Sugilite Meaning and Metaphysical Properties

Sugilite is a type of crystal known for its unique colors, which can vary from shades of violet to magenta. This gem is made of many elements including potassium, sodium, lithium, iron, manganese, and aluminum.  It’s the presence of manganese that gives Sugilite its distinct color range.

And, if you’re looking for a boost of care and/or a push towards a more balanced life, sugilite could be just what you need.

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This stone is said to be all about connecting you to your truest self and keeping your spirit uplifted throughout the day.  It’s also there to show you a kind of love that raises you higher, guiding you away from worries and towards a more peaceful state of mind.

In today’s guide, let’s take a deeper look into the true meaning of the sugilite stone.

Sugilite meaning and metaphysical properties

Warmth and protection:  Sugilite is almost like a big hug for your heart and mind, offering a sense of warmth and protection. This gem is perfect for anyone who feels they pick up too much from others, including emotions and energies. It almost acts like a shield, letting you live freely, all while staying true to yourself. Sugilite is known for its connection to spiritual growth and healing, sharing traits with other purple stones that focus on wisdom and cleansing your spirit.

Works to remove negative thoughts:  On the mental and emotional side, sugilite is said to be all about filling you with love as well as encouraging strong and healthy relationships. It works to remove negative thoughts and feelings, promoting a sense of forgiveness. If you’re dealing with heartache, for instance, it may be there to lighten the load, reminding you that you’re cared for and supported.

See the positives in life:  This stone shows you that even when things aren’t perfect, there’s always a way to see the positive side. Keeping it close, for example, can help you tackle tough times with a lighter heart, reminding you that brighter days are ahead. It’s also known for helping you tune into your intuition and protect your mind from negative influences, all while encouraging you to share your unique talents with the world.

Helps the heart:  For those interested in the deeper, spiritual side of life, sugilite is considered to be a very powerful ally. It’s said to help clear away the things that hold back your heart, helping you connect with your inner self as well as the universe. This stone is all about cleansing negative energy and making way for love and positive growth, encouraging you to live fully and use your abilities for the greater good.

Discover your true self:  It’s said to be all about guiding you to discover and embrace your true self, making it easier to show who you really are, especially when you pair it with special constellation-like gemstones.  This gem is said to motivate you to live fearlessly, chase your dreams, and stand firm in your beliefs. It encourages you to find your purpose and appreciate everything you have in life.

Heal with peace:  On an emotional level, sugilite teaches you how to heal by acknowledging your pain and transforming it into strength. It replaces those feelings of anger with love and peace. After learning from it, you could find yourself more open, understanding, and full of compassion.

Deeper connections:  For your mind, sugilite may encourage you to form deeper connections with those around you. It helps clear out fear and negativity, making room for kindness and generosity. This stone also offers support during tough times, giving you the strength to keep going and reminding you of the love surrounding you.

Sugilite zodiac sign

For those with the Virgo star sign, sugilite is said to be a fantastic choice, even though it is not listed among the traditional birthstones.

Virgos are known for being creative, kind, and dedicated. Yet, they often find themselves caught in overly critical thoughts or being a bit resistant to showing their feelings. Sugilite comes into play here as it encourages Virgos to open up their hearts more easily and to let go of any anxious feelings, helping them to truly become who they should be.

Sugilite chakra association

Sugilite is often said to be associated with yourcrown chakra. This chakra is like a door to your inner thoughts and your connection to the world around you. Think of it as the boss of your brain’s command center, helping you feel calm and clear.

When sugilite is around, some people say it’s like having a supercharger for your crown chakra. It helps by making you feel more connected to everything, giving you a sense of peace and happiness.  It acts almost likea shield, protecting your thoughts from becoming too sad or confused.

By keeping this chakra balanced with sugilite, you may feel more like yourself, ready to tackle any problem with a clear mind.

Why is sugilite so rare?

Sugilite was first found on Iwagi Islet in Japan, but the sugilite from there wasn’t the best quality for gems and was yellow, not the reddish-violet color we see today. The sugilite that made this stone famous for its beautiful violet colors was actually found in South Africa, at a place called the Wessels mine in the Northern Cape Province.

This stone can also be found in a few other countries like Canada, India, Tajikistan, Australia, and Italy.

Yes, sugilite is pretty rare, not just because there isn’t a lot of it around, but also because finding sugilite that’s good enough to use in jewelry is even harder. Most sugilite is found in big pieces, and it’s rare to find sugilite crystals. The sugilite used in jewelry is usually a special kind called “gels,” which are even rarer and more translucent.

Sugilite can be many shades of violet, from light lilac to a deep and intense purple. The darker the color, the more valuable the stone usually is. Sugilite is part of a group of purple gemstones thought to give off violet rays, which include amethyst, purpurite, tanzanite, and others. These stones are believed to help heal not just physical issues but emotional and mental ones too, thanks to their special violet energy.

How valuable is sugilite?

The price of sugilite can vary quite a bit, depending on a few key things such as its color and whether it’s clear enough to be used in jewelry.

Generally, sugilite that has a deep, rich purple color is going to cost much more than stones that are a lighter shade. This is because those deep purples are rarer and considered more beautiful.

Prices for sugilite can range from about $10 for smaller, less vivid pieces to more than $100 for larger pieces with deeper colors.

The most sought-after sugilite, for instance, which is clear and has that beautiful deep purple color, can fetch prices well over $500, especially if it’s been cut and polished for jewelry.

Keep in mind, however, that the prices can go up from there based on the size and quality of the stone.  You will just want to use these prices as an estimate.  Your results will vary.

