46+ Green Crystals and Stones (full list)

Green crystals are intriguing and connect us to Earth’s energy due to their special abilities and properties. If you’re new to the world of crystals, it might be overwhelming to understand their spiritual meanings since there are so many out there.

Many people, whether they collect crystals or not, find green crystals attractive. Beyond their beauty, these crystals are believed to have special metaphysical effects as well as energies.  For example, green crystals have been symbols of abundance and wealth since ancient times.

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When you wear green crystals, they won’t force you into anything. Instead, they’ll nudge you to act in ways that are comfortable and reasonable.

In today’s guide, let’s dive and explore the world of green crystals.  Let’s talk about what green means as well as what each green crystal can do for your life.

Green crystal meaning

Emotional healer:  Green crystals are like a deep breath of fresh forest air. They capture the essence of nature and have a knack for balancing our hearts and lives. If you’ve ever felt emotional pain, these gems are like your best friends, ready to heal and comfort. They’re all about love and will wrap you up in positive vibes, peace, and a nurturing spirit. Feeling super stressed or on the verge of panic? Hold onto these stones. They’ll help you see how capable you are and be your rock during rough patches.

Boosts your confidence:  One of the fantastic things about green stones is that they boost your self-confidence and inner peace. Just as seasons change in nature, they remind you that every feeling is temporary. These stones make sure your heart, body, and emotions are in sync, reinforcing the bond within yourself.

Calming effects:  On the mental front, green crystals have this calming effect. They may help you get over any sadness and get excited about what’s next. Think about how long nature has been around and then how short human life is. With that in mind, these stones nudge you to contribute selflessly, sharing your skills without always focusing on what’s in it for you.

Sign of wealth:  The green color reminds us of plants and is often seen as a sign of wealth. So, using green stones can be helpful in achieving success, wealth, and growth in various areas of our life, be it personal development or business growth. They also help ground us, making us feel connected to nature.

Signify growth:  Green stones signify growth and energy. They represent fresh starts, balance, and harmony. Known to balance emotions and enhance the connection between our hearts and minds, they are also linked to growth. Think of green as the color of spring, signaling renewal and fresh opportunities.

Good for spiritual growth:  When it comes to the soul, green crystals guide and motivate you to overcome obstacles and bring your dreams to life. The softer shades of these stones are particularly good for spiritual growth. After bonding with these gems, you’ll find it easier to connect with others. The transformational power of green stones makes you more empathetic, enabling you to give the best of yourself to those you care about. And while it’s good to be empathetic, these stones also remind you not to shoulder everyone’s burdens. Your main job? Being the best version of you and letting others handle their paths.

Healing the heart chakra:  Green gemstones are like a spa treatment for your heart chakra. They clear out any negativity, heal past emotional wounds, and rejuvenate trust. An open heart chakra ensures we love freely and receive love wholeheartedly. By clearing away any lingering bitterness, these stones reinforce that we truly deserve all the good things in life.

Strengthening relationships:  Ever noticed how green gemstones uplift your spirits? They play a role in relationships too. With them, you’re bound to attract partners who match your energy and zest for life. These gems fan the flames of connection, fostering trust and building strong bonds. They wrap you in a cocoon of security, keeping negative feelings like jealousy at bay. In essence, they encourage openness, deeper connections, and genuine communication.

Green crystal names


Amazonite is like a mediator—it helps balance out conflicting thoughts and goals by revealing the truth. It’s like a light that helps you and others see things from a different perspective. While it’s often used in jewelry, it’s fragile and can break easily. But its unique color makes it a favorite for many crafters. Even if it’s somewhat rare, it won’t empty your pockets.

Green Amber

Originating mostly from South America, Green Amber has a charm of its own, boasting shades that can remind you of the mesmerizing Northern Lights. That’s why some folks affectionately call it the Aurora Amber. Beyond its visual appeal, it promises insights into psychic realms, offers protection, and even brings a touch of luck and prosperity. If you’re keen to connect deeply with this stone, simply cradle it in your hands and take a moment to meditate.


