Flower Agate Crystals: Meaning and Properties

Flower agate, sometimes referred to as Cherry Blossom or Sakura agate, is part of the agate family with cloudy-like inclusions that resemble that of a flower formation, hence the name, flower agate. This crystal is commonly found in Madagascar and is often transformed into beautiful towers, free forms, slabs, pendants, bracelets, rings, skulls, palm stones, moons, hearts, and spheres, to name a few. Like many crystals, it can also be purchased in its raw form.

Naturally, this stone is usually lighter pink in color, sometimes red, with “white flower” inclusions. These inclusions are formed by 3D plumes, which cross sections to create the white flower-like patterns. While rare, you can also find flower agate gems in shades of brown, green and/or red with white formations, creating an array of wonderful colors. Druzy crystals can be apparent, too, as well as a rare combination of pink amethyst, sometimes even carnelian. If you don’t mind a dyed flower agate, then you can find it in almost every color, including the very popular green, purple, blue, orange and/or black.

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Flower agate crystal meaning

Self growth: In the spiritual world, flower agate focuses a lot on self growth and motivation, which simply means it may be able to help you reach your highest potential. It’s a crystal that will allow you to manifest your dreams as well as ignite passion within yourself to pursue these wishes you have always dreamed about. It’s truly a crystal that can help transform your life and assist you in reaching any aspirations/dreams you have thought about. If you look closely at the stone, for example, you will notice smaller “seeds,” which haven’t bloomed just yet. You will want to picture these seeds as the path to “blossom” your dreams.

Emotional balance: Also, because of the unique look, healers believe this gemstone can help restore our emotional balance as well as help us move forward into the future with 100% confidence. Flower agate can help tackle any dark energy around, providing a sense of positive energy, assisting you when you need it most, bringing out any strength that you had deep within. While the stone can help you remember your past mistakes, it can provide clarity, as well as awareness, to help you accept these past errors seen in the past.

Supportive energy:  It’s said to have a gentle energy, which may be able to help you during a change in life.

Creativity:  Flower agate is said to help stimulate creativity and boost your inspiration, making it a great crystal for any creative types.

Grounding:  Despite being an uplifting stone, it also is said to have great grounding and centering effects, which can help make you feel more “rooted” in the moment.

However, do keep in mind that this gem is still being studied, so a lot of potential benefits are yet to be discovered.

Flower agate benefits

Believe it or not but flower agate is a relatively new gemstone, only discovered in the early 2000s. Due to this, the properties aren’t widely known, however, some flower agate crystal benefits may include:

  • boosts self confidence/motivation
  • combats negative energy
  • establishes inner peace
  • emotional support
  • fighting fear
  • fosters empathy
  • grounding
  • love boost
  • sense of calmness
  • self growth
  • promotes joy

If you want to feel energized and build your self confidence, flower agate stones can help push you forward to your fullest potential. Picture it almost like a motivating stone that can help make your dreams come true.

Flower agate chakra

Flower agate is known to connect the heart and root chakras together.

When connected with the heart chakra, it can bring about inner peace and joy, whereas connecting to the root chakra can help reduce stress, all while creating a feeling of calmness. Being so close to the root chakra, it can help you stay grounded, which is ideal when you feel disconnected from the world.

As it promotes positive thinking, this crystal can help increase your self confidence, which can help you overcome any situation you may be questioning in life. Also, due to the pink color, a flower agate can open the gates of love, all while sharing it with others.

Flower agate affirmation

As noted, flower agate focuses a lot on self growth as well as restoring emotional balance. The pink color especially connects with the heart chakra, which can boost love and compassion. Deeply connected to the heart and root chakra, affirmations such as “I am worthy of love” and “I am grounded” are ideal to stimulate these chakras while holding flower agate.

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Can flower agate go in water?

Yes! Flower agate can be cleansed with water as well as sage and/or salt. How you cleanse and charge your flower agate will greatly depend on your preferred methods. It’s recommended that you charge your flower agate, like any other crystal, during a full moon to help rejuvenate the energy within.

Flower agate zodiac sign

The flower agate stone is not affiliated with any zodiac sign, however, it is noted to have a stronger connection with feminine signs, such as Capricorn, Cancer, Taurus, and Virgo, to name a few. If you were born under these signs, you may feel a stronger connection with this stone.

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