Purple Crystals Names and Meaning (simple list)

Purple crystals have been cherished since ancient Greece for their potential to enhance awareness and elevate the spirit. These gems are among the most stunning and majestic in the mineral world, varying widely in shape, size, and color.

Each shade of purple holds its own unique story, symbolizing our various aspects of life and offering different healing properties.

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Today, let’s explore the deep symbolic significance and therapeutic benefits of purple crystals, uncovering how these beautiful stones can impact our lives both emotionally and spiritually.

Purple Crystal Names


You will find amethyst in shades ranging from a soft, pinkish purple to a deep, purple reminiscent of grape juice. This stunning variety of quartz owes its brilliant colors to trace amounts of iron inside its crystals, which have undergone natural radiation deep within the earth. Amethyst is available globally, with most quantities coming from Brazil and Uruguay. Known for forming in large crystals, clusters, and geodes, amethyst is highly sought after both as a gemstone and for decorative purposes.


Ametrine is particularly rare type of quartz, most notable for its dual-color appearance. This gem combines an amethyst purple with citrine yellow within a single crystal structure. Found almost exclusively in a single mine in Bolivia, authentic ametrine is a rarity in nature. Many of the ametrine specimens available on the market from other locations are synthetically produced, distinguishing them from the natural Bolivian stones.


Found exclusively in the Sakha Republic of Siberia, charoite is a rare mineral that does not form individual crystals but appears in massive, translucent deposits. Its color ranges from lavender to purple and feature a unique swirling, fibrous texture that sometimes creates a pearly luster known as chatoyancy. Despite its rough, unpolished state, once polished, charoite’s stunning beauty is undeniable. This mineral’s distinct and rich appearance has led some to mistakenly believe it is synthetic.

Grape Agate

In Indonesia, specifically on Sulawesi Island near Manakarra, grape agate is found. This form of chalcedony, recognized for its botryoidal shape, often looks like small clusters of grapes. Its color palette extends from soft to deep purple, with instances of green as well. Grape agate is relatively new to the market, having been exported in substantial amounts for the first time in 2015.


Kunzite, a gemstone ranging from pink to violet purple, is a variety of the mineral spodumene. It is considered semi-precious and is commonly cut and faceted for jewelry use. George F. Kunz first identified kunzite in 1903 in Pala, California. Today, the primary sources for this striking gem are Afghanistan and Brazil, making it a cherished choice for many gem lovers around the world.

Purple Fluorapatite

Fluorapatite is a phosphate mineral that naturally appears in many colors, including an intriguing purple variation. This unusual color of fluorapatite can be discovered in places like Mount Marie near Paris, Maine, South Dakota, and Brazil. Its distinctive purple shade makes it a notable and attractive mineral for collectors and enthusiasts alike.


Purple fluorite is a variety of a mineral that can appear in almost every color imaginable. This type of fluorite is especially prevalent and comes in numerous crystal shapes, such as cubes, octahedrons, and dodecahedrons, to name a few. China, Morocco, and Illinois, for instance, are known for producing some of the finest specimens. Under ultraviolet light, most fluorite exhibits a glowing effect known as fluorescence, which is where the term originates. Beyond its stunning purple hues, fluorite is also frequently found in green, yellow, and blue.


Lepidolite is a mineral enriched with lithium, typically displaying colors from pink to purple. Due to its softness, lepidolite is often found mixed with harder quartz to make it suitable for polishing or shaping into gemstones. When combined with quartz, lepidolite can produce stunning visual effects, with bright flashes of light reflecting from its mica cleavages.

Morganite (Purple Beryl)

Beryl in its purest form is colorless, however, mineral impurities often tint it with various colors. You might recognize emeralds, which are green due to chromium, or aquamarine, which boasts a blue shade from iron traces. A less common hue found in beryl is purple, known specifically as morganite. This rare variant adds a unique touch to the beryl family’s diverse color spectrum.


Smithsonite typically appears as a secondary mineral in areas where zinc ore is exposed to oxygen. This process happens in what geologists call the oxidation zone. One of the colors it can take on is a light purple, adding a splash of beauty to its surroundings.


Sugilite, a gemstone known for its captivating grape jelly purple hue, is quite rare. It belongs to the cyclosilicate group of minerals and forms in the hexagonal crystal system. Although sugilite crystals do develop, they are seldom seen. More commonly, sugilite is found in large, formless masses that are then shaped into beautiful gemstones.


Taaffeite, an exceptionally rare mineral, is usually found in alluvial deposits in Sri Lanka and southern Tanzania. The crystals come in various colors including mauve, lilac, red, brown, bluish, and green, and they are both transparent and translucent. Richard Taaffe discovered this mineral in 1945 when he bought what he thought was an ordinary gemstone in a Dublin jewelry shop, only to find out it was something entirely new to science. This makes taaffeite unique as it was the only gemstone initially recognized from a polished piece rather than a raw crystal.

Purple Crystals Meaning

Brightens your mood:  These gems are said to possess a unique ability to elevate your thoughts and brighten your mood, especially during tough times. If you find yourself struggling, purple crystals can calm your emotions and clear your mind, providing relief and tranquility.

Keeps your thoughts orderly:  When you need to concentrate, purple gemstones are there to help by calming your anxiety and keeping your thoughts orderly. These stones ensure that nothing distracts you or causes you to worry unnecessarily.

A feeling of a higher power:  Additionally, this particular color may evoke a sense of mysticism, even if you are not particularly religious.  You may feel the influence of a higher power at work in your life. This sense enhances your creativity and helps you think of new ideas while releasing any pent-up emotions, making it ideal for those who are perfectionists or under a lot of stress.

Dispel feelings of sadness:  Purple crystals are also said to be excellent for emotional healing. They help dispel feelings of sadness and loneliness and are great for spiritual cleansing. By removing negative energies and attitudes, these stones restore balance and bring peace to your life, uplifting your spirits and restoring your confidence. They encourage a lighter, more joyful approach to life, prompting you to enjoy and express your fun side.

Boost your intellectual powers:  In terms of mental capacity, purple gemstones boost your intellectual powers and help improve your memory, keeping you focused on your goals. These gems support your cognitive functions and keep your thoughts aligned with your daily objectives.

Grounds you:  Spiritually, purple gems ground you and encourage honesty in your thoughts and communications. They urge you to express yourself freely yet thoughtfully, with kindness and empathy. These stones enhance your spiritual connection and foster selflessness. They remind you to appreciate life’s little moments and can provide comfort and positivity during challenging times. You will find yourself focusing more on the positive aspects of life, filled with compassion, joy, and a deep sense of spiritual love and stability.

Wards off negative energies:  Purple crystals are known for its ability to ward off negative energy. Many people use it as a protective amulet to eliminate bad influences from their environment or other people. It is especially helpful for shielding you from unnecessary stress, making it a great companion during challenging times.

Good fortune:  In addition to protection and healing, purple crystals are believed to attract good fortune. It helps you recognize and seize even the smallest opportunities, guiding you to make positive decisions that lead to success. This gemstone sharpens your intuition, ensuring that your choices consistently align with your best interests.

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