Green Andalusite stands out with its blend of yellow, brown, and orange hues, though its primary color is a gentle pale green. This stone can vary, appearing either clear or somewhat hazy. Not just a pretty gem, it’s celebrated for numerous benefits like promoting healing, enhancing mental clarity, and aiding in spiritual journeys like astral travel. If you’re thinking of tapping into its full potential, syncing it with the energies of either a Full Moon or New Moon might be a good idea.

Green Apophyllite

Green Apophyllite, with its soft green hue, can remind one of Peridot. Often found accompanying Heulandite, this stone varies from translucent to completely clear or even opaque, with a backdrop that might be yellow or peachy. What’s fascinating about Green Apophyllite? Well, it’s said to bring both good fortune and stability into one’s life. And if you’re keen on tapping into these benefits, a simple meditation session with this stone could do the trick.

Green Aventurine

Meet aventurine, a type of quartz that naturally twinkles. Its shimmer, known as aventurescence, comes from flat, thin crystals inside it that catch the light. You might also notice a blue-green tint, thanks to certain minerals inside. With a toughness rating of 7, you can wear it every day without worry. But here’s a heads up: there’s an artisanal glass named “aventurine” (or “goldstone”), but it’s not the same as this quartz.

Often dubbed the “Lucky Gemstone” or “Stone of Opportunity,” green aventurine is famous for attracting good luck. Its main purpose is to help you break free from old habits and embrace new, exciting paths with confidence.

Green Agate

Think of green agate as nature’s canvas, painted over time with various minerals, resulting in colorful bands. Its diverse patterns and shades speak volumes about its resilience. The gem serves as a reminder to remain goal-focused, regardless of unforeseen challenges. Life is ever-changing, and agate ensures your mind is always ready for the ride.

Green Apatite

Apatite is not just one mineral; it’s like a big family with lots of members. But when people say “apatite,” they usually mean any gem from this family. You might come across blue-green ones most often, but there’s a unique shade called “asparagus stone” too. If you’re thinking of jewelry with apatite, be cautious. Given that it’s delicate, it’s best suited for pendants and earrings.

Think of apatite as a motivational speaker in gem form. It clears away doubts, apathy, and sadness, encouraging your mind to strive for greater knowledge and purpose. Apatite is a visionary gem, promoting a sense of community and compassion. Coming in shades like green and ocean green, this stone specifically nurtures the Heart Chakra, fostering a balance between intellect and emotion. If you have dreams and face roadblocks, green apatite can help pave the way.


Surprise, surprise, bloodstone is actually green. But why the name? This gem, a type of chalcedony, boasts a green base speckled with red dots, reminiscent of blood drops. This stone, often worn by March-born individuals, has long been a symbol of courage, especially among warriors.


Bowenite, with its resemblance to Nephrite Jade, sports both dark and light green shades. Fun fact: its green tone is influenced by serpentine. This gemstone isn’t just a visual delight; it’s packed with a host of benefits. From offering protection and fostering harmony to boosting creativity and dream interpretation, Bowenite truly shines. Want to harness its full potential? Engaging in visualization, meditation, or affirmations will do the trick.

Green Calcite

Green Calcite is akin to the wise old sage. Its composition, calcium carbonate, is one of the most common minerals around. While it might be abundant, don’t underestimate its value. This gem is a tricky one to shape due to its distinct structure. Functionally, it acts as a balm for your mind, enhancing clarity and creating a bridge between emotions and intellect.

Green Chrysoberyl

You might recognize chrysoberyl for its iconic yellow cat’s eye or its color-changing variant, alexandrite. But guess what? It comes in green as well. This minty green shade pops up here and there, but not many people are chasing after it. Still, if cut well, a green chrysoberyl will shine brilliantly, making it perfect for rings.

Chrome Diopside

If you’re into costume jewelry, you’ve probably come across chrome diopside. Despite its popularity, it’s actually quite new, with most of it coming from a spot in Siberia found in 1988. Pakistan also offers some of this gem. Even though it’s a bit rare, it’s still wallet-friendly. Its rich green hue makes it great for budget-friendly jewelry. Just remember, it’s on the softer side, so handle with care.

This green gem, chrome diopside, is like a mentor for creativity and focus. For ages, people have believed that it enhances intelligence and even ignites a passion for learning. Philosophically, it promotes persistence and mutual love.


