Ametrine Crystal Meaning and Properties

Ametrine, also known as trystine or bolivianite, is amethyst and citrine combined, which are both a variety of quartz.  This specific crystal is a macrocrystalline variety of quartz, which is very hard to find in nature.  Amethyst is known for its vibrant purple due to the manganese inclusions, whereas citrine is a golden yellow due to the iron inclusions.  Combine the two and you have a unique stone that’s able to display a purple and yellow-orange hue.  And, when cut perpendicular, the crystal almost portrays a pinwheel look, displaying sectors of both purple and yellow.

Ametrine is relatively new, at least in comparison to other crystals, as it was introduced to the retail markets in the late 1970s, where it came from Bolivia, near the Brazilian border.  However, well before this, Spanish conquistadors were said to discover an ametrine mine in the early 1600s, but the mine was lost in history.  This very mine was named after a Princess named Anahi.  It was only later it was re-discovered and the name still sticks to this day.  The Anahi mine produces both amethyst, citrine as well as ametrine.

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Ametrine metaphysical properties

Grounding:  Ametrine, as it’s a combination of both amethyst and citrine, is said to bring both of the properties found in both.  Both stones are said to be a great grounding stone as well as one that can help bring you closer to nature.

Clears the mind:  When you combine the two, spiritualists believe that the stone helps clear your mind as well as build your self confidence in stressful situations.  As a double boost, per se, some believe this crystal can be more powerful than one or the other.

Energy:  Ametrine is also said to be filled with energy, which is said to boost your creativity as well as allow you to take control of your life.  If you’re experiencing any contradictions, wearing this stone may be able to release these blockages.

Creativity:  When you combine amethyst and citrine, it may be able to promote creativity, which can help you come up with solutions to problems.  Put simply, it can bring you mental clarity.

Peace: Many wildly see this crystal as a stone of peace, as it can help boost your tolerance of others as well as encourage you to resolve any conflicts you may be incurring at the moment.  It may be able to bring people together in your life, getting rid of those negative boundaries that keep you away from one another.

Optimism: It’s also seen as an optimistic stone, which may be able to block any negative emotions you may experience day by day.  It may calm the mind, clearing any tension felt.

Strengthens concentration:  Mindfully, ametrine may be able to strengthen your concentration, aiding you in thinking things through.  Touching upon the creativity point, ametrine will encourage you to explore all of the opportunities possible, in hopes that you choose the right choice.  It may be able to stimulate your brain, enhancing anything related to problem solving and memory.

Ametrine benefits

  • great grounding stone when combining amethyst and citrine
  • clears and stabilizes your mind
  • builds your self confidence
  • a powerful two-stone duo, potentially making it more powerful than amethyst and citrine
  • boosts your creativity
  • explore the opportunities available to you
  • seen as an optimistic stone
  • release stress and tension
  • a stone of peace, boosting your tolerance of others

Ametrine spiritual meaning

Spiritualists say ametrine is able to take its positive energy and dispel any negative energy surrounding your aura.  In doing so, this should leave you open to all of the positivity the world has to offer you.  This positivity can benefit you in a variety of ways spiritually, which can include motivating you to practice your spiritual values daily.  They say that ametrine may promote your psychic opening, giving you the opportunity to work with spirit guides and meditation.  This crystal can balance both your inward and outward flow, helping connect you with ideas and information.  It’s said to be a great stone to help you find clarity, direction and purpose.

Ametrine chakras

Ametrine is said to be associated with both the solar plexus and crown chakras.  The solar plexus is your third chakra, which spins slightly around your abdomen and is associated with your self esteem and transformation energy.  Your crown chakra is the seventh chakra, said to inspire you, all while connecting you to the divine.  It gives you a sense of awareness that you are a soul in a human body.

Ametrine crystal bracelet benefits

They say if you wear ametrine, it may be able to get rid of the unwanted energies in your life.  Spiritualists may believe that if you hold/wear the stone, it may be able to keep you energized, relieve stress and even potentially promote healing.  It is said that the stone draws power from the moon and sun, then transferring that energy into your body, giving you that energetic feeling.  It may also be able to give you that strong connection to the spirit world, which is said to help you find purpose in your life.

Many believe that you can also hold the stone and then say what you no longer want in your life and how you want to replace it.  To make this potentially work, you will want to hold the ametrine, name what is bad and then hold it up to the natural light while saying what you want to replace.  This little exercise may work with persistence and patience.

Is ametrine valuable?

While ametrine is rare, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be expensive.  In fact, ametrine is priced similarly to that of amethyst or citrine, making it a very affordable stone.

Yes, ametrine only comes from one mine in the world, but even so, it doesn’t affect the price all that much, mainly because people don’t know about it.  If you were to find it on the market, you can get tumbled stones for less than $15 on average, whereas jewelry can average about $10~ per carat.

How to charge ametrine

Like most crystals, ametrine can be charged in a variety of ways.

One of the best ways is to charge it via the power of the sun.  All you need to do is leave it out in the sun for no more than a few hours.  The moonlight is a great option as well, especially a full moon.  Keep your ametrine out overnight in this case and take it in right when the sun starts to rise.

Try to charge your crystals at least once a week, including ametrine.

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