Purple Agate: Meaning and Benefits

Many thousand years ago, agate stones were found in the Achates River by the Greek philosopher, Theophrastus. Then until now, many have coveted an agate stone because of the properties attributed to the stone. Some wore it as a symbol of power, whereas others displayed it as a sign of wealth. As you’re about to find out, purple agate has many benefits associated with it just like the other colored agates.

In today’s world, there’s much debate as to whether or not purple agate stones for sale are naturally found or dyed. There’s truth to both, as you will see both are for sale. That’s why it’s important to know how to distinguish the difference between the two.

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Retail wise, purple agate is commonly sold as jewelry (rings, bracelets, pendants), as raw slab, and even in its natural sliced form.

Purple agate is commonly mined in Argentina, Brazil, India, Madagascar and Uruguay.

Purple agate meaning

Protection:  Purple agate closely relates to a protection stone and is known to help ward off negative energies. Anyone who possesses it can create a security shield of sorts, keeping any negative energy away.

Mediation: It’s also known to be a great mediation stone, which is said to increase your spirituality awareness. Since this stone is closely associated with your crown chakra, it’s said to help widen your mind, allowing you to comprehend upcoming decisions.

Cleansing:  Healing properties wise, purple agate is said to help cleanse the aura, eliminating any negativity you may be feeling. It can help enhance your thinking as well as release any tension you may feeling at the moment.

Good luck: If you’re in need of strengthening your mental power, then this is said to be a good luck charm. Back in the day, soldiers used purple agate as a sign of luck to mark their way to victory. It’s said to give you the strength to complete a goal in mind. That being said, purple agate is very popular as a way to get through difficulties.

Spirituality:  It’s believed to enhance spiritual awareness and intuition, which can help individuals connect with their inner selves.

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Purple agate benefits

  • a shield of sorts to help prevent negative energies
  • a powerful stone of protection
  • helps widens your thought process, which can assist you with your decision making process
  • boosts your creativity and concentration, all while unlocking your “true self”
  • it may be able to help you overcome any emotional baggage you have been holding onto
  • may be able to help if you need good performance constantly

Purple agate vs amethyst

Purple agate is sometimes confused with amethyst because of both the hue and sheen. However, if you closely examine each stone under a light, you will notice that each stone will allow light to pass through differently. Agate, for example, agate will pass light much better than agate can. There is a difference, even though it’s subtle from a distance.

Another key difference to note here is that amethyst will have a lighter shade in comparison to the color of an agate. Over time, amethyst will discolor when it’s exposed to light and has many more markings than that of an agate. Like all agates, all of the colors and banded patterns you see will come naturally and are influenced by the formation cycle.

In the end, there is a difference and they are completely different stones. Amethyst is a quartz stone, caused by iron impurities, whereas agate is a chalcedony, which is formed from clay mineral impurities. Simply put, these are two crystals built from different families.

Is purple agate natural or dyed?

Any agate can be dyed, however, if you want to tell the difference between a natural and dyed purple agate, you will have to see how the light passes through the stone.

Real agate, for example, will always allow light to pass through the stone, however, a fake/dyed stone won’t let light pass through. You can also look at the appearance. If it’s more of a dull appearance rather than a natural look, it’s almost a sure sign it’s dyed. 99% of the time, a dyed agate will have a plastic-like appearance.

Lastly, look for scratches on the surface. A real agate is very hard to scratch, but a dyed agate can easily be scratched after the production process.

If all of these add up, you can determine which agate is dyed and which one is natural.

Purple agate zodiac sign

Purple agate doesn’t have a definite zodiac sign, but it’s closely associated with the Leo, Gemini and Sagittarius signs. A Sagittarius, for instance, often has too much going on at once, such as multitasking. Because of this, it can be hard to focus on one thing at a time. In this case, a purple agate could help bring a sense of balance to life, all while increasing concentration.

As for the Leo and Gemini signs, a purple agate stone may be able to bring a positive synergy to their lives as these signs often have more negative thoughts than most.

Types purple agate searched online

Purple moss agate: a form of Chalcedony with green inclusions that resemble moss. It helps refresh your soul, giving you a feeling of peace. Picture it almost like a wellness stone.

Purple lace agate: another calming stone that helps dispel fear. Lace agate may be able to help with your self confidence and build your courage to tackle fearful energies.

Purple flower agate: associated with the root chakra, which can help bring inner peace and joy. Some flower agate crystals may have a slight purple hue to them.

Purple passion agate: a crystal found in Chihuahua, Mexico, sometimes referred to as Parcelas Agate.

Purple dragon vein agate: helps eliminate negative energy and keep your energies balanced. Unfortunately, all dragon vein agate is either man-made, which consists of glass or it’s dyed.

Purple sage agate: mined in Nevada and was formed from volcanic ash. It’s naturally known for its purple/gray colors with speckles of black manganese dendrites.

Purple cow agate: a rare crystal found near the Oregon/Nevada border. A paler purple-colored stone with some greenish-grey material.

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