Chrysoprase, a type of chalcedony, catches the eye with its bright green shade, thanks to nickel-rich minerals inside it. Whether polished or carved, it’s another gem that can pass for jade. A quick tip: if you’re after durability, pick one from Australia. Chrysoprase from other places might lose its color if it spends too much time in the sun.

When life gets tough, chrysoprase is like a comforting friend, promoting feelings of peace and happiness. Imagine it as a channel for divine love, encouraging compassion and empathy within you. It’s not just about emotional wellness; this gem attracts love, prosperity, and has some magical healing vibes. If you’ve been feeling tied down in unhealthy relationships, chrysoprase can help you let go of those toxic patterns.

Green Diamonds

If you’re willing to splurge, how about a green diamond? These are among the rarest diamond colors, making them particularly sought-after. The green hue comes from elements like nitrogen, hydrogen, and nickel, or from certain imperfections formed due to radiation while the diamond develops deep underground. If a natural green diamond seems too pricey, don’t fret! You can always go for a treated diamond. These are given radiation treatments to achieve that lovely green, are more affordable, and rest assured, they’re safe to wear.

Green Fluorite

Green Fluorite, when polished, is like a prism showcasing various shades of green. Its natural state boasts a spectrum from translucent light green to richer jade tones. Recognized as a stabilizer, green fluorite helps streamline the chaos in your mind, bringing order and clarity. It’s a gem that infuses your heart and surroundings with tranquility.


Some gems serve as bridges between our world and unseen realms, channeling unique energies into our lives. Demantoid is one such gem that amplifies aspects of our personality. Commonly used to heighten joy, reduce stress, and improve concentration, it’s no surprise that many performers and athletes regard this gemstone as their lucky charm.


Dioptase is a unique green stone that can often be found inside quartz. Its color can range from a dark emerald shade to a brighter green with a touch of blue. This stone isn’t very common, and there are only a few places in the world where it’s found. On an emotional level, dioptase acts like a heart healer, helping to release feelings like pain, sadness, fear, and self-doubt.


When you think of green gems, emerald probably tops the list. Famous for centuries, this gem is packed with stories and has been the star of countless iconic jewelry pieces. While it’s quite hard (between 7.5 and 8), it’s not exactly the toughest gem for a ring. Why? Emeralds naturally have tiny flaws, which can cause them to crack if they hit something hard. Many also undergo oil treatments to look their best. If you’re set on an emerald ring, there are ways to reduce risks.

Chrome Enstatite

When you come across Chrome Enstatite, you’re looking at a premium variety of Enstatite. Valued highly, this crystal exudes dark to muted green tones, giving off an aura similar to the enchanting Emerald. Known to attract prosperity and good fortune in love, it also boosts energy and immunity. If you’re aiming to amplify its potential, just clutch the crystal and take a few minutes to meditate.


Fuchsite’s green shades can range from deep to light, largely due to its Chromium content. A defining feature? Its white streaks and the lime-green glow it gives off under UV light. Green Fuchsite isn’t just a looker—it aids in emotional growth, healing, and even balances hormones. To draw out its powers, whisper some uplifting affirmations to the gem.


Let’s think of garnet as a refreshing energy drink for your spirit. It has an amazing ability to cleanse and rejuvenate your body’s energy centers. By doing so, it ensures you remain energized, bright, and balanced, bringing about a sense of calm and happiness. This stone is more than just an energy booster; it promotes love and loyalty. Garnet is like your cheerleader, always radiating positivity, passion, warmth, and a sense of connection.


Gaspeite, with its unique apple-green hue, occasionally blends with yellow and brown shades. This healing crystal, hailing from Canada, is somewhat rare. It’s revered for its ability to resonate with the Throat, Heart, and Solar Plexus Chakras, aiding in self-expression, boosting confidence, and even assisting in weight loss. If you’d like to charge Gaspeite and unleash its full power, a few minutes under smudge stick smoke should do the job.

Green Jade

Jade, in both its jadeite and nephrite forms, stands out as one of the most resilient gemstones you can find. It’s so robust that, believe it or not, it can withstand a hammer blow without shattering. However, I wouldn’t advise testing this while you’re wearing it. Besides its durability, jade is known for its musical attributes—it gives off a bell-like ring when struck. For ages, its mesmerizing see-through quality has made jade a favorite for carvings. But a word of caution: be wary of cheap jade, as it might be heavily processed and not as enduring.


