Blue Crystals Names (+meanings)

Imagine the calmness of the ocean, the vastness of the sky, or the serenity of a flowing river. That’s what blue represents – a deep sense of peace and healing.

Long ago, great civilizations like the Egyptians saw blue crystals as little pieces of heaven. Cleopatra herself, for instance, would use crushed lapis lazuli for her vibrant makeup, believing in its power.  They are also seen as a gateway to calmness and spiritual awakening. When life gets too loud, holding onto a blue gemstone can almost feel like wrapping you in a blanket of peace, helping to ease stress and quiet your thoughts. They are almost like friends that encourage you to breathe, talk freely, and find your center again.

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Connecting with these stones are said to shift your view on life’s hurdles, offering a fresh perspective. Sometimes, we’re our own biggest obstacle, clinging to the familiar out of fear. But, just like a river flows effortlessly around rocks, blue gemstones teach us the beauty of letting go and moving forward.

Meditation finds a perfect partner in blue gemstones too. Their gentle blue hue acts like a balm, easing your mind, body, and spirit. It’s no wonder we dream of crystal-clear blue waters when seeking an escape. These stones are a piece of that paradise, promising freedom and a break from our fast-paced world.

In today’s guide, let’s talk about what blue crystals mean as well as the many blue crystals you can purchase.

Blue crystal and gemstone meanings

Peace and calm:  In particular, blue gemstones are like a breath of fresh air. They remind us of the sky and the ocean, bringing peace and calm.  And, blue is said to be a color that means hope, truth, and trust. These stones are special because they help us stay calm and wise. They are great for cleaning our minds and making us feel at ease.

Helps with the throat chakra:  Our throat chakra is important for talking and sharing our thoughts clearly. When it’s not working right, we might feel stuck and not heard. But when it’s open, we feel confident and clear. It helps us speak our truth and feel balanced.  Blue crystals are said to help with our throat chakra, helping clear our thoughts and think clearly.

Builds better relationships:  Blue stones are said to be great for relationships. They help us be honest and build stronger bonds with people we care about. These stones bring peace and help calm down arguments, making it easier to understand each other.

Money and success:  Blue gemstones may help you make better decisions about money. They encourage us to think clearly and be creative. This can lead to better choices that help us do well in work, making us more motivated.

Blue Crystals Names


Blue Apatite is said to lift you up with its vibrant energy. This beautiful green-blue stone is said to be great for your emotions, helping you let go of old burdens and making room for new opportunities. It may even help sweep away worries and encourage your thoughts to be more positive. Not only that but it pushes you to think outside the box and find creative solutions to your challenges. It’s all about freeing yourself to explore new possibilities and embrace what comes next with open arms.


Aquamarine, with its ocean-like colors, feels like a cool breeze, offering refreshment and promoting trust in oneself. It encourages you to go with the flow and express yourself freely. Aquamarine is all about living in harmony and embracing the freedom to be yourself.


Azurite awakens your third-eye chakra, enhancing your intuition and helping you to trust your inner guidance. Azurite doesn’t stop there, either, as it’s said to create a strong connection between your heart, throat, and the insight of your third eye.  This may ensure a flow of energy that encourages clear and heartfelt communication. It’s also a supportive friend for those times when anxiety tries to hold you back, helping you to overcome those fears and embrace your true potential.

Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite is like taking a deep breath and releasing all the stress and worries that weigh you down. It’s a stone said to be filled with peaceful energy that connects with your throat and third-eye chakras, guiding you to stay true to your own path and wisdom. It also acts as a wise teacher, encouraging you to improve your memory, lead with insight, and soak up new knowledge easily. It’s especially comforting for anyone dealing with sorrow or tough times, offering a calming presence that helps soothe both mind and body, allowing you to heal at your own pace.

Blue Lace Agate

This stone, with its soft blue hues, invites peace and tranquility, attempting to wash away anxiety and replace it with happiness and thankfulness. Blue Lace Agate is said to be a beautiful healer, promoting self-acceptance, shielding you from electronic stress, and clearing any hurdles in your throat chakra, ensuring you can express yourself freely with ease.


Celestite is all about lifting your spirits and connecting you with the universe’s energies. If you’re looking for a deeper spiritual connection, this may be your guide to accessing these vibrations. It’s a stone that is said to enhance your ability to see beyond the ordinary as well as help you explore your dreams more deeply. Celestite awakens your third eye chakra, inviting a compassionate journey toward your spiritual awakening.


