Amazonite Meaning and Properties

The amazonite crystal, also known as the Amazon stone, Colorado jade or Pikes Peak jade, has been treasured for hundreds of years, going back to the Egyptian era, where they used this very stone to produce some beautiful jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces.  They even carved texts into the stone.

For centuries, this stone has always been valued for its beauty as well as its metaphysical properties.  This pale green stone was thought to be discovered in the Amazon River, located in Brazil; however, as time progressed, no one ever found deposits.  Instead, most of the amazonite you find today comes from Brazil, Madagascar and parts of the United States, such as Colorado.  History notes amazonite being used by ancient Amazon tribes in Brazil when they were thought to cure sicknesses and wounds from battle.  Legends has it that these green stones were given to others as a token of gratitude and as a way to bring someone luck.  That tradition still seems to stand as of today.

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Not to be confused with jade, amazonite is thought to be a very powerful stone with a rich history, as you can see.

What are the amazonite properties?

Amazonite is a semi-opaque stone that’s usually a pale blue-green variety of microcline feldspar, which makes up about 60% of the Earth’s crust. Aside from the mostly green color, you can sometimes find it in a yellow-green, white, gray or turquoise-like color, sometimes with white streaks that resemble that of a milky substance.  It is the presence of iron and lead that will determine the color.  If the crystal doesn’t have the milky-like white substance within, then you may see streaks, which can be green or blue in color, ranging from a light to a darker tone.

Amazonite mostly comes from igneous rock, but it can be found in metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, too.  It will form in the igneous rocks found in the deep seas.

Even though it’s named after the Amazon River due to its rich hues, you will not find it near this source.  As mentioned, no deposits have ever been noted here.

Amazonite meaning

Luck: Amazonite is said to have many metaphysical properties, including bringing the wearer luck and success.  There’s a reason it has been known to be the “gambler’s stone,” as it was said to encourage good luck and fortune for the future.

Harmony:  It’s also said to be the stone that brings you hope and harmony to life.  If you want to find hope in life, it may be able to inspire an empowering mindset that is able to help move forward in life with great optimism.  When you work with this crystal, healers say that you should be able to expect positive outcomes.

Balancing:  Some believe that amazonite is able to help balance your emotions as well as provide stress relief.  It is said to help ease the mind as well as help reduce any negative thoughts you may be having.  Picture it as a way to promote a way for inner peace and tranquility.  If you’re the anxious type who often feels overwhelmed, spiritualists note that this is one of the better stones to carry around.

Communication:  Amazonite is also said to help improve your communication skills.  It may be a way to help express yourself more confidently as well as clearer in what you have to say.  If you want to be an effective communicator, it’s a popular choice amongst people who believe in these metaphysical properties.

Positive shield:  This crystal may be able to create a positive shield of sorts, blocking any negative energy that’s trying to get into your aura.  This can create a clear aura of sorts, helping create a positive vibe in your life.  It’s a great stone if you’re feeling vulnerable or you find yourself dealing with a lot of negative situations.

Relationships:  Lastly, amazonite may be beneficial for your relationships.  It’s said to help strengthen them as well as improve relationships, whether it’s related to a romantic partner, your family and/or friends.  It’s said to promote harmony, helping you understand your relationship so that you can bring it back on the right track to enjoy them once again.

Amazonite benefits

  • similar to jade, it’s said to be a stone that brings you good luck
  • brings you a sense of peace, helping calm your mind
  • said to be a great way to increase your communication skills
  • may be able to create a positive shield that blocks any negative energy in your aura
  • said to help get relationships back on track
  • it’s a stone of hope, helping bring you optimism in life

Amazonite spiritual meaning

Spiritually, it is said that amazonite helps with your spiritual growth as well as creates a connection with the greater divine.  Spiritualists believe that amazonite may be able to give you a higher state of consciousness, which may be able to give you a deeper sense of the world around you.  Some even state that this crystal is able to help with your psychic abilities and inner wisdom.

Amazonite chakra

Amazonite is said to have specific associations with your chakras, which are the energy centers in your body that influence both your physical and emotional well-being.

Most commonly, amazonite is said to be strongly connected to your heart chakra, which is located in the center of your chest.  This is the area that’s filled with love, emotions and compassion.  It is this crystal that is said to help open your heart chakra to help promote the feeling of love as well as compassion toward not only yourself but others who are important in your life.  It may even be able to help open up any pent-up emotions to give you a sense of peace.

Others say it has a close connection to your throat chakra as well, which is near the base of your throat and is said to help with your communication.  As noted in the benefits, amazonite can help open your throat chakra which can help open up your communication.  In turn, this can give you a clearer understanding of what you want to say, helping people understand you in a deeper regard.

Amazonite zodiac

Amazonite is not an official birthstone, however, if someone had to choose, they pick December, as the blue color resembles that of turquoise, which is a December stone.

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