What is Botswana Agate? Guide with Meanings

Botswana agate, commonly referred to as “banded agate” or “sunset stone” is one of the easiest agate crystals to remember, mainly due to the distinctive white, black, grey, and sometimes blue bands. These bands and patterns were formed by the volcanic activity that dates back 100+ million years ago when lava flowed out, creating silica and quartz beneath the layered surface as repeated floods of lava formed. This means that the average piece you hold is more than 140+ million years old on average.

As part of the quartz family, it’s a blend of banded Chalcedony, coming in a variety of colors, mostly pink and gray; however, you may find layers that showcase an earthy brown or peach, sometimes other colors as well. Mined in Botswana, in which it was named after, this agate can be found directly in central Southern Africa and is considered to be quite rare and desirable. So desirable in fact that Botswana doesn’t allow rough stones to leave the country. This means everything you find on the market now will be in a polished/tumbled form.

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Botswana agate meaning

Emotional balancing: Botswana agate has a lot of benefits, but it’s mostly known for balancing your emotional, intelligence and physical energy. Simply put, it balances your emotions, essentially harmonizing your energy and stabilizing your soul. It’s said to bring about your inner peace, no matter where you may be in life. Picture it as one of the better gentle and calming stones.

Luck:  If you look closely at a raw piece of Botswana agate it resembles that of an eye, which is said to be very lucky to some. Whenever you’re in need of luck, carrying it in your pocket could help.

Comfort: The earthy tones are also known to bring about comfort, giving you a sense of protection whenever you’re in possession of it. Many healers note that Botswana agate is perfect if you’re looking for answers, as it gives you the inner strength to find those answers you may need in the future. Botswana can help you become calm and patient.

Protection:  It may provide protection from negative energies, almost acting as a positive energy shield.

Botswana agate benefits

  • helps you feel in touch with your higher self due to high vibrations
  • opens your minds, allowing you to think clearly
  • said to help you connect with spirits, as it can push a “spiritual awakening”
  • provides mental strength to help you get what you want out of life
  • soothes and calms, bringing about great strength, effectively releasing tension
  • may bring good fortune, especially if green in color
  • acts as a trash can for negative energy
  • known as the sunset stone because it’s said to help retain sunlight, which can bring comfort during the darker months

Botswana chakra association

There are conflicting reports as to which chakra Botswana resonates with. Some say that Botswana agate is said to be associated with your root chakra because, as mentioned, this type of agate can help you feel balanced when you may feel unbalanced spiritually and/or physically. When you balance your base chakra, this can help bring about a sense of security and power.

Most argue, however, that since Botswana offers intense energy, it can be associated with your crown chakra, and this is because we can feel more in touch with ourselves whenever we meditate with this crystal. If you look closely at it in its raw state, it can look similar to that of a human brain. Whenever you’re in possession, Botswana agate helps open your mind, which can bring about an abundance of knowledge, which in turn, can help you find the answers you need in life, as noted. The energy within can help increase your mental clarity and power to feel mentally sharp.

How to cleanse Botswana agate

Before and after use, always make sure you rinse it off with soapy water for a few seconds. If you have access to a piece of lava rock, you can also cleanse your agate by simply placing it on top of it for about 24 hours. Like most crystals, sunlight for a few days is an excellent way to clear any energy built up.

Can Botswana agate go in water?

Yes! In fact, it’s recommended if you’re looking to maximize its benefits. Healers note that soaking Botswana agate underwater for a few hours, it can help increase its success. This is a popular question often asked and you shouldn’t have to worry about causing any harm.

Whenever you clean your Botswana agate, always avoid using any harsh chemicals as this can affect the polish. If you’re wearing it as jewelry, avoid swimming or partaking in active sports. Always store in a protective box/pouch away from other gemstones. This agate is a durable gem, which means it could scratch other gems not as durable.

Botswana agate colors

As mentioned, Botswana comes in a variety of colors, which may include:

  • shades of pink and gray (most common)
  • apricot
  • brown
  • milky blue/white/gray (most common)
  • apricot yellow
  • pink salmon-like hue
  • peach
  • purplish gray
  • black

As it’s banded, you will see a blend between the colors mentioned on the list above, mostly with a white band mixed.

Botswana agate affirmation

I love life. I trust my worthiness.”

“There are no failures.”

“I learn from everything I do.”

“I am calm and centered.”

“I am nourished by the Earth and life itself.”

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Botswana agate prices

Even though Botswana agate is rare, it doesn’t mean it’s going to fetch a higher-than-average price, similar to that of precious gemstones.

On average, be prepared to pay less than $50 for a nice, polished tumbled agate, but smaller pieces can be much less, usually retailing for no more than $15. Most Botswana agate you see on the market will usually be no longer than four inches in size.

If we’re talking jewelry, then it will all depend on the seller

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