Ever heard of the Lithia Emerald? That’s another name for Hiddenite, and for a good reason. This crystal, with its deep minty green translucence, easily reminds one of an Emerald. It’s a variant of Green Spodumene, renowned for bolstering concentration, nurturing unconditional love, and promoting personal growth. To awaken Hiddenite’s full potential, consider smudging it with herbs like Sage or Palo Santo.


Kornerupine is a bit of a showstopper, especially when it boasts green shades that can remind you of emeralds. As a gem that’s been shaped with many facets, it’s not something you’ll see every day. It’s mostly available in smaller sizes, with its value shooting up for the bigger ones. Even though it’s reasonably hard, you have to be gentle with it. A strong knock could split it right open.

Green Malachite

Malachite is all about mesmerizing green bands. Its beauty has earned it symbolic ties to wealth. Besides jewelry, its unique patterns and potential large size make it apt for decorative items. But remember, it’s delicate—soft, breakable, and doesn’t play well with heat or acids.

Malachite is like a trusty shield, enhancing your strength and endurance. When you’re out and about, it keeps you safe from negative influences. As an age-old protective stone, it sharpens your instincts, helping you avoid danger and creating a barrier against harmful emotions. It’s kind of like having a wise friend who helps you see the best in yourself, encouraging you to address and overcome your shortcomings rather than getting upset by them.


Maripolite is a charming blue-green gem, and its lovely hue is thanks to the presence of Chromium. Many also refer to it as Green Mica. If you’re searching for a stone that promotes balance, invigorates with vitality, and ensures harmony, this might be your go-to. To enhance its energy, try waving a burning incense around it.

Maw Sit Sit

If you think jade is a bit pricey, then you might want to check out maw sit sit. You can snag this for way less than what you’d pay for jade.This green stone sports bright colors thanks to small amounts of chromium and also showcases black patterns, making it a great stand-in for jade. What’s interesting is that some maw sit sit even has a bit of jadeite in it. The bright green shade you see? It’s a mix of jadeite and kosmochlor.


Distinctive with its bluish-green color, Green Moissanite often finds its home within other crystal structures. Its double refraction and impeccable clarity often lead to confusion, with many mistaking it for Diamonds. This stone isn’t just about physical allure; it promises a spiritual journey, enhancing focus, clarity, and patience. Want to tap into these benefits? Chanting positive affirmations directly to this gemstone can help activate its mystical qualities.


For those who love the mysteries of the universe or just enjoy olive-green hues, moldavite is your gem. Believe it or not, it’s a type of glass formed when meteorites crash into the Earth. Imagine a rock hitting a puddle, but swap the water for molten rock. As this fiery mix falls back down, it cools and solidifies into glass.

Picture moldavite as the turbo booster among gemstones. Renowned for triggering profound change, sudden realizations, and speeding up self-growth, this stone truly packs a punch. Its main role is with the Heart Chakra, but its energy resonates with all your energy centers, enhancing any mental pursuits. Use it when you’re upbeat and looking to broaden your horizons; moldavite has the power to redefine your life’s course.

Moss Agate

For centuries, moss agate has been considered a symbol of good fortune. Whether you carry it at work or wear it, it seems to draw prosperity your way. There’s even a belief that plants thrive better in its presence! This stone is like a miniature forest you can carry around. Its varied hues reconnect you to nature, making you feel like you’re wandering in a forest with the sun filtering through leaves and the gentle sound of a stream nearby.


Here’s olivine, a master detoxifier. It purifies on various levels, boosting your confidence and encouraging positive change. If you ever feel overwhelmed by stress or guilt, olivine helps ease those feelings, welcoming in fresh relationships and joys.


Ever dreamt of owning a gem that once flew through the sky? Enter peridot. Formed deep within volcanoes, some of these gems get flung out during eruptions and land nearby. And here’s a fun fact: some peridots even come from space, found in meteorites. However, these yellow-green jewels, despite being loved and affordable, aren’t super sturdy. They can crack if hit wrong and are sensitive to things like acid or quick temperature changes.

