Banded Agate 101: Meaning, Colors and More

Banded agate, often referred to as the layered agate or earth rainbow, features layers that look like that of bands, hence the name. These bands are formed from layers of quartz crystals and was shaped from the layers of silica, mainly found in volcanic cavities. As time progresses, these bands continue to form, adding to the beauty of the stone, making each banded agate a very unique piece.

Banded agate comes in a wide range of colors, but the most commonly sought after include grey, blue, black, pink, red, green, purple, and white, all of which come in various blends. This type of agate crystal is often mined in Botswana, Brazil, South Africa and the United States.

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Banded agate properties

Grounding:  Banded agate is known to be the ultimate grounding stone, as it can put you in control, giving you that peaceful feeling, and letting you know that everything will be okay in life. It holds strong vibration energies as well as healing properties which can help positively change you.

Life organization: When you closely look at the layers of a banded agate crystal, you will want to picture each layer as your conscious. Every layer represents a portion of your life, in which you can organize the details of your life. You can also refer to these layers are a filing cabinet to your life. It’s a way to find order and organization in life, which can help you prioritize.

Confidence:  The banded agate also gives you the strength and confidence to get rid of any negative energies/behaviors you’re encountering. This crystal will give you the strength needed to help connect with your inner self to help you figure out the truth in situations.

Healing and peace:  All in all, a banded agate will help you heal, improve and bring peace to your life, as it brings the mind and body to perfect harmony.

Protection:  Banded agate is believed to have great protection properties, which means you may be shielded from negative energies.  This can provide a sense of safety.

Banded agate benefits

  • it’s able to help with emotional stability, as it can harmonize both positive/negative energies
  • like many crystals, banded agate can help protect you from negative thoughts and energy
  • some healers say it can help with memory improvement and concentration, helping you focus on what matters most in life
  • improves your confidence
  • allows you to get in touch with your inner self, which can help showcase the truth in situations
  • encourages peace
  • a great coping gemstone, which allows you to confront any demons you may have
  • helps instill a sense of stability, while bringing in strength to your body
  • improves your connection with the physical world if you feel unconnected
  • helps you remain calm and relaxed

Banded agate chakra

The banded agate is closely related to your third eye chakra, as it can help release any negative energy you may be feeling. Whether it’s a relative, boss or someone who brings about a lot of negative energy, it helps you cut ties, only bringing in positive vibes. The third-eye chakra, combined with the banded agate, can help you gather a new perspective on life.

It’s also related to the root chakra since it can provide emotional stability and help balance your emotions. If you’re experiencing any fear or anxiety, the root chakra and banded agate can help energy flow freely, naturally where it should.

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Banded agate zodiac

While banded agate doesn’t have a definite zodiac sign, astrologers believe it’s closely tied to the Aries sign. This is mainly because Aries will often encounter a lot of anxiety since they won’t stop until they see the results they want. Since this stone can promote a feeling of calmness, it can make for a great crystal for those who suffer from stress and anxiety. It brings about peace and helps one understand that you often have to go with the flow in life. Everything can’t always go your way.

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