The Best 10+ Root Chakra Crystals (my picks)

The vital energy point at the base of your spine is known as the root chakra. It’s like the roots of a tree, connecting you to the earth and forming your stability core. This chakra is said to fuel your sense of safety, strength, and even endurance. And, it’s crucial for your emotional, spiritual, and physical balance.

When this chakra is blocked, it may throw you off. You may feel unstable, distrustful, and anxious, struggling with decision-making. This imbalance can even affect your physical well being, especially in your lower body.

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Healing the root chakra is straightforward, though, as practices like yoga, meditation, and grounding exercises such as standing barefoot on the earth can help. Deep breathing also aids in reconnecting with this chakra.

Additionally, base chakra crystals, especially those in deep reds, earthy browns, and blacks, are effective. They offer grounding energy, enhancing your physical and emotional security. These methods collectively help in re-establishing a strong foundation for overall well-being.

In today’s guide, let’s talk about the best root chakra crystals you can consider if you feel this chakra is being blocked.

Best Root Chakra Crystals


Bloodstone, often referred to as the warrior stone, is a remarkable gem. Picture a dark, silvery green stone with red flecks, once carried by samurai and soldiers. This stone is more than just a symbol of strength, as it actively clears out not just your root chakra but also your sacral, solar plexus, and heart chakras.

It’s a gem that balances emotions, steadying your heart and mind. If you’re feeling anxious or worried about negative influences, it’s said to be there to offer protection and bring a sense of calm. It’s like having a personal guardian that keeps you balanced and focused.


Carnelian can bring a fiery energy to your life. And, it is perfect for your root chakra, as well as your sacral chakra. This is a stone that should remind you of all the joys of life, especially when you’re feeling low or lackluster. Carnelian is there to reinvigorate your base chakras and lift your spirits.

It’s not just about bringing energy, either, as many believe it may boost your confidence, radiance, and courage. This stone is said to inspire you and fuel your passion to face life’s challenges with determination. Carnelian is like a source of enduring strength, ensuring you have the resilience to pursue your goals.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a fascinating root chakra stone, found all over the world. The name ‘Quartz’ comes from a Greek word meaning “ice,” which reflects an ancient belief that it was ice so cold it would never melt.

Historically, Clear Quartz has been used globally as a spiritual tool and healing aid. It’s known for supporting mental clarity, transforming negative thoughts, and dispelling negative energy. This crystal is also amazing at amplifying energy, whether it’s your own or from other crystals nearby.

In the world of crystal healing, it is often seen as a master healer. It’s great for balancing all your chakras, including the root chakra, making it a versatile and essential gem for anyone interested in crystal healing.


Garnet is said to be a gemstone that’s as vibrant and varied as a thousand shades of pomegranate. It’s not just any stone, but you will want to look at it as a powerhouse of regeneration, particularly for the root chakra.

If you’re feeling low on energy or need a boost in courage and strength, garnet is considered to be your go-to gem. It’s like having a personal energy charger, rekindling your inner fire and revitalizing both your emotional and your physical health. Think of it as a beacon of kundalini power, ready to light up your core and bring back your inner strength.


Hematite shines with a silvery brightness and a rugged beauty. And, it is said to be your anchor when things get overwhelming. It’s fantastic for anyone who feels their thoughts are running wild, bringing you back to the present moment.

This gem works like a charm for clearing your root chakra, taking energy from your aura and filtering it to regain your balance.

Hematite is not just a root chakra healing stone, either, as it’s a reminder to stay grounded and live in the now, helping you take control of your mind before it takes control of you. It’s your mental compass, always pointing you towards the present.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is said to be a stone that’s as intriguing as it is powerful. This gem is pure raw energy and a true spirit of the earth, perfect for your root chakra. Picture a stone so dark and polished, it’s almost like looking into a mirror.

Black Obsidian is known for revealing the truth of your soul, offering you grounding and protection. It’s also a gem that helps you cut through falsehoods, guiding you towards knowledge, wisdom, and authenticity.

This is a stone that is said to boost your trust in your instincts, making your root chakra stronger and leaving you more stable. Obsidian is also a healer, dissolving past traumas and guarding against unseen negative influences, all while keeping you deeply rooted.


Black Onyx, another guardian stone with a deep, dark allure, is said to be your ally in healing your root chakra, keeping you as steady and rhythmic as a heartbeat.

This polished, dark gem offers strength and mental stamina, much like obsidian. It is said to awaken your inner warrior, ensuring you stay grounded and channel that energy into every part of your being.

When you feel safe, strong, and complete, you’re free to boldly embrace your passions and creativity. Black Onyx  is said to help you occupy your space confidently and secure your soul’s seat against any outside forces.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is like a breath of fresh air for your soul.  This stone is a symbol of sheer magic, and it’s unique because it connects your root chakra with your crown chakra, creating a perfect balance between the earth and the cosmos.

Smoky Quartz is part of the quartz family, known for its ability to amplify energy and send messages to the universe. It’s said to gently encourage you to release what doesn’t help you grow and helps you see your path clearly. This stone has a soothing energy, easing away blockages without stirring up emotional turmoil.

If you could hold a deep, calming breath in your hand, you want to consider this option.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye embodies the strength and grace of a big cat. Imagine stepping out your door feeling confident and blissful, thanks to this stone’s energy. Tiger’s Eye, with its bands of gold, black, brown, and orange, radiates a knowing power. It is said to strengthen your root chakra by reinforcing the belief that you control your destiny.

This gem is not just about inner strength, either, as many believe that it may enhance your body language, helping you communicate your desires more effectively.

Ultimately, tiger’s eye ensures you remain grounded, keeping your head held high and clearing away any toxic energy. It’s a stone of significant energy, always there to remind you of your inner power and connection to the earth.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline, a stone as dark as the night sky, is said to offer powerful protection for your root chakra. It’s a gem that takes your feeling of safety to the next level, shielding you from harm and even the effects of electromagnetic fields if you’re sensitive to them.

This particular stone stands out for its ability to turn negative energy into positive vibes. It’s an incredible ally in combating feelings of anxiety, depression, and despair. Not only does it boost your mood, but it also supports your adrenal glands, recharging your energy levels.

You will want to picture this stone almost like having a personal guardian, always working to keep your spirits high and your energy balanced.

Using these crystals…

So, now let’s say you have some of these crystals that are perfect for your root chakra. Let’s dive into some easy and effective ways to use them for the best results.

Meditation:  One of the simplest ways to connect with your gemstone is through meditation. Just hold your chosen crystal while you find a peaceful spot to sit. Close your eyes and imagine a bright light entering through your root chakra. Picture it clearing away any blockages, allowing your energy to flow freely. This practice can be a powerful way to reset and recharge.

Jewelry:  Another great approach is to wear your crystal as jewelry. This keeps the crystal close to you, subtly working its magic throughout the day. Whether it’s a necklace, bracelet, or ring, having your gemstone on you helps maintain those healing vibes. It’s a constant source of energy, keeping you charged no matter where you are.

Your Living Space:  You don’t always have to carry the gems with you. Transform your living space into a serene sanctuary by strategically placing these stones. Put them near your front door, beside your computer, or in communal areas – wherever you feel the need to ward off negative vibes. This way, your environment itself becomes a source of balanced and positive energy.

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