Imagine a stone that’s always sunny and positive; that’s peridot for you. It feels like it’s always radiating sunlight, showering you with blessings. This stone helps you move past old issues and step into a world where kindness flows freely. It aligns your day-to-day life with your true purpose and happiness. If you’re feeling stressed due to conflicts, peridot offers a sense of calm, drawing its powerful energy from the sun.

Green Pietersite

Green Pietersite is a captivating stone that can range from a deep green to a more muted olive shade. It’s unique, and you might notice patterns of red, black, gray, yellow, and brown mingling within. Its standout feature? The seemingly chaotic swirls and patterns that crisscross its surface. This gem isn’t just for show – it offers a path to healing, especially if you’ve faced setbacks or emotional pain. To harness its power, you might want to try charging it using the flame of a candle.

Prasiolite/Green Quartz

Prasiolite is a kind of quartz with a soft green tint. It’s recently gained traction as a wallet-friendly option for jewelry. While nature rarely offers green quartz, clever gem sellers can heat light amethysts (the purple quartz) to get prasiolite.

Prasiolite inspires you to embrace your uniqueness. It’s like that friend who nudges you to show off your special talents to the world, urging you to step out from the crowd. With prasiolite’s energy, you’ll feel like there’s no challenge too big or problem too tricky. It’s a stone that emboldens self-reliance.


When it comes to prehnite, its apple-green shade stands out. Most times, you’ll find it’s not entirely see-through, but when shaped into cabochons, it catches the eye. Some experts have even shaped less opaque ones to show off a soft and dreamy appearance. It scores a 6 to 6.5 on the hardness scale, meaning it’s pretty good at resisting scratches. However, its natural split lines can make it tricky to cut and shape.

Imagine prehnite as a bridge between your heart and the center of your drive or motivation, also known as the Solar Plexus chakra. With this connection, your heart aligns perfectly with your willpower. This means your genuine dreams and wishes are more in focus, and you’re led more by your heartfelt desires than by a scattered mind. Prehnite ensures that your actions are fueled by genuine feelings rather than fleeting thoughts.

Green Sapphire

Sapphires are usually associated with blue, but they can rock green too. While you might not find the richest of green shades, a green sapphire is a solid choice for everyday wear. Sapphires are tough cookies, making them a top pick for engagement rings. You’ll mostly find shades like olive, mint, and yellow-green. But if you’re in the mood for something unique, go for a green-blue “mermaid” hue. And here’s a secret: since green isn’t as loved as blue in sapphires, you’ll get it at a better price most of the time.


Serpentine isn’t just another pretty stone; it’s also California’s official state rock. What’s cool about serpentine is that it can often resemble jade, making it a favorite for carving or shaping into rounded, polished gemstones called cabochons. While it’s on the softer side, you’ll find serpentine frequently in affordable jewelry, and its olive-green shades make it an appealing choice for decorative items too.

Serpentine acts like a comforting friend, easing any emotional turmoil you might be feeling. It helps erase any fears about change and lets you embrace the future with enthusiasm. By reminding you of Earth’s long history compared to our short human existence, it gives you a broader perspective. This can inspire you to think beyond personal desires and offer your skills where they’re truly needed. If you’re a healer or just someone needing to de-stress, serpentine is a great companion.


Seraphinite is said to be a truly radiant gemstone that not only shines beautifully but also blesses your soul with positive energy. It’s like a dose of the sun’s energy for your spirit. By bringing this gem into your daily routine, you can dive into deeper, cosmic vibes. What’s more, it helps strengthen your bond with divine beings and guides, sharpening your intuition and making your predictions even more insightful.


If you’ve come across a gem that’s vividly green, sometimes leaning towards yellow-green, with brilliant, fire-like flashes, you might be looking at Green Sphene. Also known by many as Titanite, this gem’s sparkling, diamond-like glint and distinct color patterns are truly captivating. Beyond its stunning appearance, it’s believed to be a magnet for wealth, success, creativity, and even physical well-being. Interested in maximizing its potential? Circle a Clear Quartz wand over it three times. There are also other methods to energize such crystals, so feel free to explore.


