Crystals for Confidence Boost (the best options)

All crystals have its own special qualities, but the ones I’m about to mention all share one common feature: they can make you believe in yourself more.

Studies have found that believing in yourself is very important for both your mind and body to be healthy. And, holding a crystal, you may feel a bit more sure of yourself. Confidence is crucial when you want to make your dreams come true because what you think often turns into reality. Having a strong belief in yourself means you can expect good things to happen.

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However, it is normal to sometimes feel unsure of yourself or anxious. You are not alone if you feel this way. In fact, many adults feel anxious.

That’s where these crystals can come into the picture.

Crystals can be a comforting tool if you are looking for ways to feel less anxious and more confident. Other methods like affirmations, exploring your deeper feelings, writing in a journal, and spiritual journeys can also help build up your confidence, too.

In today’s post, let’s talk about all of the crystals out there that may help you feel more confident and empowered.

Best Crystals for Confidence


Amazonite is a calming crystal that can help ease your mind, give you better sleep, and even build up your confidence. This stone comes in shades of blue and green, often mixed with white streaks. It was a favorite among the Egyptians, who used it to make jewelry and even decorated King Tutankhamun’s tomb with it.

If you often find yourself stressed or if past troubles still bother you, amazonite might be just what you need. Its peaceful energy can calm your worries and help heal old emotional wounds. Try placing it under your pillow for a restful night without bad dreams.

It’s also great for helping you communicate clearly and kindly, making it easier to see different viewpoints.


Choosing amethyst to boost your confidence is a great idea. This purple gem is well-loved all over the world for its beauty and benefits.

Long ago, people in Greece and Egypt treasured amethyst like today’s diamonds or rubies. Greeks thought it could stop you from getting too drunk and made cups from it to stay clear-headed while drinking wine. In Egypt, it was so valued that it was made into protective charms.

Amethyst is known for its protective qualities. It can ease your worries, calm your mind, and help bring spiritual balance. If you find it hard to finish what you start, amethyst can help clear your mind and manage your emotions better. Remember to keep your amethyst charged to make the most of its energy.


Carnelian is a bright orange crystal that’s perfect when you need a boost in confidence and empowerment. Known for its power to increase determination, motivation, and drive, carnelian is the go-to stone when you’re feeling a lack of enthusiasm.

Historically, carnelian has been cherished for its value and significance. Middle Ages alchemists, for example, used it in their practices, whereas Egyptian architects wore it as a symbol of their status, and warriors added it to their shields for added strength and courage.

Aside from all of this, this crystal is also known for its stabilizing properties, which may help foster courage and fight off feelings of apathy.

If you’re in need of a motivational push, carnelian’s vibrant energy can help recharge your drive. It aids in focusing your mind, enhancing determination, and building self-trust, making it ideal for those working on self-belief.


Citrine is another crystal that can help you feel less shy. It’s filled with positive energy, bringing happiness and creativity. Citrine is great for getting rid of energy blocks, which can help you feel less anxious or shy and more ready to explore being confident.

Citrine also helps you know where your limits are and teaches you self control. This can be really helpful if you’re scared of doing new things or speaking up.

Adding it into your daily routine can help you focus more on being confident.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a stunning blue gemstone that has been treasured for centuries, especially by the royals in Egypt.

It’s known as the stone that holds wisdom, carrying with it the knowledge and stories from long ago. This gem helps you understand your deepest thoughts and feelings by distinguishing between the things you hear from others and the things you tell yourself. It guides you to take charge of your story.

With it, you may be able to find clarity in who you are and the decisions you make, tapping into its energy to unlock your inner greatness and guide your own life.

Orange Calcite

Now, let’s talk about orange calcite.

This stone is known to boost confidence, calmness, and creativity. Found in various countries, orange calcite ranges from yellow to orange and can be quite see-through. It’s known as the “stone of creativity” and has a rich history in cultures worldwide, from being used in Egyptian jewelry to believed in Mexico to capture the sun’s power to ward off evil.

Orange calcite is special because it can clean and boost your energy. It gets rid of negative vibes and can help smooth out your feelings, especially fear and anxiety.  It’s also known as the “brain stone” since it’s said to sharpen your mind and help you concentrate, making it perfect for learning and focusing.


Moving on to sunstone, this crystal is like carrying a bit of sunshine with you. It shines with a golden sparkle and is unique because of its glittery appearance, which comes from minerals like pyrite and hematite inside it. Sunstone is found in places like Norway and Canada and is steeped in many ancient myths, from Native American legends to Greek beliefs.

This crystal is perfect for lifting your mood and boosting your confidence.

If you’re looking for positivity, sunstone’s radiant energy can provide it. It’s also ideal for those who find it hard to say no, helping you set and keep your boundaries firmly.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a crystal that can make you feel steady and connected to the earth, boosting your bravery and enthusiasm to chase your dreams without letting fear hold you back.

This crystal encourages you to face your fears with strength instead of running from them, giving you the power to push past those fears with confidence and act from a place of courage.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a crystal that is said to help you feel more confident and keeps away negative things from your life. It is said to be really good at soaking up bad energy and making the space around you feel clean and positive. It’s thought to help make the best parts of you shine brighter.

To get the most out of black tourmaline, you should keep it close to you so it can keep sending you good energy.  In doing so, it may keep you safe from things that might try to throw you off balance, whether they are happening around you or just in your thoughts.

If you ever feel like you’re not confident enough, adding black tourmaline is a great way to help you feel more secure and positive about yourself. This crystal works in a gentle way to help you keep an open mind, stay motivated, and be more confident.


Turquoise is another powerful crystal, known as one of the oldest stones used for its healing properties. Its blue-green shades are soothing and encourage introspection and self-reflection, making it a strong ally for boosting confidence.

Turquoise’s color palette ranges from light blue to greenish-blue, with each stone uniquely patterned with brown and black veins. This gem has been revered in many cultures for centuries, seen as a sky symbol by Native Americans and used by ancient Egyptians in burial rites and jewelry.

Turquoise is particularly effective in balancing emotions, making it beneficial for those who experience mood swings. It combines feminine and masculine energies, offering a nice balance. It’s also useful for clear communication and speaking your truth, supporting the throat chakra. If you find yourself reacting strongly in tough situations, turquoise can bring the calm and clarity needed to navigate challenges.

How to use these crystals for a confidence boost

When you pick a crystal that feels right for you, it may be able to help boost your confidence, self worth, and even make you feel strong.

Sometimes, you might feel down, but it’s key to remember how strong and capable you are. You can use crystals in many ways that fit your life, helping you see your full potential and giving you the energy to achieve it.

Here are some easy ways to use your crystal:

  • Wear your crystals as a necklace near your heart. Think of it as a special charm that reminds you of your worth and fills you with confidence in all you do.
  • Begin your day with a moment with your crystals. Find a quiet spot, sit down, and feel the connection to the ground. Hold your crystals or put them in front of you.
  • Keep a crystal on your desk at work or in rooms at home as a visual reminder of your worth and confidence.
  • Carry your crystals in your bag or pocket to feel their positive energy during the day. Whenever you touch your crystal, imagine it bringing you good fortune and lifting your spirit and self-esteem.

It’s easy to forget all you’ve overcome to get to this point, but it’s crucial to find the strength to let go of past setbacks and focus on your achievements. Believing in yourself, knowing your value, and empowering yourself are key to your success. Always be true to yourself and remain firm as you meet new challenges. You might face some setbacks, but as long as you keep a positive mindset, nothing can shake your inner confidence or stop you from following your heart.

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