How to spot a fake sugilite

Sugilite can be quite rare, as noted, which means sometimes, people might try to sell fake ones. Knowing how to tell a real sugilite from a fake one can save you from disappointment.

Look at the color: Genuine sugilite has a rich, vibrant purple color. It can range from a light lilac to a deep, dark purple. If the stone looks too perfect or the color seems off, like it’s painted on or just doesn’t feel right, it might not be real. Real sugilite can have variations in color, sometimes even within the same piece.

Feel the weight: Real stones like sugilite have a certain heft to them. They feel solid and heavy for their size. If you pick up a piece of sugilite and it feels too light or like plastic, it’s a sign that it might be a fake.

Check the price: If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Sugilite, especially the darker, more vibrant pieces, can be quite expensive. If you find a piece that’s very cheap, it’s worth questioning its authenticity. Genuine sugilite is rare and its price reflects that.

Examine under light: When you hold a piece of real sugilite up to the light, you might see variations in color and even tiny, natural imperfections. These imperfections are a good sign. They show that the stone is natural and not made by humans. Fake stones might look too uniform or flawless.

Ask for documentation: If you’re buying sugilite from a reputable dealer, they should be able to provide you with some documentation or certification that proves it’s real. This can give you peace of mind that what you’re buying is genuine.

Sugilite uses

Wear as jewelry:  Wearing it close to your skin is one of the best ways to use it. When Sugilite touches your skin, it spreads its calming purple energy throughout you, helping to clear your chakras and protect you with a light shield.  Common types of jewelry includes necklace pendants and bracelets.

Meditation:  You can also hold sugilite during meditation or use it in reiki healing to enhance your spiritual journey. As noted, this gem is all about helping you grow spiritually and attempting to lift you to your greatest potential. Placing sugilite under your pillow, for example, may purify your aura as you sleep, ensuring you’re guarded and peaceful.

Feng Shui:  Sugilite is seen as a source of fire energy in Feng Shui, filled with emotion, passion, and creativity. It’s an excellent choice for your bedroom to add passion or in any creative space to inspire new ideas.

Pair with other crystals:  Pairing sugilite with other healing stones can amplify its qualities. Hematite, for its grounding and protective nature, and Amethyst, another purple stone, enhance Sugilite’s energy. Tourmaline and Fluorite are also said to be great companions for sugilite, each adding their unique benefits to its energy.

Cleansing and charging sugilite

Sugilite is a gem that works hard to protect you, which, unfortunately, means it can pick up a lot of unwanted energy. To keep your sugilite at its best, it’s important to clean it regularly. If it’s not cleaned for a while, it might even break.

Here are some simple ways to cleansing your sugilite:

  • Soapy Water: Some gems, including sugilite, are okay to wash in soapy water. Use mild soap, and carefully wash off any dirt. Rinse with warm water and then dry with a soft cloth.
  • Full Moon: The full moon is great for clearing out negative energy. Place your sugilite where it can catch the moonlight overnight. Just make sure to bring it inside before the sunlight gets strong in the morning. If you have several gems, you can place them all out at once to take advantage.
  • Sound: If you have a lot of gems and/or some bigger pieces, sound can cleanse them all at once. Use a singing bowl, Tibetan bells, or tuning forks, for instance, to fill the stones with cleansing vibrations. About 10 minutes should do the trick.
  • Smudging: Smudging with sage can clear negative vibes right away. If you’re inside, open a window so the energy can escape. Light the sage, then pass your sugilite through the smoke for about a minute. Have something fireproof handy to catch any ashes.
  • Visualization: This method is all about using your imagination to recharge your sugilite. Calm your mind, hold your gem, and picture a bright light cleaning the stone and filling it with positive energy. You’ll feel the stone’s energy become lighter and more positive as you do this.

Sugilite benefits

  • Sugilite offers protection by creating a shield against negative energy.
  • It promotes healing, linking the physical body to the spiritual realm for overall wellness.
  • Encourages emotional healing, helping to ease feelings of anger, jealousy, and resentment.
  • Supports mental clarity and reduces negative thoughts, aiding in stress and anxiety relief.
  • Boosts self-confidence and self-acceptance, helping you to love and understand yourself better.
  • Fosters spiritual growth, connecting you with your inner wisdom and enhancing spiritual awareness.
  • Improves communication, making it easier to express your thoughts and feelings.
  • Attracts positive energy, helping to bring joy and peace into your life.

History of sugilite

Sugilite was discovered in the 20th century and isn’t commonly found in the ancient books that talk about the magical properties of stones. Initially found to be yellow, the most sought-after sugilite today is a rich purple color, as noted prior.

This unique stone was first found in Japan in 1944, close to a little village called Iwangi. It was sent for study to the University of Kyushu’s geology department. Found in a type of rock that changes form under intense heat and pressure, it caught the attention of Professor Ken-ichi Sugi, a specialist in such rocks. Around the time of World War II, while the world’s focus was elsewhere, Professor Sugi was dedicated to teaching and rock study at the university. Sadly, he was battling tuberculosis, which would later end his life. In the early 1950s, his work was published posthumously, honoring his contributions. The sugilite found in Japan, which was brown-yellow, didn’t get much attention initially.

The discovery that would put sugilite on the map happened in the 1970s with the unearthing of a vivid purple version of the stone in South Africa’s Wessels manganese mine. Randy Polk, a jeweler known for his work with rare gems, introduced this purple sugilite to the market under the name Lavulite. It wasn’t until 1976 that researchers realized the yellow-brown stones from Japan and the purple gems from South Africa were actually the same stone, sugilite. Despite this revelation, some sellers still use different names for it. Since the 1980s, purple sugilite has been very popular, especially among those who follow New Age beliefs, symbolizing the spiritual energy of the current era.

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