Best Crystals for Strength (only ones to consider)

Being strong isn’t just about physical power or being fearless. It’s about the toughness inside you, the ability to persevere through difficult times. True strength is seen when you’re dealing with challenges and obstacles. And remember, being strong doesn’t mean hiding or suppressing emotions. It’s completely okay to feel overwhelmed, cry, or get frustrated.

What’s important is how you handle these emotions and come out of challenging situations. Embracing inner strength means taking control, treating yourself with kindness, and having the confidence that, no matter what, you’ll get through it and even grow from the experience.

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Now, if you’re looking to boost this inner strength, crystals can be a helpful tool. Throughout history, these healing stones have been cherished by warriors, wise folks, and spiritual seekers for their ability to enhance spiritual power. Crystals vibrate at high frequencies, can be infused with positive intentions, and are known to help overcome obstacles and negative habits.

So, in today’s guide, let’s explore which of these stones might be the best fit to support and empower you.

The Best Crystals for Strength


Appearance: Amethyst boasts a rich purple hue, reminiscent of ancient myths and legends. It’s no surprise that this wine-like stone was treasured in bygone eras.

Benefits: Amethyst shines with the promise of stability and inner tranquility, channeling the energy of the crown chakra. If you’re searching for a clearer connection to your inner self and a deeper understanding of your emotions, amethyst is the go-to gem. It radiates a calming energy, teaching the value of letting go and helping avoid unhealthy dependencies.

Usage: If you ever feel anxious about facing the world by yourself, or find it challenging to embrace solitude and make independent decisions, keep Amethyst close. It’s known to alleviate anxiety, grounding you in your unique strength and capabilities.


Appearance: Aventurine has a calming hue, colored with subtle shades of green, exuding an aura of silent power.

Benefits: Aventurine is more than just a pretty stone; it’s like a lucky charm that smooths out life’s rough patches, making way for blessings to come your way. It’s especially adept at opening up your heart and infusing it with soft strength. Letting go of old habits and adopting a fresh, positive perspective becomes easier with this gem by your side.

Usage: If you ever feel in need of a little luck, or perhaps a reminder that tough times will pass, reach out for aventurine. It’s a comforting thought, knowing that you have the strength within to overcome, and with aventurine, you’ll be reminded not to dwell too much on the negatives.


Appearance: Aquamarine, with its soothing blue hues, evokes the calming depths of the sea.

Benefits: Renowned for its powerful healing attributes, aquamarine is particularly associated with courage. It has connections with the zodiac sign Pisces and the mythical rulers of the seas, Neptune and the Greek god Poseidon. It’s an excellent companion during tough times, especially when healing from heartaches or loss. Historically, both Romans and Greeks treasured it as the “Sailors’ Stone” because of its reputed ability to safeguard mariners during their sea journeys.

Usage: For those who seek to tap into the courage-boosting abilities of aquamarine, wearing it as a choker positions it close to the throat chakra, amplifying its effects. However, you can also wear it in other forms like rings or pendants. When you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, simply holding onto the stone can infuse you with a sense of calm and bravery.


Appearance: Bloodstone has a rich velvet green hue with darker shades. What makes it stand out are the bright iron-colored speckles that resemble drops of blood.

Benefits: Bloodstone is often called the warrior stone. Why? Because it symbolizes strength in all its forms. This stone is renowned for its ability to instill courage and endurance. Think of warriors from the past; they believed so much in its power that they’d carry it into battles alongside their weapons. It helps face tough realities and gives you the drive to keep going, regardless of the challenges.

Usage: If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed by what’s happening around you or facing significant changes or even minor adjustments that weigh you down, bloodstone is your go-to. It empowers you, making you feel ready to move forward with confidence.


Appearance: Picture a comet, blazing red and orange, darting across the night sky. That’s what Carnelian reminds me of.

Benefits: Much like a comet, determined in its trajectory, carnelian has a dynamic spirit. It connects with your lower chakras, which focus on grounding and igniting passion, creativity, and personal growth. Think of it as a fiery nudge that encourages both your body and mind to push their limits and thrive.

Usage: If there’s ever a time when you feel drained or weighed down by life’s challenges, Carnelian is there to reignite your spark. It’s like a rejuvenating jolt to your system.


Appearance: Citrine looks as if someone managed to trap a ray of sunshine within a stone. It has the power to bring warmth and light into our lives.

Benefits: Positivity is a form of strength, and citrine embodies this sunny outlook. With its golden radiance and promise of good fortune, it serves as a reminder that life isn’t always stormy. There are bright spots, and even when we can’t see the sun, it’s still shining above the clouds. Beyond just lifting our spirits, citrine rejuvenates us and brings a sense of prosperity and abundance.

