Green Agate Meaning and Properties

Green agate goes as far back as a few thousand years when the Egyptians used this stone for rings and decorating. The term agate comes from the Achates River, which can be found on the island of Sicily, Italy. This is where green agate was initially mined. Formed from inside volcanic rocks, agate forms in a variety of colors, including green as well as many more. Today, you can find green agate in a variety of forms, mainly jewelry, including rings, bracelets, beads and even in its raw form.

Green agate meaning

Compassion and generosity: The color green, combined with Agate, has been known to provide a variety of metaphysical properties, according to healers. This can include increasing your compassion, generosity and even boosts your decision-making skills since it’s known to enhance your mental abilities.

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Protection:  It’s also known to ward off any negative thoughts or energy, simply turning away any bad energy you may be feeling at the moment. Picture it almost like a protective stone from negative feelings. Green agate is the ultimate gemstone if you’re looking to adjust your energy balance and it’s the main reason many people purchase it.

Creativity:  A green agate gemstone is also known to help enhance your creative skills as it’s known to stimulate your curiosity as well as your intelligence. Designers have found that when they have this stone in their possession, their design work has vastly improved. With that being said, it could be a great gemstone to see creativity success as well as if you want to grow your talents/skills.

Luck:  Lastly, the color green is often synonymous with luck and many believe a green agate can attract good luck, which can help manifest your destiny. Just like other green stones, it’s a perfect stone to bring along whenever you need good luck on your side.

Green agate spiritual meaning

The green agate is known as the “Stone of Gifts,” and is said to help with sensing spirits and even the ability to read auras.

Even if you feel you don’t have the gift to sense spirits, green agate can help your intuition, which simply helps you read situations better.

Is green agate real?

For the most part, green agate is natural; however, some people may dye natural agate or they may even dye an already green agate to intensify the color. After all, agate is one of the most popular stones to be dyed.

To tell the difference between a dyed agate and a natural one is to look for a few red flags.

For one, pay close attention to the color. If the color is a vibrant neon color or you see bubbles within the stone’s color, then there’s a good chance it’s fake. If you want to take the risk, fake agates can also be scratched by a knife. Fake agates won’t transmit light and upon closer inspection, you may notice slight scratch marks.

A real agate will have gentle colors, such as white, beige, light yellow and even a faint green. It won’t be overwhelming but the colors can exist.

Green agate benefits

  • healing stone in general
  • helps fight stress
  • boosts your decision making skills
  • creates a positive impact
  • useful for spiritual disorders
  • mental strength
  • security
  • inner wisdom

Green agate price

The price of green agate will greatly depend on the type of green agate you’re looking to purchase.

If you’re looking for tumbled green agate, for example, you can purchase a pound for less than a few dollars. However, a natural green agate bracelet or ring can command a higher price, usually ranging from $20 to $80+, depending on the designer and quality.

As for natural slabs or cut bases, for instance, a good, natural piece can easily retail for $40+.

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Green agate zodiac sign

Green agate has a very close connection with Gemini since this horoscope is known to find peace between the Yin and Yang of their personalities. However, there does come a time when support is required and a green agate crystal could be perfect for this situation since it can help create balance.

Another zodiac sign the green agate is perfect for is Virgo. Virgos are known to be very determined in life, but when life does feel out of balance, it can cause quite the disruption. Since Virgos are known to have a hard time dealing with change, green agate could, again, help restore peace and promote balance.

Types of green agate

There are a lot of “green” agate types on the market, so to help avoid any confusion, here are some of the most common green agate types you will see on the market. I also included some popular search terms.

Green moss agate – Green moss agate is a marbled semi-precious green stone, formed from silicon dioxide and a form of chalcedony, which includes minerals green in color. This stone is found as fragments of volcanic rocks.

Green flower agate – Flower agate, sometimes referred to as Sakura Agate, is a relatively new stone, only founded in 2018. This is a translucent agate crystal made with opaque inclusions that often resemble that of lowers. In some cases, you can find gems with slight shades of green with white flower-like formations.

Green banded agate – Banded agate is known as being a stone for healing the body, mind and spirit. It’s often used as protection as well as helping organize your life. This gemstone has many layers of many colors, often including green.

Blue green agate – Agate stones come in all sorts of shades, including a beautiful blue green mix. This is one of the more popular combinations, but others do exist as well, including pink and green; purple and green; and even green and orange. There are a lot of varieties on the market.

Green grape agate – This is a very rare green color specimen found among a purple vein, shaped just like a bunch of grapes.

Green Indian agate – Indian agate is known to help balance positive and negative energies within your body and is similar to that of banded agate, only that it’s much more unique. It also helps with personal choices. Like many agates, Indian agate comes in a variety of colors, including shades of green.

Green dragon vein agate – This is often man made, usually created from glass or it’s dyed. Unlike the many types of green agates I mentioned, this is far from being natural.

Green agate chakra

Green agate is said to be the closest to the heart chakra since this gemstone focuses on balancing and healing, specifically in this area. The heart chakra is all about compassion, love, emotional balance and harmony. If your heart chakra isn’t in balance, then you may notice some emotional distress, which can cause a variety of problems, such as losing trust or even feeling unworthy. Green agate, though, can help you regain this composure, creating a happy spirit, one that’s filled with love.

Taking care of green agate

Like most agate stones, you will want to use a soft brush and soapy water. Agates are very durable stones, but it doesn’t mean it’s scratch resistant. It’s best to keep green agate away from tougher objects. The same can be said about harsher household cleaners Only try to use soapy water to avoid ruining the surface/polish. If your green agate is dyed, then you will want to make sure you avoid any sunlight exposure or light as this can fade the color.

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