With Spinel, appearances can be deceiving. While its base color might differ, it tends to shine brightly in green when exposed to light. This crystal might contain a mix of black, brown, or yellow shades within its green facade. A gem like the Green Spinel is quite a find as it connects with the Root Chakra, granting stability. To harness its energy, let it bask in the sun for a bit.


Feldspars are pretty common on our planet. But sunstones stand out and have won the hearts of many collectors. Why? Because inside sunstones, there are tiny bits of iron minerals, and in the case of Oregon sunstone, little specks of copper, which give them a shiny, glittery effect. While red shades are the crowd favorites, don’t overlook the green to blue-green ones. If you’re keen on the Oregon variant, our buying guide has got you covered.

Green Tourmaline

If you like gemstones with faceted surfaces, you might like green tourmaline, also referred to as verdelite. Not only are these stones generally clearer and larger than emeralds, they also come at a more affordable price. Plus, they’re pretty durable

Green Tourmaline can be imagined as your personal peacekeeper. It helps you find inner calmness by working on your Heart Chakra, ensuring you feel whole and joyous. While Pink Tourmaline is more about emotional healing, Green Tourmaline emphasizes physical wellness and harmony with the universe. Want to sync up with this stone? Place it on your chest and meditate, allowing it to help balance your energies.

Green Tremolite

Originating from Tanzania, Green Tremolite showcases a range of green shades, from clear and pale to a vibrant grassy hue. With its flaky texture, this gem is not just a visual treat but also a fantastic support for emotional healing. Looking to boost your confidence or spark some creativity? This crystal might be your answer. However, while recharging Tremolite using incense like Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, or Cedarwood can be effective, be cautious. Some of its varieties could be harmful if touched directly.


Turquoise is popularly known for its unique blue-green shade, but did you know it can lean more on the green side? Especially the turquoise from Carico Lake, Nevada, which often flaunts a vibrant apple-green with intricate black patterns that look like spiderwebs. Other places produce a more blue-greenish turquoise.


Green gemstones, like tsavorite, have a rich history of being believed to improve vision and overall well-being. Tsavorite, with its unique appearance under different lights, often shines best under proper lighting. Records from around 300 BC, like the writings of Theophrastus, hint at the health benefits of green gems. For instance, tsavorite is thought to boost fertility, strengthen organs, and enhance skin and tissues.


Unakite, a type of Jasper, stands out with its unique blend of colors: green, olive-green, pink, black, and gray, giving it a mossy look. Beyond its captivating appearance, it’s revered for qualities like patience, courage, psychic insights, and its grounding and healing energies. If you’re wondering how to recharge this beautiful stone, simply bury it in the soil for a few days to harness its vibrant energy.


Uvarovite, a variant of the garnet family, has a special bond with emotions. While garnets are champions in manifesting thoughts into reality, uvarovite takes it a notch higher by converting breakthroughs into tangible outcomes. Think of this stone as a guide for personal transformation, making you more adaptable and opening you up to a wider range of energies. Need a remedy for deficiencies? Uvarovite might be the one for you.


Variscite is not just beautiful with its soft green tones; it’s also steeped in history. This stone, which is great for cabochons and carvings, may not be the best for everyday rings, but it makes charming beads. Fun fact: People have loved these beads for a very long time. Some found in France are over 6,000 years old.

Green Zircon

It’s easy to mistake zircon with cubic zirconia, a well-known diamond look-alike. But zircon is its own gem, even celebrating birthdays in December. While white zircons might fool you into thinking they’re diamonds and blue ones are budget-friendly choices, green zircons are the rare and sought-after versions. They’re usually in muted olive shades. They’re quite hard, but their edges can chip. It’s best to wear them occasionally and maybe in earrings or necklaces to keep them safe. Want tips on picking one? Dive into our zircon buying guide.


You might have heard of the blue-violet gem, tanzanite. That’s a type of zoisite. However, zoisite also puts on a green outfit, which some mistakenly call “green tanzanite.” A clear green zoisite is quite a rare sight and is a treasure for collectors. But there’s also “ruby-in-zoisite”, a mix of green zoisite, black hornblende, and red ruby that’s great for decorative pieces.

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