Chalcedony is almost like a soothing balm for your soul. It encourages you to gently release hidden emotions, allowing them to wash over you and leave you feeling refreshed. This gem’s calming energy ensures that even when emotions surface, they do so in a way that’s manageable and not overwhelming. Chalcedony keeps you grounded and present, making it easier to navigate life’s ups and downs with a sense of peace and centeredness.


Chrysocolla is known as the teaching stone, and it encourages you to embrace your highest truth and pursue knowledge passionately. This stone is all about helping you find your voice and boosting your self-awareness. With it, your expressions come from a place of authenticity, ensuring that your heart and voice are in perfect harmony.


Dumortierite is not just about boosting your self-assurance, but it should be looked at as  a catalyst for awakening hidden talents, especially psychic ones. It works wonders by enhancing patience, sharpening your intellect, and keeping your emotions in check. With it by your side, you’re equipped to face life’s challenges head-on, empowered and strong.


Blue Fluorite is a natural wonder, known for its stunning beauty, smooth texture, and vivid colors. It carries a unique inner clarity and purity that seems to speak directly to the soul more than any other stone.  This gem is said to bring a calm and steady energy that introduces stability and harmony. It’s perfect for sparking creativity, enhancing concentration, and improving memory.


Iolite is said to be your go-to gemstone when you’re on a quest to uncover your true self or looking for an energy boost. This gem is said to bring a wealth of spiritual healing properties, helping to ground you, enhance learning, and even potentially clear away confusion. Known as the stone of journey and resilience, it symbolizes the guidance that led ancient voyagers through challenging seas to new horizons. It’s all about discovery, determination, and drawing inspiration from the path ahead.


Blue Kyanite is like a key to unlocking your true voice. This stone is packed with loving energy, making it easier for you to express yourself clearly and confidently. It’s said to help you find the courage to say what’s on your mind with clarity and conviction. Aside from this, it is all about thinking clearly and discovering a higher sense of who you are. It gently nudges you to pay closer attention to your thoughts, helping you understand your desires and how to communicate them effectively.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is truly mesmerizing, with its deep blue color and flecks of gold. It’s a stone known for its protective qualities and its ability to encourage self-awareness. Artists, including Michelangelo, cherished Lapis for its beautiful pigment. It’s not just protective, either, as it also is said to enhance your intuition and clarity by connecting the third eye and throat chakras, encouraging them to work in harmony.


Larimar is the perfect companion for linking your heart and voice. This stone is like a soothing wave that cools down fiery emotions, turning them into thoughtful words instead. It also encourages you to express your true feelings calmly and clearly. It’s said to be great for easing stress and anxiety, giving you the chance to see life in a more joyful way.

Blue Opal

Blue Opal is often linked to prosperity and good luck. Throughout history, from the Middle Ages to Roman times, blue opal was cherished for its supposed beneficial properties and seen as a beacon of hope.


Sodalite is a stone that empowers you to live your truth, stay true to yourself, and follow your own path. It’s said to awaken your mind, enhance communication, creativity, and bring a balance between your artistic and logical sides. This balance is key to making decisions that are not overwhelmed by emotions but guided by a clear and calm mind. Sodalite is one to consider if you want to find harmony between your thoughts and feelings.


Tanzanite is a truly special stone found only in a small area of Tanzania, making it incredibly rare and highly valued. This gemstone, known for its captivating blue and lavender hues, can be further beautified through heat treatment. Tanzanite symbolizes transformation, a quality attributed to its ability to display different colors when viewed from various angles. This phenomenon, known as pleochroism, mirrors the idea that perspective can change everything. It’s believed that tanzanite can cleanse negativity and bring about healing, making it a powerful stone for personal growth.

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is renowned for its vivid colors and serves as a great choice for those who love blue gemstones. Despite its tendency to be fragile, advanced cutting techniques help minimize damage, ensuring the stone’s beauty is preserved. Heat treatment can also enhance the blue topaz’s deep color, making it even more striking. Historically, topaz has been associated with fire. For example, the Egyptians revered it as the gem of the sun, symbolizing the fire element. Beyond its fiery legacy, blue topaz represents love and loyalty, making it a meaningful gemstone for relationships.


Turquoise resembles the tranquil ocean and is widely cherished for its calming effects. It’s said to be fantastic for reducing stress and stabilizing moods by creating a positive mindset. This gemstone is said to be packed with properties, especially known for warding off negative energies and encouraging a joyful spirit. Turquoise is one of the oldest and most revered stones, with a history spanning thousands of years with a rich tradition.

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