Indigo Color Energy Crystals

Indigo is a deep and beautiful shade of blue that’s almost purple. It’s a color that means a lot when it comes to our inner selves, touching on things like our intuition, psychic abilities, and our spiritual side. This color is all about helping us see more clearly, not just with our eyes but with our hearts and minds too.

It is also a calm color that helps us think deeply and learn important lessons. It’s a color that means a lot for people born in the late winter, making indigo crystals rare and valuable.

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These crystals mix the wisdom of purple with the trustworthiness of blue, guiding us to understand ourselves and the world on a deeper level. They help us see things more clearly and avoid making mistakes.

And, these crystals are not just pretty to look at, but they may teach us a lot about life and help us live better.

In today’s guide, let’s explore some of the best indigo colored stones and how they may be impactful to your life.

Indigo crystal meaning

Mind and emotional support:  Indigo stones are almost like wise friends, guiding us to make better decisions and trust ourselves. They are said to help us feel confident about our choices, especially when we have had trouble deciding before. For those looking for love or trying to maintain healthy relationships, indigo stones are valuable because they promote a mature outlook. This helps us handle our emotions better and avoid getting caught up in negative feelings.

Spiritual growth:  On a spiritual level, indigo stones do wonders. They work on the throat and third eye chakras, helping us communicate with kindness and see things more clearly. They encourage us to find our voice and use it positively, avoiding unnecessary conflict. By opening our third eye, indigo stones help us trust our inner wisdom, giving us the confidence to follow our path, even when it’s challenging.

Indigo Colored Stones


Azurite is a beautiful indigo stone that encourages you to connect your mind and body in harmony. It understands that sometimes, thinking too much can trap us and acting without thinking can cause problems.

This gem is said to mainly focus on awakening your third eye, the center of intuition, helping you blend thoughtful insights with heartfelt actions. By doing this, azurite may help clear away worries and indecision, making you feel more confident in listening to your inner voice. This stone is all about finding balance and trusting yourself.

Grape Agate

Think of grape agate almost like a bunch of grapes, each part representing a different aspect of who you are. This stone helps remind us that all our parts come together to make us whole and unique. It’s especially good for anyone who tends to think the worst or feels small in the grand scheme of things.

Grape Agate has a calming effect, helping to clear away mental clutter and encourage a more peaceful outlook. It teaches us to see things from new perspectives, offering a sense of rest and understanding.


Imagine a stone so powerful that even Vikings used it to find their way across the seas. That’s Iolite for you.

It’s like a guiding light, helping you find your path, whether you’re exploring the world or journeying within yourself. Iolite is not just about direction, either, as it’s also seen as a healer.  Plus, Iolite encourages you to stand on your own, pushing you to take charge of your destiny.


With its soothing indigo and white colors, kyanite is all about helping you speak up for yourself.

If you have ever felt unsure about what you want or struggled to ask for it, kyanite is here to clear up those doubts. It helps you think more clearly and be more aware of your needs, influencing every decision you make. On top of that, it is said to help you remember your dreams and navigate through tough emotions with ease.


Labradorite is like a piece of the night sky, shimmering with colors that remind you of the northern lights. This stone is all about transformation and finding a deeper purpose in life. It gives you the courage to understand yourself better and gain wisdom along the way.

Labradorite is also known for helping clear the third eye and throat chakras, making sure your voice and inner insight are in harmony. This gem doesn’t just push for change, either, as it’s said to guide you through it gently, ensuring you don’t get overwhelmed. It encourages inner work that’s balanced and focused on the big picture, helping you stay on track without burning out.

Lapis Lazuli

This indigo stone looks like a piece of the night sky on your wrist, ready to open your mind and deepen your understanding of the world.  It has been a favorite among wise people and creative souls for centuries.

Lapis Lazuli is said to help you express yourself, understand deep truths, and balance your emotions. If you’ve been feeling down or find it hard to sleep, this stone can offer some comfort. It’s also great for calming your nerves. Plus, if you’re looking to strengthen your friendships, the energy of honesty and light is perfect for building strong connections.

Blue Obsidian

Blue Obsidian is a stone that not only keeps you grounded but also boosts your ability to communicate clearly. It’s almost like having a personal shield that also makes sure you can express yourself without hesitation.

This blue gem connects your sense of inner strength directly to your voice, making it easier for you to say what’s on your mind. It’s also a protective buddy during any psychic work you might do, keeping you safe from negative vibes. Blue Obsidian is said to bring clarity into your life, reminding you that you already have the answers and the right words within you. It’s all about finding the courage to let them out.


Sodalite is a stone that looks like the ocean at night. And, it’s all about empowering you to carve out your own path and balance your thoughts and creativity.

Sodalite helps clear up any blockages in communication, making it easier for you to express your ideas and emotions. It’s known as the poet’s stone because it opens up your voice and soothes any throat problems. If you’re a writer feeling stuck or anyone feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, sodalite may bring in a wave of calm, helping you to stay cool and collected. It’s the refreshing boost you might not have realized you needed.


Tanzanite sparkles with a mix of indigo, silver, and violet.  And, it’s like a bridge between your wisdom and your heart.

Tanzanite is perfect for those who want to feel more connected, whether it’s to the spiritual world or just more grounded in the moment. This stone is said to help clear away any stress or confusion, letting you see everything more clearly. It’s also great for meditation, bringing high energy vibes that can uplift your spirit.

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