Grey Agate: Benefits and Properties

For centuries, agate has been used for making jewelry, mainly for its healing purposes. It’s known as a stone of stability, one that’s able to not only ground you but bring a sense of peace. Referred to as the Fossil Agate, grey agate is very easy to recognize for its color and banded layers, however, it’s much different than the other colored agates you may have seen in the past, such as green and red, to name a few. Grey agate is created from the broken shells that are found deep in the riverbed mud as this is where they have been naturally polished. When mined, you may find a solid grey color or you can find subtle bands of various grey shades. Most agate is found in volcanic regions, such as Brazil, Uruguay and the United States.

What is grey agate?

Grey agate is a semi-translucent grey stone which will have traces of quartz. Like other agates, it’s part of the chalcedony family, formed from volcanic rock. After a volcano explodes, the magma and lava turns into an igneous rock. As this rock cools down, it will become hollow, which allows the agate to form inside as the water begins to fill these hollow spaces. Depending on the environment circumstances, the water can fill slowly or quickly in some cases. If it’s quick, the agate is often a solid color, but it’s more of a slower process, then inclusions will be seen, which allows the agate to form bands and/or layers. This is because bands were able to form as the silica water layers are able to solidify as another layer is deposited on top. This is repeated until the hollow area is filled. All agates, including grey, are so unique because each one is part of a different environmental process. Most grey agates you see on the market will either be dark or light, sometimes with bands of various colors.

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Grey agate properties

Strength: Grey agate has been known as a stone that brings you strength as well as grounds you, bringing you a sense of balance in your emotional, intellectual and physical well-being. This agate color is said to be one of the best grounding stones to carry around because of its powerful connection with the Earth. If you’re into meditation, it’s a powerful way to connect with the Earth and Gaia. It also keeps you in touch with nature.

Positive energy: Grey agate can help release positive energy, all while helping you avoid negative energy that may be coming your way. Many people often turn to this crystal as a calming stone to bring peace and serenity to their life. If you’re looking for a stone that’s able to bring you a calm yet gentle feeling, this may be one to consider.

Deep connection to your past:  History has believed that the fossils found within these agates give you a deep connection to your past as well as help bring energy to your life. It’s said to help boost your confidence as well as bring your life some stability, all while enhancing your personal growth. It encourages you to be aware of your thoughts, helping you decipher what’s best for your long-term future. Simply put, it’s able to assist you with walking through the world with ease rather than that heavy feeling of stress and uncertainty.

Calming:  As a calming stone, grey agate will help release any tension or turmoil you may be encountering in life. Since it opens your mind, it allows you to make wise decisions using facts rather than your overwhelming emotions. Seen as a positive stone, it’s going to help release any fear or anger you have built up over the years to help you better understand the world in a peaceful way rather than one that’s dark. Agate is said to help you correctly identify what’s bringing your discomfort.

Grey agate benefits

  • brings you the strength to stay calm under pressure
  • helps prevent negative energy from entering your life
  • a sign of peace and helps reduces stress
  • grounds you in life, bringing you balance to your emotions and physical state
  • it’s believed to help increase your concentration and clarify perceptions
  • known as a calming stone which brings you comfort
  • clears your mind and helps you think responsibly
  • dissolves any built up tension/anger
  • encourages deep thinking
  • may be able to become more independent
  • great for mediation since it has a powerful connection to the Earth

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Grey agate zodiac sign

The grey agate is closely connected to the Gemini zodiac sign. People born under the Gemini sign are believed to be “dual natured” and are often in need to balance their spiritual side with nature. Since grey agate is said to be one closely connected to the Earth, this crystal can help create this balance.

As a Gemini, stress may be more prevalent than other signs. If you need to balance your body’s energies, this gemstone can absorb any negative energies, such as stress or tension, in your life, and turn them into one that’s positive.

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