Agate Birthstone: When Is It?

In general, agate has a lot of meaning to it, mainly seen as a protective stone.  While this is true, agate is actually known as a birthstone, especially a birthstone of protection.  Historically, Egyptian kings and queens wore agate rings and necklaces as they believed in the powers of this protection.  In fact, they were found in their tombs with this jewelry still intact.

All around the world, agates are found in sand, soil, or volcanic rock, all coming in a variety of colors, which include blue, red, green, black, and gray, to name a few.  The color you see will greatly depend on the chemicals in it.  As the lava cools and hardens into a rock, it can transform the agate into various sizes and shapes, eventually forming crystallized layers to create what you see today.  The banded structure is made of a mix of chalcedony and microcrystalline quartz.

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Agate birthstone month

For as long as we remember, agate has been the traditional birthstone for May.   In the past, Romans and Greeks saw agate as a May birthstone and they assigned these stones according to astrological sign, not the month.  Since May is a sign for both Taurus and Gemini, it can be used for both signs born in May.

However, let it be known that Emerald, not agate, is May’s “official” birthstone, according to the American Gem Society.  Agate is considered to be the traditional alternative for May.

Seeing there’s no “definite” or official birthstone by a society, etc, you may see that some people may recommend agate as a September birthstone, which is also the sign for a Gemini.

Mostly, you will see May, but don’t be alarmed if you see September.  There’s no right or wrong here because, again, there’s no “official” birthstone month for agate.

Put simply, it’s an ideal birthstone for May and September babies.

Agate birthstone meaning

Aside from being seen as a stone of protection, agate is also known as a sign of strength as well as courage.  It is said that an agate birthstone can help clear your mind as well as your heart, allowing you to think clearer in situations as well as help repair/ignite relationships.

It’s also said to be a stone that can bring you good luck and fortune.  For centuries, it has been worn as jewelry to not only provide protection but to also bring good luck.  Historically, it was even seen worn as a charm to help protect from bad spirits.  This tradition has gone back thousands of years and is still used today for the same reasons.

As an agate can come in a variety of colors, each color can have its own meaning.  The same can be said about the culture in which the agate was found.  For example, a Brazil red agate may have a different meaning than a red agate found in the United States.  Every culture has its own ideas as to what the stone may bring, but there’s no concrete evidence as to what’s true.  We can only take what we know based on historical passages, spiritual beliefs, etc.

Lastly, agate brings peace and harmony, as this is said to be the heart of the stone.  Agates are said to vibrate at a slower rate and may not be as intense as other quartz stones.  These slower vibrations mean stability, which is great for a power balance between positive and negative energies.

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Agate birthstone color

There’s no definite official birthstone, according to an agate color; however, the best-colored agate for each astrological sign is as follows:

  • Aquarius – Blue Agate
  • Aries – Green Agate
  • Cancer – Yellow Agate
  • Leo – Purple Agate
  • Pisces – Red Agate
  • Virgo – Pink Agate

Agate crystals are very easy to get, whether it’s a necklace, ring or even a raw slab.  With many formations, colors and bands, each crystal can stimulate you in various ways.  For instance, fire agate can support the lower chakras, whereas blue lace agate is geared more toward your upper chakras.  Moss agate, on the other hand, is more of a grounding stone, as it can help connect you to the Earth.  To learn more about these agates, be sure to check out our agates section.

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