep moonstone by your side to steady your emotions and keep you grounded in the present.


Then there’s rhodonite, a stone that reminds us of the importance of self-love. In a world where it’s easy to be your own toughest critic, it is said to be a touchstone for compassion towards yourself. I’ve personally experienced its gentle encouragement by placing it under my pillow on weekends. It seems to help me embrace the mornings with a sense of purpose, inspiring me to indulge in self-care activities that bring joy, whether it’s tidying up, losing myself in a book, or spending time with nature in the garden.

Rose Quartz

Let’s talk about rose quartz, which is said to carry the soft hues of a gentle dawn. It’s like a breath of fresh air for the soul, fostering love and tenderness within. This gem encourages us to embrace kindness, to forgive, and maintain a strong, loving connection with our innermost feelings. Whenever you catch yourself being too critical or if worry starts to cloud your mind, it is there to encourage self-compassion and chase away the self-doubt.


Then there’s selenite, radiant in its white and peachy tones, a crystal that embodies the spirit. It’s known for widening your awareness and infusing you with a peaceful glow, reminiscent of a serene celestial presence. Selenite has a reputation for creating a bridge to higher realms and instilling a featherlight calm that touches every part of your being. For those moments when you want to introduce a sense of light and tranquility into your home, Selenite is the crystal to call upon.

How to use these crystals

  • Daily Meditation:  Spend a few minutes meditating each day with your crystal nearby to help clear your mind.
  • Movement and Release: Hold your crystal or wear crystal jewelry while you dance or simply move around to release tension.
  • Restful Sleep:  Place a crystal under your pillow to aid in restorative sleep.
  • Energy Flow in Home:  Create a crystal grid in your living space to promote a peaceful environment.
  • Reiki:  Use crystals during Reiki or other energy healing practices to work on chakra blockages for better energy flow.

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