White Agate Meaning and Properties

There are many types of agates in the world, most notably tree agate, green agate and banded agate, to name a few. White is one of the many natural colors you can find and it’s transformed into a variety of beautiful formations, including bracelets, rings, towers, coasters and much more. You will mainly find it used in jewelry pieces due to its toughness and natural resistance to many chemicals; however, it isn’t the most well known agate stone color. The white you see comes from the bands of tiny quartz crystals, which will have varying translucent banding effects, often including a milky luster.

Agate, a form of chalcedony, often includes intricate unique bands, which were formed from the slow-flowing lava that created layers over the quartz one over another. This then forms an almost perform round shape, each displaying varying colors and patterns. Almost every agate slice you find will be different than the next. White agate is 100% natural and the color is due to the varying levels of opacity and translucency.

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Particularly, white agate is mined in a variety of areas, mainly the United States, including Oregon, as well as Africa, Brazil, India, and Morocco.

White agate meaning

Balance:  White agate is known to be a powerful stone of balance, which can help bring out both your masculine and feminine side. It’s also said to help improve your concentration, giving you that analytical edge, which helps you overcome any mental blocks you may be encountering, all while thinking clearly.

Stress relief: As for crystal healing, it can provide some benefits, which can include helping relieve anxiety as well as dissolving any frustration you’re feeling at the moment. Picture it almost like a worry stone you can carry around to relieve any nervousness you’re feeling. Because of these properties, white agate is often used a material to produce worry stones. It’s also a way to help provide you with gentle vibrations that can help your heart release any anger, frustrations or bitterness you’re feeling.

Intuition:  For many years, people also believed that white agate could help understand where your natural energy came from, as it was said to help increase your natural intuition. Historically, it was also used as jewelry to protect against negative energies. It was said that this stone could bring love to your heart, helping you overcome any negative energies you’re feeling in the moment.

Good fortune: The milky white appearance is said to bring good fortune and energy when needed in a difficult situation. Today, many wear a white agate ring or bracelet to help them avoid any harmful situations that may arise, all while bringing in positive luck vibes.

White agate benefits

  • a balancing stone which can help bring out both your feminine and masculine sides
  • may help increase your concentration, which may improve your analytical skills, helping you think clearly
  • a natural worry stone that’s able to abolish some anxiety felt in the moment
  • purifying effect on a physical and emotional level
  • some consider it lucky
  • helps bring a positive and happy vibe
  • helps you overcome negative energies such as sadness, bitterness, frustration, emotional trauma and loneliness
  • may help change the “impossible” to possible

White agate chakra

Clearly, you can see that white agate is closely aligned with your mental state. Because of this, many would say that white agate is associated with your crown chakra. As your seventh chakra, it’s located inside of your head, which is said to help look after your brain and right eye. This particular area helps with the flow of your consciousness and allows you to see the truth and be self aware.

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Types of white agate

White plume agate: a very rare type of agate with a “plume” formation inside of it. Picture it almost like feathers stuck inside a piece of ice. Mainly mined near the Oregon/Idaho border.

White moss agate: a mix of green and white, forming a “moss” look. This is a milky-white quartz with other mineral inclusions formed from manganese or iron chemicals.

White fire agate: mainly mined in Mexico and United States; however, it’s a very rare stone, rarer than that of diamonds, emeralds and even rubies.

Onyx agate: this is a unique black and white mixed agate, which is a variety of layered chalcedony that differ only in the form of bands. Agate will have a curved band, whereas onyx will have parallel bands. This is the only difference.

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