Black Agate: Meaning, Benefits and More

The black agate crystal, much like other black colored crystals on the market, offers the same protections as others bearing this color, such as feeling a sense of calmness and balance in your life. With more than 150+ varieties of agate on the market, the black agate crystal is one of the many to be found. In fact, it’s one of the most popular colors. A black agate will have similar banding patterns and layers like most agates, only that the color inside will be, of course, black, sometimes with a tint of gray or brown. You can also find white layers, which, if you do, it will be referred to as black onyx. On the other hand, if you see no layers, then it will be referred to as a black chalcedony.

Black agate is a form of chalcedony, which is a form of quartz, and if you were to hold it, it may seem like a solid rock, however, if you were to hold it up to a light, then you will notice that it’s translucent. This simply means it allows light to pass through. Black agate is found all over the world but is commonly mined in Madagascar, Brazil, Mexico and the United States.

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Black agate meaning

Calming:  For centuries, black agate has been used to bring a sense of calmness as well as grounding in one’s life. Closely connected to the root chakra, a black crystal helps bring about peace, balance, protection and can even ward off negative energies.

Transition: Picture the black agate stone as a way to new beginnings. If you’re looking for a change, going through change, and/or making a transition, it’s one to highly consider.

Courage:  Aside from bringing a sense of calmness, it offers a variety of other benefits as well, such as promoting courage and self confidence. It is said to give you the courage and energy to dispel any fears you may have. As a grounding stone, it can also ground your emotions, which is said to lessen those negative feelings associated with your fears.

Stability: Primarily, black agate is great for stability, courage and emotional balance. It also has other secondary benefits, which I will cover below.

Black agate benefits

  • used for its grounding effects and stabilization
  • brings peace to your life and a sense of calmness
  • can help provide protection during tough times
  • starts a new beginning when you’re going through a change/transition
  • cleanses your body from negative thoughts/energy
  • believed to help provide courage and self confidence to find a solution
  • ideal if you want to focus, as it can increase your concentration
  • healing stone if you recently suffered a loss
  • motivation to pursue your goals

Black agate chakra

The black agate crystal is closely associated with the root chakra since it’s known as one of the better gemstones to help with grounding and centering effects. As mentioned, it can help get rid of negative energy, which, in turn, can lead to positive experiences, allowing you to prosper in life. As a grounding stone, it can help balance your life, which enables you to better focus and bring about better energy into your life to help you cope with any negative experiences you may be seeing at the moment.

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Black agate vs onyx

This is a common comparison often asked about when comparing two crystals that resemble one another. While it can often be hard to decipher the two, there are key differences you should know about when you want to identify a black agate stone. By definition, both black agate and onyx are a variety of chalcedony, however, if you were to ask a jeweler which one was the more popular option, onyx would win by a landslide.

Lines – If you look closely at a black agate, you will notice several lines, many of which are curved/circular, that run along the body of the gem. Mainly, black agates only have lines, however, in some rare circumstances, you may see lines on a black onyx. If so, these lines will be white in color. As mentioned in the intro, a black onyx will have white stripes, whereas an agate will have darker colored stripes.

Look – A black agate will look more like a glassy surface, whereas a black onyx is more of a waxy luster.

There’s not much of a difference to look out for, as you can see, but to be certain, pay close attention to the lines, specifically the color, or ask a jeweler/expert for more help if you need to confirm which piece you may have.

Who should wear black agate?

As you can see in the benefits section, black agate can benefit a lot of people. Ideally, however, it’s a great choice if you’re looking to build your self confidence or you’re looking to ground yourself in life. This simply means you want to feel balanced/stable in life. If you feel as if your life is bringing in too much or energy and/or you feel as if you don’t have control, then a black agate may be of consideration.

Black agate price

Like all crystals, the costs will greatly depend on what you’re looking to purchase. The black agate price will depend on who you’re purchasing from, what you’re buying as well as the quality. To give you a ballpark, here’s what you can expect to pay on the open market:

  • bracelets: $8-$30
  • rings: $10-$50
  • necklaces: $10-$50+
  • earrings: $15-$80+
  • pendants: $12-$60+
  • polished stone: $3-$10 for smaller tumbled stone
  • raw: $0.75-$2 each
  • beads: $2-$10 per strand

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