Best Crystals for Grief (My Favorites)

Dealing with grief and loss is a personal experience, unique to each individual. There are no shortcuts in this journey, and each person must take the time they need.

However, various forms of support are available, from conversations with loved ones to self-care practices, including the use of healing gemstones. These stones can offer comfort and aid in the healing process in several ways.

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In today’s guide, let’s talk about a few gemstones that may provide help with your grieving.  Granted, it may not be a solution, of course, but it could help you mentally.

Listed below you will find some of my favorite crystals for overcoming and dealing with grief.

Best Crystals for Grief


Amethyst, often seen as a spiritual stone, is said to possess unique healing properties. It is commonly referred to as the “stone of the soul,” making it an ideal choice for moments of sorrow and grief due to its soothing and restorative qualities.

This stone stands out as a beacon of comfort, helping in the release of grief, fears, and anxieties, thereby paving the way for healing. A notable feature of amethyst is its ability to foster a peaceful sleep, safeguarding against nightmares.

The stone’s striking purple hue connects it to the crown chakra, which is symbolic of enlightenment and spiritual connectivity. In times of mourning and sadness, amethyst plays a pivotal role in reinstating inner tranquility and emotional balance.

Amethyst is also said to serve as a catalyst in letting go of painful emotions, instilling a sense of calm and serenity. This gemstone may be instrumental in fostering spiritual growth and awareness. This deeper understanding of life and its associated grieving processes can provide immense comfort. As a symbol and a comforting presence, amethyst is invaluable for those seeking solace in challenging times of loss and grief.


Amazonite, often hailed as the “stone of hope,” is known for its remarkable capacity to foster communication and alleviate negative emotions like anger and pessimistic thoughts. This gemstone is particularly great at converting feelings of sorrow and rage into more loving and positive energies. One of its key qualities is the ability to soothe nerves and provide a broader perspective on life’s events. This broader viewpoint is crucial in helping individuals process their grief and find the strength to move forward.

This appealing light green stone is closely associated with both the heart and throat chakras. These connections underscore its role in enhancing emotional expression and comprehension. During difficult times of loss and sadness, amazonite can be incredibly beneficial in encouraging open and honest discussions about one’s feelings. This can significantly diminish the emotional intensity often associated with grief.

Another vital aspect of amazonite is its ability to instill inner peace and calm. These qualities are indispensable when coping with the challenges of grief and loss. The stone is recognized for its effectiveness in filtering and transforming negative energies. This transformation offers a sense of protection and purification, which can be particularly comforting.

Amazonite, as a nurturing and supportive presence, aids in finding emotional equilibrium and healing during times of grief. It serves as a powerful ally for those navigating the complexities of loss, offering a pathway to emotional balance and recuperation.

Apache Tears

Apache tears are a type of natural obsidian formed from volcanic activity and deeply rooted in Native American culture, which is where they get their interesting name.

More than just a rock, they’re akin to a crystal, born from molten volcanic substances that crystallize into a glass-like form. Many people use them in spiritual practices for their healing qualities.

If you’re going through a tough time, like the loss of someone special or even a beloved pet, Apache tears could be a comforting presence. They are known for helping clear your mind and ease the burden of grief. These stones can be a real support when you’re dealing with tough emotions like anxiety, fear, and depression, helping to heal past traumas and old wounds.


Carnelian, with its vibrant and radiant glow, might seem an unlikely companion during times of grief. However, its warm and comforting presence acts like a flame, dispelling the darkness that accompanies loss.

This gemstone is said to be great in balancing energy, infusing a sense of support, safety, and strength. Its remarkable ability to connect with the spirit world brings a unique perspective to grief, making the heavy feelings of loss and dread more manageable by sharing them with ancestral spirits.

The significance of this stone in healing and spiritual connection offers a profound understanding of its role in coping with grief.


Celestite, also known as celestine, is particularly beneficial in times of grief, especially when it leads to inner conflicts or disrupts the harmony of one’s environment. This crystal is closely linked with celestial, divine energies, making it a source of strength and perseverance for those mourning a loss.

