Best Crystals for Virgo (simple list)

If you’re a Virgo, you’re all about that earthy vibe. And, being the sixth zodiac sign, with a maiden as your symbol, you are said to radiate kindness, positive vibes, and you’re great at solving problems. You always manage to stay grounded, even as you aim high.

It is said that crystals could bring you a lot of peace, purification, and relaxation. And, it’s important for you to choose stones that remove negative vibes, help you balance your perfectionist side, and support your practical and logical thinking.

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Incorporating crystals that support Virgo traits into your collection may enhance your already impressive qualities and help balance any self-limiting beliefs or behaviors. Crystals are said to bring comfort, support, and connect you with natural and spiritual energies.

As each stone has unique healing properties, it’s wise to choose those that align with your zodiac sign and personal characteristics.  This simply means that you should consider crystals that clear your mind, soothe your spirit, and encourage you to embrace the flow of life.

In today’s post, let’s explore some of the top crystals that could be perfect for your Virgo zodiac sign.

Best Stones for Virgo Zodiac


Amazonite is a symbol of calm for Virgos, known for its ability to soothe worries and create a wave of positive vibes. It acts like a bridge, helping you strengthen your relationships through honest and heartfelt communication.

For Virgos, who always strives to speak the truth, amazonite will ensure that your words are received with understanding and kindness. It encourages you to heal from within and promotes gentle thoughts, offering a peaceful retreat from your daily tasks.

With it by your side, you should be able to navigate your to-do list with a clearer mind and a calmer heart.


Amethyst has a soothing purple hue that may calm your mind and bring you peace. And, it is perfect for when you’re feeling the pressure to be perfect. It has a gentle energy that helps you relax and find emotional balance, making it easier for you to let go of those perfectionist thoughts.

Beyond its calming effects, amethyst is said to connect you to a deeper spiritual level, blending your practical, earthy energy with a touch of the divine. This crystal is all about helping you find your inner peace and balance your energies beautifully.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is as gentle and soothing as a clear sky, making it a perfect match for your thoughtful and caring personality. This stone connects with your throat chakra, promoting peaceful and compassionate communication. It’s all about helping you share your thoughts and feelings in a way that’s kind and considerate, making your relationships smoother and more harmonious.

The calming energy of blue lace agate may also help reduce negative thinking, balancing your heart and mind. It’s an ideal crystal for Virgos looking to express themselves with clarity and diplomacy.


Carnelian is that gem for you, especially if you’re a Virgo who sometimes finds yourself lost in thought. This stone is all about awakening your inner vitality and passion. It’s almost like a cheerleader for your soul, boosting your motivation and wrapping your confidence in a warm blanket.

If you’ve ever doubted your incredible abilities, it is here to steer away those doubts and remind you of your worth. When you’re on the brink of feeling overwhelmed or just plain tired, it’s said to step in to recharge your batteries and keep you grounded. Plus, it’s known for helping with clear and confident communication, making it easier for you to share your thoughts and connect with others.


Chrysocolla, with its stunning blue-green hues, is all about tranquility, acceptance, and patience. This crystal promotes honesty and inspires you to express yourself freely. It’s particularly beneficial for Virgos, who can be their own harshest critics.

The gentle energy is said to help soothe the tendency to overanalyze, encouraging moments of peace in a busy schedule. It’s like a wise friend who encourages you to speak your truth and find serenity amidst the chaos.

Clear Quartz

Often called the master healer, clear quartz is said to have the power to take even the smallest bit of positive energy and make it stronger. This crystal encourages you to think clearly, solve problems efficiently, and stay organized. It’s also known for bringing light into your life, helping you feel more balanced and less critical of yourself and others.

Clear Quartz is like a beacon of positivity, aligning your energy centers and making you feel more in tune with yourself.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate, a beautiful member of the agate family, is found all over the world, from India to the USA. This stone was revered in ancient times for its connection to the Earth.

For Virgos who are always on the go, it is a reminder to slow down and breathe. It’s like a best friend that tells you it’s okay to take care of yourself.

This crystal is closely linked with the Heart Chakra, offering a supportive energy that helps balance out Virgo’s dual nature. It’s great for releasing fears and stresses that hold you back, encouraging you to be more open and positive.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a powerhouse for Virgos, aligning with your earthy, practical side. It tunes into your root chakra, bringing you a sense of stability and vitality that’s essential for staying focused and achieving your goals.

This crystal is also said to be great for easing worry, boosting your emotional flexibility.

Ultimately, red jasper encourages you to stay connected to your tasks and ambitions, preventing your energy from getting scattered. It’s a vibrant support stone that helps you manage the challenges of daily life while keeping you grounded.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is like a best friend for Virgos, offering grounding energy that matches your practical nature. It helps balance your root chakra, all while potentially getting rid of stress and negative vibes.

This crystal is perfect for calming your mind, especially when you find yourself overthinking. It encourages you to maintain a positive outlook, protecting you from the stress of daily life and your own critical thoughts.

Think of it as being there to help you keep your energy field in check, supporting your journey toward personal growth without the burden of worry.

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian, with its unique snowflake patterns, isn’t just pleasing to the eye, but it’s also said to be a source of calm and balance. This stone helps you see the beauty in your journey, accepting every mistake and success as part of your growth. It’s especially good for Virgos in letting go of repetitive, stress-inducing thoughts.

By activating the Root and Third Eye chakras, snowflake obsidian may bring a sense of grounding and encourages you to see challenges as opportunities for celebration.

How to use these Virgo crystals

For those of you with a Virgo sun sign, incorporating crystals into your daily life may bring a sense of balance and even enhance your natural traits.  Setting aside time to connect with your inner self and the energy of crystals may be worth considering.

Let’s dive into some personalized ways you use the stones mentioned above.

Meditation:  Taking time to meditate with crystals can be a wonderful way for you to relax and align your mind, body, and spirit. Given your love for staying active, dedicating moments to sit quietly with your stones can help you release those all-consuming thoughts. Just find a calm space, hold your crystals, and allow their energy to envelop you.

Crystal Grids:  Creating crystal grids is another great way to connect with the energy of multiple stones. Arrange your crystals in shapes that resonate with your current needs, whether it’s a square for structure, a circle for harmony, or a flower of life for guidance. A bright, energetic connection between the stones may create a protective and empowering space around you.

Chakra Cleansing:  Using crystals for chakra cleansing is a powerful practice to remove energy blockages and bring your chakras into harmony. Virgos might want to focus on the throat chakra to enhance communication, using blue stones to help with clear and compassionate exchanges. Stones aligned with the third eye and crown chakras can also support your spiritual journey, grounding you while encouraging growth.

Affirmations:  Affirmations are a great way to connect with your crystal’s energies, setting intentions for what you wish to manifest. Speaking your affirmations out loud while holding your stones or writing them down and burning the paper in a small ceremony amplifies your desires, sending them out into the universe.

Sacred Spaces:  Finally, dedicating a sacred space in your home for your crystals can provide a sanctuary for mental wellness or simply a spot to soak up positive vibes. This doesn’t have to be complicated, either, as a tray or a piece of wood with your stones, a candle, and perhaps a flower or smudge stick can become a personal altar, honoring the energy of your crystals and providing a focus for your intentions.

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