Usage: If you ever feel like your inner spark is dimming or when you’re downcast, keep citrine close by. Let its warming energy boost your mood, reminding you of the brighter side of life and the endless possibilities awaiting you.

Clear Quartz

Appearance: Clear quartz is stunning and reminds one of the strength and beauty of a glacier. It’s like a sparkling blank slate, waiting for your dreams to be painted on.

Benefits: Known as the master healer, clear quartz is all about purpose and making things happen. If you’re looking to refresh your energy, rid yourself of negative thoughts, or send out your wishes to the universe, this stone is a must-have.

Usage: When things aren’t aligning with your vision or if you feel stuck and cluttered, it’s time to turn to Clear Quartz. By focusing on what you want, you can harness the crystal’s power. It not only gives you clarity but also boosts your energy multiple times, helping you shape your life the way you envision it.


Appearance: Hematite shines like a sleek, silver bullet, radiating an aura of undeniable resilience.

Benefits: Let me tell you, Hematite is like a superhero of stones. It sweeps away any negativity and brightens up your spirit. While it might look dark, it’s packed with positive vibes, and it’s all about boosting your inner power. It’s there to ensure you’re in balance and that, no matter the challenge, you’ll bounce back with vigor.

Usage: If you ever feel like you’re running on empty, be it physically or mentally, hematite might just be what you need. Feeling under the weather? This stone can help improve your body’s vitality. So, whenever you need that extra push, think of Hematite as your personal cheerleader.

Lapis Lazuli

Appearance: Lapis lazuli is like looking at the night sky. It’s richly blue, sprinkled with silvery white specks that resemble distant stars.

Benefits: Lapis lazuli is like a compass for your soul. It helps strike a balance within you, nurturing spiritual strength, deep self-awareness, and encouraging you to be unapologetically authentic. It’s truly a celebration of self-worth and inner understanding.

Usage: Whenever you’re feeling a bit off-course or doubting your decisions, let lapis lazuli be your guiding star. It’ll gently steer you back, reminding you to trust your inner voice and make choices that resonate with your true self.


Appearance: Moonstone beautifully captures the essence of the moon’s mesmerizing glow. Just picture the serene luminance of the moon on a quiet night, and you’ve captured the allure of moonstone.

Benefits: Embracing new beginnings is moonstone’s forte. Think of it as a tangible piece of the moon’s eternal light, illuminating our paths even during life’s dark moments. It reminds us of life’s ever-changing cycles, teaching us to ride the waves rather than resist them.

Usage: Change can be intimidating, we all know that. But if you ever feel daunted by life’s transitions, let moonstone be your anchor. It offers the assurance and inner strength you’ll need to navigate those shifts with poise.


Appearance: Obsidian has a deep, dark allure, reminiscent of a midnight sky. And if you look closely, there’s a subtle golden shimmer, much like moonlight peeking through the dark.

Benefits: Obsidian is like an all-around security system. It ensures your well-being on all fronts, from your physical health to guarding against negative vibes that might come your way.

Usage: If you’re someone who feels deeply and tends to absorb energies around you, obsidian’s got your back. Think of it as a barrier, keeping you safe and helping you stand firm, grounded in your unique power.

Rose Quartz

Appearance: At first glance, Rose Quartz has a delicate pink hue, but within it lies the impressive power of the heart chakra.

Benefits: Often, we link strength to qualities like resilience and courage. But, there’s a unique kind of strength in continually working to fill our hearts with love and compassion, especially towards ourselves. It’s not easy—many times, we can be our harshest critics. Shifting from self-criticism to self-love requires dedication and patience. By focusing on self-kindness and granting ourselves forgiveness, we gradually fortify our inner strength.

Usage: If you’re stuck in a pattern of self-criticism and find it hard to be kind to yourself, turn to rose quartz. It’s an excellent companion when you’re working on positive self-affirmations and self-love.


Appearance: Ruby gleams with a rich, royal red, exuding an air of luxury and opulence.

Benefits: Imbued with a potent sense of personal empowerment, ruby has graced the crowns of royalty, including the late Queen Elizabeth II. The stone has a special connection to the Leo zodiac sign, resonating with the warmth of the Sun and the depth of the heart. Historically, its power wasn’t lost on the Chinese nobility, who adorned their armor with rubies as a protective measure as early as 200 BC.