Characterized by its serene blue hue, celestite is synonymous with calmness and divinity. It assists individuals in mourning by facilitating the release of pent-up emotions. This process allows for a clearer and more focused mental state, aiding in the navigation of grief with calm and clarity.

Its gentle energy may help restore balance in relationships and environments affected by the disarray of grieving, guiding the bereaved on their journey toward healing.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz, often hailed as the most versatile and powerful among healing crystals, is renowned for its wide-ranging benefits. This crystal is unique in its ability to amplify, absorb, and regenerate energy, not just from its wearer but also from other crystals in its vicinity.

Wearing clear quartz can bring a sense of equilibrium to the emotional turmoil that accompanies grief and bereavement. It is said to help in rejuvenating the wearer’s physical, mental, and emotional states, fostering an overall sense of healing and renewal. This crystal acts as a balm to the soul, helping to restore and repair the inner energy disrupted by loss.


Moonstone, a pearly and pale gem, offers a luminescent guide through the darkness of grief. Its resemblance to the moon’s soothing light at night symbolizes the cyclical nature of emotions, time, and life’s ebb and flow.

Notably, moonstone is associated with new beginnings, which can be a guiding light out of darker periods. It is particularly great at navigating through the numbness of depression and tempering bursts of anger.

The significance of its journey through grief highlights its role in every stage, providing a gentle, illuminating presence in the process of healing and moving forward.


Rhodochrosite is a stone that truly embodies compassionate love and balance. It serves as a gentle reminder that life goes on, even in the midst of our grief and heartbreak. What’s special about this stone is how it helps bring hidden emotions to the surface during the grieving process. It allows you to acknowledge and address each of these feelings properly.

Losing someone close or a cherished pet can leave you feeling lonely and despairing.

Rhodochrosite may offer a ray of hope, a comforting thought that life can and will get better. It’s like a friend that helps chase away those negative, depressing thoughts and lifts you out of your sadness.


Rhodonite, a soft pink stone reminiscent of a rose, offers gentle support in processing shock and panic. It’s not just a superficial balm for pain but a guide through the process of healing deep-seated emotional wounds.

It is said to be rich in self-love, which is crucial for healing. This gemstone doesn’t merely cover up the pain, but it assists in clearing the heart and igniting the necessary love to navigate through challenging times.

Over time, it may help with releasing emotions that no longer serve a purpose, leading to a state of gentle acceptance and understanding of its deeper meaning.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz, a charming pink quartz stone, is often celebrated as the “stone of love,” radiating a gentle, nurturing energy. This stone is pivotal in opening the heart chakra, fostering receptiveness to love, which in turn cultivates inner peace and harmony. It also encourages self-awareness of your vulnerabilities, aiding in relaxation and freedom from worries.

The stone’s ability to enhance empathy and heighten sensitivity is noteworthy. It’s said to encourage self-compassion, acceptance, and love, helping to ease self-criticism.

Linked to the heart chakra, rose quartz is linked to love, compassion, and emotional healing. In periods of grief, for example, it offers solace to broken hearts, promoting self-acceptance, forgiveness, and the release of painful emotions.

Rose quartz also plays a vital role in preserving cherished memories and finding solace in the warmth of loving relationships. As a potent symbol of love, it provides comfort to those in mourning, helping them discover emotional healing and inner peace amidst the trials of loss and grief.

How to use these crystals

Wear it as jewelry:  One effective method is to wear it as jewelry. Having a stone in direct contact with your skin can be comforting, and it allows the stone to send healing vibrations to your heart or other chakras in need of support.

Under your pillow:  Another approach is simply by placing a gemstone under your pillow. This may help in achieving restful sleep and provide relief from the restless nights and negative emotions that often accompany grief.

Carry it:  Carrying a worry stone and holding it during moments of emotional upheaval can be incredibly grounding. The crystal can help stabilize your emotions and bring a sense of calm. Meditation with these crystals can also be beneficial. Depending on your specific emotional needs, you can place a crystal on various chakras. For example, a crystal representing unconditional love can be placed on the heart chakra to ease heartache or a crystal can be placed on the forehead to tap into the third eye for enhanced intuition and guidance.

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