Usage: To fully harness the confidence-boosting properties of ruby, consider wearing it set in a gold ring. By doing so, you might find that not only is your self-assurance heightened, but your zest for life is revitalized.


Appearance: Selenite, in its natural state, showcases a gentle peachy-white shade, symbolizing purity and serenity.

Benefits: Selenite is like a beacon of clarity and peace. It’s like having a touch of starlight to guide you. This stone offers solace to frayed nerves, clears up cloudy thoughts, and ensures you don’t get overwhelmed. With selenite, you’re in a position of positive power, fully in control of your emotions and reactions.

Usage: If you ever feel your nerves skyrocketing, or if stress threatens to throw you off balance, turn to Selenite. It harmonizes your responses to stress, acting as a natural calming agent. And when your thoughts seem scattered or unclear, Selenite offers a gentle clarity, cutting through the mental fog.


Appearance: Sunstone shimmers with shades of red and orange, reminiscent of a beautiful sunset.

Benefits: Linked with the zodiac signs of Libra and Leo, sunstone radiates positive vibes reminiscent of the Sun and the Greek god Apollo. Notably, while it has the potential to invigorate all seven chakras, it has a special affinity for the sacral (orange) and solar plexus (yellow) chakras. These chakras play a big role in our self-confidence and bravery. When they are in harmony, you’ll find it easier to step out of the shadows of insecurity and self-doubt.

Usage: To get the most out of your sunstone, consider taking a moment to meditate with it. Sit in a quiet place, hold the stone near your sacral and solar plexus chakras, and visualize a brilliant orange light emanating from the stone, wrapping you in its warm glow. Wearing sunstone jewelry can also be an effective way to stay connected with its uplifting energy.

Tiger’s Eye

Appearance: Imagine the mesmerizing gaze of a big cat, with earthy tones and striking streaks of orange, black, and gold. That’s the allure of tiger’s eye.

Benefits: Tiger’s eye is like a gym for your inner strength. It radiates a fierce energy, nudging you to harness your own power and chase after your desires. And the best part? It’s got your back, protecting you every step of the way, ensuring that the path you tread is safe.

Usage: Whenever self-doubt tries to creep in or you’re hesitant to speak up, grab hold of your tiger’s eye. It’s perfect for anyone who hesitates to voice their needs or for those who typically avoid confrontations. Let this stone remind you of your strength and worth.

Black Tourmaline

Appearance:  Black tourmaline, with its dark and enigmatic hue, seems to draw you into its depth.

Benefits: This stone is a beacon of balance and grounding, especially when life’s chaos threatens to unseat you. Whether you’re seeking courage, confidence, or a renewed vigor for life, black tourmaline promises to deliver. It shares a unique bond with Pisces, imparting strength and helping them establish firm boundaries. Interestingly, the origins of this stone trace back to Germany.

Usage: Given its protective nature, placing black tourmaline near entrances can help deflect negative energies from your home. Wearing it as jewelry, especially close to your skin, ensures that its grounding effects remain with you throughout the day.

How to use these crystals

When diving into the world of crystals, it’s good to remember that these gems have a reputation for promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. They’re like a personal powerhouse that can enhance your strength and resilience.

To incorporate them into your everyday life, here’s what you can do:

Wearing and/or carrying them: Having crystals on you, whether it’s through jewelry or simply tucked in your pocket, can be empowering. They’re believed to shore up courage and resilience, making it easier to tackle life’s challenges. Ever heard of prayer or mala beads made of crystals? Wearing them close to your heart or around your wrist can evoke feelings of hope and peace. And different crystals bring different vibes as noted above.

Sprucing up your workspace: Your work area is where you spend a significant chunk of your day, so why not add a crystal touch? Crystals like bloodstone, amethyst, and tiger’s eye can infuse strength into your surroundings, especially during uncertain times. They not only uplift your spirit but also help sharpen your focus. So, if you’re seeking that extra zing of energy and mental clarity, consider placing a few of these gems around your workspace.

Affirmations: Pairing crystals with positive affirmations can be a game-changer. Repeating uplifting phrases while working with your chosen crystal can channel the energy towards your intentions. Imagine clearing a path for your dreams and aspirations, where you’re fully aligned with your desires.

Chakra healing: Chakra healing might sound a tad esoteric, but it’s essentially about channeling energy. Imagine each chakra in your body as a hub of energy, and the crystals act as tuners, adjusting the vibes for optimal balance and vitality. Different crystals correspond to different chakras, each offering its unique healing touch. So, when engaging in chakra healing with crystals, you’re inviting vibrational energies that can rejuvenate and harmonize your body’s energy centers.

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